23 Best Angel Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Angel makeup and costumes are one of the classics for Halloween. There are many reasons for this including that you can look glam but dress up for Halloween and also, angels can look quite creepy, especially the fallen ones. So, today we have 23 angel makeup ideas to show you and we have glitzy angels, illusions and even some scary dark angel makeup looks. Have a look and decide whether you want to be angelic or devilish.

1. White Angel Makeup Look

First up we have this trendy angel. Everything about this look is amazing from the outfit to the makeup. For the makeup, she has a sparkly silver and grey eyeshadow blend along with a soft lip color and the look is complete with silver glitter on the face. This is a beautiful makeup idea and you will look like an angel with style.

White Angel Makeup Look

Source: @olmostbaby

2. Angel Wing Eyeliner

If you don’t want to go all out with your angel makeup, then you could try something like this. Here we have angel wing eyeliner. The artist has used nude tones on the eyelid and she has created a white angel wing design where a classic eyeliner flick would go. We love this idea because it is simple and stunning. You will need a white liquid eyeliner to create this look.

Angel Wing Eyeliner

Source: @art.siverio

3. Creepy but Amazing Angel Makeup

This next makeup idea is perfect for those who love Halloween and dressing up. Here we have a makeup design that is a little creepy but amazing. She has a silver face, lashes and brows. While the face is adorned with rhinestones and she is wearing white contacts. This looks more like a supernatural angel or maybe an angel statue. It is an awesome look that will wow at Halloween parties.

4. Black Angel Makeup

As it is Halloween, you may want to go down a more scary route and choose black angel makeup instead. If you do, then this is perfect. For this look, artist has used black lip color and eyeliner. The makeup is complete with black drips and contact lenses. This is a scary makeup look that is perfect for Halloween. Complete the look with black wings and a black outfit and you are good to go.

Black Angel Makeup

Source: @aydo_makeup

5. Angel and Devil Eye Makeup

Looking for a fun and unique makeup look? If so, take a check this out. One eye has an angel design while the other is red like a devil. This is such a fun angel makeup idea for Halloween. Recreate this or you can be angelic on both sides. Either way, you will look cute and spooky.

Angel and Devil Eye Makeup

Source: @debra_jenn

Products used: Jeffree Star Blue Blood & Jawbreaker palettes, Suva Beauty Hydra Liner in Space Panda, Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Face Paint Palette, Sigma Beauty Gel Liner in Wicked and Karity Lashes in Cosette and IL MAKIAGE Icon Mascara.

6. Angelic Makeup Idea

Next, we have an angelic makeup look to show you. As you can see, she has angel wings on her eyes with neutral eyeshadow and soft lip color. The makeup is complete with a cloud design on her face. We love this because it reminds us of heaven. It is a beautiful makeup idea and it will look amazing on everyone.

7. Half Angel Half Devil Makeup

If you like the angel and devil makeup ideas, then you need to see this. This makeup makes you look like a saint on one side and a sinner on the other. The angelic side is light and pretty while the devilish side is red, dark and creepy. It is a super cool makeup idea and it is perfect for Halloween.

Products used: ColorPop Cosmetics BFF Mascara in Little White Lie & Super Shock Cheek Matte Blush in Sugar Coated, CATRICE HD Coverage Foundation in Golden Beige, Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Palette, Morphe x James Charles Artistry Palette, Spoiled Lip Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Peaches and Tatti Lashes in TL3.

8. Rainbow Angel

The next angel is more of a unique version. Here we have a rainbow angel. This was originally created for Pride but you can take inspiration from the idea and use it for Halloween. As you can see, this angel has ditched the bright and light makeup and has instead opted for rainbow colors on her skin. While her eyebrows are sparkly and she has white angel wings on her eyes. This is a pretty and unusual angel and it can be worn for any Halloween event.

9. Sparkly Makeup with a Halo

If you don’t want to go all out and you would like a more low-key angel look, then this could be perfect. These are just angel eyes. So, she has a neutral shade on the eyelid complete with a white angel wing liner and a little glitter. The makeup is complete with a small halo above the eyebrow. This is so cute and it will look great with a halo and angel wings.

10. Devilish and Angelic Makeup

Next, we have another half and half look. This artist has made it look like she has an angel face but with the illusion that there is a devil underneath. She has created the illusion that the angel skin has come off to reveal her darker side. It is a creepy makeup idea and it will give everyone a scare.

Devilish and Angelic Halloween Makeup

Source: @wijbenn

11. Pretty Angel Face Makeup

This next angel idea is a unique and pretty one. So, this one uses elements of mermaid makeup and angel makeup combined. And we have to say we love the result. She has angel wings on the outer corners of her eye complete with rhinestones and sparkles. This is a fun and pretty look and it will make you stand out from the angelic crowd.

12. Devil and Angel Makeup

Love the illusion ideas? If so, take a look at this. For this look we have a beautiful blue angel eye and on the other side of the face there is a devilish illusion. It looks like the skin has been torn to reveal the devil underneath. This makeup is awesome, the colors are amazing and the contacts make the devil side look so scary.

13. Cloud and Angel Wing Design

Earlier in the post we featured a cloud and angel wing design. If you loved that, then you should see this one too. This is another version of the look. She has bolder angel wings with pretty clouds. It is a stunning makeup idea and it will look beautiful with a halo and angel wings.

14. Simple Angelic Makeup

Next, we have a simple and angelic look. She has natural looking makeup with silver eyeshadow. The makeup is worn with a flower crown and angel wings. It is a great makeup idea and it will suit everyone. This is perfect for any last minute Halloween parties. Keep it simple or you can add some extras such as glitter.

Simple Angelic Makeup

Source: @autie_anna

15. White and Gold Angel

If you want to wow everyone, then makeup like this will be perfect. She has a gold glitter eyeshadow blend with gold tears and stars. The look is complete with red lip color and a gold crown. We love the makeup and wig, it is amazing. Recreate a similar makeup look with the crown or you can wear a halo instead.

White and Gold Angel Costume Idea

Source: @trinsmakeup

16. Glam Makeup Idea

The next angel idea is super glam! She has purple and silver eye makeup with silver brows. There are also white wings on her face complete with rhinestones and she has gems on her lips. This is a quirky and cute makeup idea and we love the glitzy gems. If you are going to a party where you will be eating and drinking, then we don’t recommend the gems on the lips but recreate the rest.

Products used: Pixi Beauty H20 Skin Drink, Elf Poreless Putty Primer, Rimmel Match Perfect Foundation and Concealer, Primart Foundation and Contour Stick, Nars Orgasm Blush, Makeup Revoluion Highlighter Palettte, P Louse Vivid Violet Pastel Base, Peaches Makeup Fantasy Pigment, Snazaroo White Face Paint, Girls Attitude Lashes and NYX Madeline Butter Gloss.

17. Cute Angel Makeup

This next idea is cute but a little creepy as well. Her eyes are a nude shade with white eyeliner and she has gold underneath her eyes which look like tears. The actual eye makeup is pretty but the tears look a little spooky. After all, no one wants to see an angel cry. Overall, the makeup is perfect for Halloween.

Cute Angel Makeup


18. Simple Makeup with Rhinestones

Next, we have a simple and glam idea. As you can see, her eyes are kept looking natural but she has a white eyeliner flick with pearls and rhinestones underneath. This is a low-key and beautiful idea. It will look amazing with angel wings and a halo. Recreate this or try the angel wing eyeliner design with the gems.

Products: Essence Cosmetics Micro Precise Eyebrow Pencil, Wet N Wild Beauty Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer, Essence Eyeliner Pen in 02, CATRICE Glam & Doll Lashes and eyelash glue.

19. Blue Angel Makeup

The next makeup idea is another unique one. This time instead of the classic white and gold color palette, this angel has blue makeup instead. She has angel wing eyeliner with blue eyeshadow and blue lips. This is a statement making idea and if you add some contact lenses, it will be spooky for Halloween.

Blue Angel Makeup


20. Scary Dark Angel

Love the fallen angel idea? If so, check this out. Here we have a dark angel and she has black contacts, black drips coming from her eyes and black lips. This is a very spooky and scary makeup idea. Pair with a black outfit and angel wings and you will have one creepy angel costume.

Products used: Morphe Fluidity Full Coverage, Morphe X James Charles Palette, NYX Born to Glow Foundation, Snazaroo Classic Face Paint, Makeup Obsession Mega Lightening Highlight and Makeup Revolution Halo Cut Crease Canvas.

21. Creepy and Unique Angel Idea

Looking for a unique angel idea? If so, this is for you. This makeup artist has used natural makeup with blue eyebrows and hair. The look is complete with white contacts. We love this because it is simple but statement making and unusual. Recreate this or add some extras such as gems or glitter.

Creepy and Unique Angel Idea

Source: @stephmeroo

Products used: Jeffree Star Cremated Palette, Celebrity Skin Liquid Lipstick & 24 Karat highlight palette, Flutter Lashes in Royalty and HoneyColor White Contacts.

22. Bold Angel Wing Makeup

This next makeup idea is bold and beautiful. For this look, she has soft lip color with bold white and gold makeup. The white section of the makeup looks like angel wings. This is a very glam version of an angel and it is perfect for those who want to dress up for Halloween but also look pretty.

23. Half Angel, Half Devil

The last makeup idea features another half and half look. So, one half looks like an angel while the other looks like a devil. This just shows another unique way to wear the half angel and devil look. We love the hair accessories and the horn, they just really make the makeup stand out.

We hope you have found a cool angel makeup idea to try!

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