21 Looks That Will Make You Crazy for Purple Hair

Having mermaid, multi-colored hair is all the rage these days and you may have noticed a little recently, StayGlam delved into the world of blue hair. Whether you’re thinking of getting rid of your blue hair or are looking to experiment with a new color for the first time, purple is one of the easiest of all the new, pastel and funky hair colors to rock.

As it fades, purple hair will turn into a beautiful dusky lilac, an almost shimmery-gray hue. This is also very on trend for right now. If you apply a light pink dye over the top of your existing blue, you’ll achieve a wonderful purple shade too. If your silver color goes wrong, you can soon turn the random pastel-lilac strands into a brighter, stronger purple tone.

Essentially purple could be the easiest, hottest color you SHOULD be rocking!

If you aren’t sure how to turn your luscious locks into a purple dream, check out the 21 purple hair color designs all bold women must try:

1. Dark Purple Bob

Dark Purple Ombre Bob

Source: @salon202

This beautiful dark purple color is a great option for those not wanting to go TOO vibrant. It’s a little on the purple side but still dark enough to not be considered too bold or daring. If you have dark hair already, why not consider a purple hue over the top?

2. Purple to Turquoise Long Ombre

The ombre look is another one very on trend for right now but things have got a little more colorful. Think outside the box and why not try this brave and outgoing purple to turquoise long ombre look – perfect for when you can’t make up your mind what color you want!

3. Vibrant Violet Bob

Instagram / hairbymisskellyo

Source: @hairbymisskellyo

There are so many shades of purple and this vibrant violet is one of the best! Great for keeping things short and sweet, it looks great with face-framing curls and girly, pastel colored eye makeup.

4. Purple With a Hint of Pink (+ Blue)

Instagram / avec_noir_

Source: @avec_noir_

If you’re looking to grow out your existing pink, rather than trying to wash it out entirely or adding another shade on top, why not merge it in with your newfound purple addiction? You could leave the bottom, pink area relatively un-touched whilst adding the newer, purple tone to the top and the roots only. It’s like an ombre but only edgier… Plus you can get away with more mistakes!

5. Vibrant Curly Purple Bob

Instagram / iamtheloud1

Source: @iamtheloud1

If you’re looking to go bold, look no further! This vibrant dark violet colour is guaranteed to get you noticed for all the right reasons!

6. Peekaboo Purple (Light)

Instagram / suite101salon

Source: @suite101salon

If you’re not ready for a full head of color, go for something subtler like these peekaboo shades of purple and pink in lighter, brown and blonde hair. You could try before you buy using hair chalks if you’re not brave enough to trust your hairdresser just yet!

7. Peekaboo Purple (Dark)

You can even achieve the same peekaboo-color design in darker hair with darker, more plummier hues of purple rather than lighter ones. Why stop at purple? Add blue, silver, any color!

8. Purple Pinup Updo

Instagram / diablorose

Source: @diablorose

Sticking with theme of not dying your whole head of hair, we come to this vintage-inspired purple pinup look. Victory rolls are actually quite simple to do once you’ve tried it a couple of times, and the underlying pink and purple strands here gives that peekaboo effect. It’s a little something extra without being too ‘in your face’.

9. Purple Shadowed Roots

You’ve probably already seen the trend of people dying the ends of their hair a contrasting color. This look wouldn’t be as ‘out there’ if it has been the ends rocking this great lilac hue. Why not go the opposite way to stand out from the crowd? This look could be recreated with the silvery-white blonde here, or even a more yellower blonde. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to make the most of those times when the white toner just won’t wash out and leaves lilac / purple strands of coloration all throughout your head!

10. Purple + Pastels

If you love pastels, you’ll love this pastel hair color design combining purples and lilacs with shades of blue, green and turquoise. It’s a very different look but is great for combining colors. You know… Those days when just one colour won’t do.

It can be a little harder to get these pastel shades to stick but a great way to experiment is again with hair chalks on already pre-lightened hair. 

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