35 Cute and Spooky Nail Art Ideas for Halloween

It is finally October and you know what that means – lots and lots of Halloween decorations and costumes. But what better way to celebrate Halloween than with a stylish nail design, right? Nothing says “Halloween” quite like cute Jack-o’-lanterns, scary ghosts or tasty candy corns on your nails.

Our list  of 35 cute and spooky designs will inspire you to transform your nails into mini costumes. Happy painting!

1. Black Bats

Instagram / cottonconey

Source: @cottonconey

Products used: Kiko Cosmetics in Ink Blue (shade 335), black and white acrylic paint and random shades of dark blue, white and purple.

Step 1: Start with a base color. Use a shade of your choice.

Step 2: Next, lightly sponge on some random darker and lighter blues, purples and white to create the look of a cloudy night sky.

Step 3: Add the moon using white acrylic paint.

Step 4: With black acrylic paint, add a round circle. This is the body of the bat. Keep in mind that we’re adding the fluffy shape in the next step so it’ll get a little bigger.

Step 5: Create a fluffy effect by doing small brush strokes all around the circle.

Step 6: Then create the wings and the eyes.

Step 7: Let it dry and finish with a matte top coat.

2. Cute Ghosts Design

The bright background makes this nail design look absolutely adorable and not scary at all!

3. Candy Corn Nails

Blacks, whites and oranges are classic and popular choices for Halloween. Products used for the design: Salon Perfect “Sugar Cube”, “Traffic Cone” and “Oil Slick”.

4. Blood Splatter Nails

Instagram / sinney

Source: @sinney

Get into the Halloween spirit with these blood-splatter nails. The design looks awesome, plus it’s super easy to do. Apply two coats of white nail polish and let it dry completely. Next, take a plastic plate and put a few drops of a red polish onto the plate. Take a coffee straw and dip it into the red polish on one end. Blow through the straw very quickly to get that desired splatter effect. Repeat the process on the other nails. Finish with a top coat.

5. Pumpkin Accent Nail

Keep it simple and accent a single nail with a Jack-o’-lantern decal. Products used: Colores de Carol “Sweet&Spooky” + nail decal.

6. Black Cats

Is it bad luck to wear this nail art? We don’t think so!

7. Spider Web Nails

Instagram / thenailtrail

Source: @thenailtrail

Transform your nails into silky spider web using OPI’s Alpine Snow and Black Onyx.

8. Ghosts + Fingerprint Accent Nail

The fingerprint accent nail was created using a nail stamping plate. The base orange polish is Orly “Melt your Popsicle”.

9. Bloodshot Eyes Design

This ‘bloodshot eyes’ design will compliment any costume! It’s so darn cute (and scary) that we had to include it on our list.

10. Pumpkin Nail Design

This lovely nail design screams Halloween! A matte finish is a great way to spice up your manicure.

11. Ghosts – Boo!

Instagram / nailsbyjema

Source: @nailsbyjema

Update your dark glitter nails with a few white ghosts. Boo! Products used: OPI “Swimsuit…Nailed It”, L.A. Girl Rockstar “Groupie” and Ulta3 “Black Satin”. Ghosts were done with acrylic paint.

12. Jack & Sally Nails

Insatgram / nailsbyjema

Source: @nailsbyjema

Not all Halloween nail designs have to be all about ghosts, spiders and pumpkins.

13. Cute Pumpkins

Products used: Revlon “Lime Basil”, Orly “Mayhem Mentality”, and L’Oreal “The Queen’s Ambition”. Start by applying a black glitter base coat. Next, add pumpkins using a medium sized dotting tool and let them dry. Apply stems with a detail brush and finish with a top coat.

14. Jason Voorhees + Blood Splatter

Instagram / nailsbyjema

Source: @nailsbyjema

Halloween isn’t Halloween without ‘Friday the 13th’ movie. Give your blood-splatter nails a creepy upgrade with a Jason Voorhees mask. Products used: OPI “Cinnamon Sweet”, “My Boyfriend Scales Walls” and “Alpine Snow”.

15. Bleeding Eyes

Long, matte, and oh-so-spooky – this manicure has it all! The base color is OPI “Don’t Pretzel My Buttons”. Tutorial for this look is here.

16. RIP Matte Nails

Instagram / doobysnails

Source: @doobysnails

We like to think that Morticia Addams would definitely rock this manicure.

17. ‘Crime Scene’ Nails

This Halloween, turn your nails into a crime scene!

18. Vampire Nail Design

Products used: Madam Glam “Red Dress”, Loaded Lacquer “No Shirt” and Loaded Lacquer “Cuts Like a Knife”.

19. Textured Candy Corn Nails

If candy corn is your favorite Halloween treat, make sure to give this nail design a try! It looks so real, we almost want to eat it.

20. Black & White Matte Design

Paint each nail a different Halloween staple: one spooky skull, one black cats, one bones, and one bats. Top it off with a matte top coat for a cool, shine-free finish.

21. Simple Blood Dripping Nails

Instagram / thenailtrail

Source: @thenailtrail

To recreate this nail design, you will need: a white nail polish, a red nail polish and a handful of wooden toothpicks.

22. Scary Pumpkins

Spook up your nails with these scary pumpkins! We love the expressions.

23. Cute Design

Instagram / naildecor

Source: @naildecor

This nail design is a great choice for those who can’t choose between spiders and ghosts.

24. Black & Purple Spider Design

If you’re looking for a manicure that’s cute and easy to do, then this one is for you!

25. Brain Nail Design

Instagram / just1nail

Source: @just1nail

This design might look gross to most people, but we think it’s pretty cool and fun.

26. Cool Black & Orange Design

Instagram / naildecor

Source: @naildecor

Who says Halloween nails can’t be bright and playful, too?

27. Ombre Candy Corn Nails

Fun and subtle way to show off your Halloween spirit without being too over the top!

28. Gory Blood Nails

Instagram / sloteazzy

Source: @sloteazzy

Want to creep out your friends and family? Update a basic french manicure with fake blood.

29. Black & Orange Jack O’lantern Design

A black and orange manicure is the best way to get in the spooky spirit for Halloween, right?

30. Orange Jack O’lantern Nails

Instagram / nailsbyjema

Source: @nailsbyjema

Transform your nails into cheeky Jack-o’-lanterns using only two products – an orange nail polish and black acrylic paint. The base nail polish is Ulta3 “Atomic OJ”.

31. Ghosts in the Night

This nail design is absolutely spooktacular!

32. Stripes + Dripping Blood Nails

Try your hand at these striped, Beetlejuice nails!

33. Jack O’Lantern Accent Nail

Take your classic manicure to a whole new level with a cute Jack-o’-lantern accent nail.

34. Easy Spider Web Nails

Even a nail art newbie can re-create this simple look!

35. Candy Corn Design

Instagram / naildecor

Source: @naildecor

Another cute design for all candy corn addicts!

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