21 Beautiful NYE Updo Ideas

New Years Eve is one of the most special nights of the year. It is an occasion that usually comes with parties and nights on the town. So, you have your outfit, chose your makeup and nails but what about your hair? There are many beautiful hairstyles out there for the party season and we have found some of the best ones for you. Today we want to share 21 gorgeous NYE updo ideas that will give you a show stopping NYE look.

1. Braided Crown

First up we have this pretty braided crown. Braided crowns like this one go all the way around the head. You can create this with thin braids or large ones. This hairstyle has larger braids and small twists to. It looks relaxed but glam and will suit anyone.

2. Beautiful Loose Updo

If you are looking for something very glamorous then this next NYE updo is for you. The hair is styled in a low loose bun with volume on the top. We love this hairdo because it is stunning but as it is relaxed it can be worn to somewhere fancy or in a club in town.

Beautiful Loose Updo

Source: @amberrosehair

3. Glam Braid

Next, we have braid that looks fit for a princess. The long braid has been decorated with pearls and gems. You could recreate something like this with smaller gems, maybe you could even add in some different colored gems to. This is a stunning hairdo that will wow at any NYE event.

4. Braided Low Bun

Here is a unique way to wear a fishtail braid. This updo features a fishtail that looks like it has been tucked up at the back to create a bun shape. The hairstyle is beautiful, you could recreate something similar or choose tighter braids. Tighter braids will create a sleeker look.

Braided Low Bun

Source: @shelbyweatherholtzhair

5. Cute Bow Style

Our next pick is super cute! This hair is half-up, half-down with a bow style. Bow styles look so pretty and elegant. Once you learn the bow technique you can turn these into buns and more. There are plenty of tutorials available online to help you get the bow look.

6. Twisted Updo

Hair twists can be used to create a beautiful updo like this one. The hair has been twisted into a low bun. You could recreate this updo low like featured or higher on the head. A hairstyle like this will look gorgeous with a dress and sparkly earrings.

7. Sleek and Elegant Ponytail

Ponytails may not seem like NYE hair that will wow, but this next hairstyle could change your mind. The ponytail is sleek on the top and then gradually turns into beautiful waves. The voluminous ponytail looks stunning. A hairstyle like this will suit everyone.

Sleek and Elegant Ponytail

Source: @_hairbygabrielle

8. Pretty Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle

Half-up, half down styles give can be so elegant and glam. The hairstyle featured is curly with half-up braids meeting in the center. You could recreate this style, or you could use twists instead of braids. Maybe you could try straight hair instead of curly to.

Pretty Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Source: @kelsey_j9

9. Chunky Braided Updo

If you want a bolder hairstyle then our next pick is for you. This updo features a Dutch braid with what looks like the end tucked back up to the top of the head. The simple technique creates a hairstyle that will wow. An updo like this is for the women who want to make a statement.

10. Fishtail Braided Crown

Earlier in the post we featured a braided crown. This crown style features fishtail braids instead of the classic three strand braid. As you can see a different braid gives you a completely different look. This hairstyle also shows how amaze a crown braid looks with bangs.

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