41 Best 4th of July Nails to Celebrate in Style

Give your nails a patriotic makeover this 4th of July with nail art! We have found 41 creative 4th of July nail ideas that use stars, stripes and the classic red, white and blue. There are many different styles included from glittery designs, to nails that feature the American flag. You can take these ideas to your next salon appointment or even have a go at creating some looks yourself. Whichever design you choose, you will have a stylish set of 4th of July nails for all the celebrations!

1. Patriotic Stars and Stripes

The first nail idea we would like to show is this stars and stripes design. These nails have taken inspiration from the flag of the United States and some nails have stripes and some stars. These patriotic nails are perfect for the 4th of July. You can look at tutorials online to create the stripes and you can get stencils for stars.

2. 4th of July Pedicure Idea

You can jazz up up your toe nails for the special occasion too! Check out this 4th of July pedicure idea. One nail is painted red, white and blue while the others each have one color. This is a stylish idea that would be quite simple to do at home. You can use nail polishes like featured with the shimmery effect or plain colors.

4th of July Pedicure Idea

Source: @haruharu_nail

3. American Flag Nails

Next, we have American flag nails. Two of the nails feature a creative version of the flag while the others have stripes and stars. You can take inspiration from these nails and just choose the flag design or one of the others, you don’t have to use them all to create a stylish manicure.

4. Star and Gems

You don’t have to choose a flag for your 4th of July manicure, you can just take inspiration from it instead. These nails are painted red and blue with a white accent nail. The accent nail features red, blue and clear gems with a silver star. This is a super cute look that will look great after the day is over too.

Red, White and Blue 4th of July Nails

Source: @nailsbyjema

5. Stripes with Star Accent Nail

Our next idea is a statement making 4th of July manicure. The nails feature red and white stripes with one blue and white star accent nail. This look was created with OPI nail polishes in “Big Apple Red”, “Alpine Snow” and “My Car Has Navy-gation”. The stars and stripes were created with Twinkled T Vinyls with a top coat from Seche Nails.

6. Silver Stars and Stripes

If you want a manicure that celebrates the occasion but looks stylish to wear after too, then this idea could be for you. The nails have taken inspiration from the patriotic colors and the stars and stripes in a creative way. Some nails are painted red, one is silver glitter, one has silver stripes and the last one is blue with a silver star. We love this idea and it would suit anyone.

7. Artistic Paint Stroke Nail Art

Looking for a unique 4th of July manicure idea? Then you need to check out these next nails. The nails have white polish with red, blue and silver brush strokes on the tips. This is such an artistic design idea. It is perfect for anyone who wants a trendy look for the celebrations. Art like this will suit any nail length and shape.

4th of July Coffin Nails

Source: @nailsbyjema

8. Red, Blue and White Hearts

Next, we have a super cute nail art idea! The nails have a light blue base coat with red, white and blue hearts on the top. If you like doing your own nails then you can create this look at home. Hearts can be created with a toothpick and there are tutorials online that show this technique.

9. 3D Stars with Stripes and Glitter

Our next idea is perfect for the 4th of July! The nails are painted red and blue with two accent nails. One accent nail features silver glitter and the other is blue with red and white stripes. It is finished off with silver stars. 3D stars like these can be bought online and will give you an awesome finished look.

4th of July Nail Design for Long Nails

Source: @nailsbyjema

10. Red, White and Blue Stars

You don’t have to choose stars and stripes, you can just choose one. Here is a great example of a 4th of July star manicure. The nails are painted silver with red, white and blue stars. To create nails like these you will need: OPI nail polishes in “Alpine Snow”, “5 Apples Tall” and “My Pal Joey”, Color Club Nail Lacquer “Harp On It” and Seche Nails top coat or products like them.

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