23 Elegant and Beautiful Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

When you are organizing a wedding it’s not just about choosing the brides hair and dress. You must also consider the bridesmaids look for the big day. We have all heard stories of nightmare bridesmaid dresses and hairstyles, don’t let that happen to your bridesmaids! To give you some ideas we have found 23 stunning bridesmaid hair ideas. There is a hairstyle for every wedding theme.

1. Curled Fancy Updo

First up we have this gorgeous curled updo. This hairstyle is loose which gives it an elegant and romantic look. Something like this would be perfect for a bride or bridesmaid. You could leave it as it is or jazz it up with an accessory like a flower.

2. Floral Braided Style

Our next style is stunning! It features a braided ponytail with pretty, pink flowers all the way down the braid. A hairstyle like this would suit any bridesmaid. For other bridesmaid hair ideas you could choose your favourite flowers, their favourite flowers or flowers that match the bouquet and dresses. The styling possibilities are endless.

Floral Braid for Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

Source: @inspobyelvirall

3. Braided Bun

A bun is a traditional style. It is elegant and simple making it perfect for a wedding. Give the classic bun a twist and make it a braided bun. You can achieve a stunning look like this one. It would suit any bridesmaid and even the bride.

Braided Bun for Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

Source: @lalasupdos

4. Wavy Half Up Hairstyle

If an updo isn’t what you are looking for then this wavy half updo is for you. You get the best of both worlds with this hairstyle because the hair is let down but does have a lift with the pulled back sides. A style like this would be stunning, you could recreate the waves, go for full on curls or go for a sleek and straight look.

Wavy Half Up Hairstyle for Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

Source: @ermiranebihu

5. Wrapped Low Bun

Low buns are great choices for brides and bridesmaids. It is a hair style that looks glamorous, there a many ways to style this look but you could have the wrapped over hair like this one. Where the bun meets the head, there are thing wisps of hair just wrapping the bun. For a beach or summer wedding you could add a tropical flower.

6. Boho Bridesmaid Headband

Planning a boho theme wedding? Then this hairstyle could be for you. It features a relaxed wave style and is finished off with a glitzy headband. The headband jazzes up the casual hair so it is perfect for a bridesmaid. You could put a headband like this on straight or curly hair to.

Boho Bridesmaid Headband for Bridesmaid Hair Idea

Source: @bouchyhair

7. Braided Ponytail

A ponytail might not be the first style that comes to mind when thinking about bridesmaid hair ideas. However, a ponytail could be a beautiful choice for a bridesmaid. This ponytail features a stylish side braid that glams up the hair do. This style would look beautiful with some added flowers or gems.

Braided Ponytail for Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

Source: @done_by_jessiana

8. Floral Hair Accessory

This next hairstyle shows how to beautifully accessorize hair for a wedding. The curly bun would have looked beautiful as it was but the added flowers adds a touch of elegance which is perfect for a wedding. You could add flowers like this to other updos.

9. Braided Mohawk

Want an edgier style for your bridesmaids? Then consider a braided Mohawk. This awesome style uses braids to create a faux Mohawk. It would suit any bridesmaid and any wedding theme. A style like this is perfect for the trendy bridesmaids that still want to look elegant.

10. Loose High Bun

High buns are great for getting a glamorous look. Create a style that is loose and you have a romantic hairstyle perfect for a wedding. Something like this would suit the bride or bridesmaids. You could add some hair accessories such as gems or flowers.

Loose High Bun for Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

Source: @elstilespb

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