27 Chic Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2017

If you’ve recently decided to go for the chop and are now on the hunt for chic bob hairstyles and haircuts for 2017, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found 27 stunning styles we think might tickle your fancy, and we’ve accompanied it all with some great bob hairstyle advice too. Aren’t we nice?

But grab yourself a cuppa, ladies. We’re going to talk all-things short hair. Well, short-ish.

1. Layers + Blonde Highlights

A number of celebrities have gone for the chop recently, and it’s been a look that’s come in and out of fashion for many years. In fact, some might argue that the look has never gone out of fashion at all. The bob itself dates back many years, although it was first made fashionable around the 1920’s. Things have come a long way since those days, and we’re thankful for that. We’re especially thankful for chic bob hairstyles and haircuts for 2017 like this layers and blonde highlights look.

2. Angled Bob + Caramel Highlights

For when you want to keep some length, keep it at the front with a bob that is cleverly angled to give you the best of both worlds. This angled bob has been mixed up with caramel highlights, but worked from the bottom up. This helps to keep the roots natural, and to give your hair a bit of a break.

Angled Brunette Bob Haircut with Caramel Highlights

Source: @hairbyedwin

3. Chocolate Bob + Balayage Highlights

Spring is the perfect time to go for the chop if you’ve ever considered having shorter hair. Long hair can be hard to say goodbye to, but styles like this chocolate bob with balayage highlights helps to make the transition easier. This is a slightly longer and freely-styled bob, the front left slightly longer than the hair at the back, and the lighter highlights have been kept to the very ends of the hair, and those face-framing layers too. Who said you couldn’t experiment with colours and shades when you had short hair? This look definitely proves otherwise.

4. Cinnamon Gold Balayage

Rose gold has been a very popular look recently, but it’s time for rose gold to move aside. Cinnamon gold is coming to town, and this balayage look shows you exact why it’s such as a popular one. You can combine both lighter and darker shades together for an exotic mix, and it’s a great way to transition from light to dark, or vice versa.

Cinnamon Gold Bob Haircut

Source: @amy_ziegler

5. Textured Blonde Bob

Texture and bobs go together like … well, textured bobs! They were made for each other, the clever waves adding dimension to a look that might otherwise be quite limp and lifeless. If you’re finding that your hair is limp and lacklustre these days, take things in hand. Going for the chop and opting for shorter hair will allow new hair regrowth, and it’ll be healthier and stronger hair growth at that.

Textured Blonde Bob Haircut

Source: @mikaatbhc

6. Textured Brunette Bob + Golden Balayage Highlight

While we’re on the subject of adding life to dull hair, highlights are definitely a great way to play around with light. The combination of lighter and darker shades will help to make your hair appear much thicker, and this is definitely the case when you add tousled waves. Darker roots will allow for longer periods in between salon appointments, and that’ll benefit not only your bank balance, but also your locks.

7. Straight, Stacked Bob

Short hair is often considered to be easier hair to maintain, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the hair-TLC. You will still need to make sure you are conditioning your hair, and giving it plenty of nutrients with a decent nourishing shampoo. This will ensure when your hair grows back long again, it does so with all the power it needs to be strong and healthy.

Straight Stacked Bob Haircut for Brunettes

Source: @hairbyedwin

8. Bronde Bob with Bangs

You can still rock bangs with short hair, and specifically, bobbed hair. You just need to know how to rock it the right way. This is a great way – mixing longer length at the front with long bangs. This bronde shade helps to keep things cool and modern also – it’s one of the hottest shades for 2017. All the celebs are rocking it, Jennifer Lopez and half of the Kardashian-Jenners included.

Bronde Bob Haircut with Bangs

Source: @kristin_ess

9. Icy Blonde Highlights

Dare to go platinum blonde? While you’re going for the chop, why not opt for a brave and bold new shade at the same time? This icy-blonde look is definitely a stunner, but you should be aware of the harsh pre-treatments your hair will need to go through in order to get a look this light. We can’t bang on enough about how important conditioning treatments are to your hair, and this is most definitely the case when you’re looking at going bleach-worthy lighter.

10. Choppy, Light Brown Bob

This choppy, light brown bob is a really cute for in-between stages of your life. The shade is a nice one to help with those copper tones you’ll often find peeking through when you go from darker hair to lighter hair. The length and style is also a great one for when you’re making the transition from much shorter hair. If you’re growing out a shorter bob, for example, this one is a great next-stop grow-out look.

Choppy Light Brown Bob Haircut

Source: @mayhemilyhair

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