25 Creative Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Need a hand finding nails to go with your costume this year? Are you having a hard time finding creative Halloween nail art ideas that really stand out? There’s no need to panic ladies – we’ve brought you a whole host of wonderful creations, all begging to be rocked for Halloween this year. The question is, which one would you kill for?

1. Ombre Matte Nails + Spider Accent Nail

Matte nails are a big thing right now, and you can easily achieve matte nails whatever colour or shade you’re packing underneath, just by adding a matte top coat. It instantly dulls down the shine of whatever nail polish you put it over the top of.

Ombre nails are also much more easily achieved than you first may have thought, and the best tool for this job is one of those triangular makeup sponges. You paint a line or red, and then a line of black, making sure they overlap a tad. Press the sponge on your nail and when you take it away, and in conclusion you should be left with something that looks like this. Add that matte top coat, and what do you have? Creative Halloween nail art ideas that everyone will love.

2. Cute Bat Design for Short Nails

Bats have been associated with Halloween for many years, but actually the history isn’t all that scary … Sorry to disappoint you.

Back in the ancient times when people would light bonfires to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, small bugs would flock towards the light and crackle of the fire, and this would also attract flying creatures that wanted to eat the small bugs … just like bats.

Bats really aren’t so bad. In fact, we think they happen to be quite cute, and if you love them too, why not consider this cute bat design for short nails to complete your Halloween look for 2016?

3. Bright & Creative

Back in the days when All Hallow’s Eve began, pumpkins weren’t used to make those Jack O’Lanterns at all. In fact, it was turnips! To be fair, carving a turnip doesn’t really have the same ring to it.

Luckily, these pumpkin Halloween-themed nails do, and we can’t wait for the big day to come around so that we can rock them. Anything pumpkin related suits us just fine, in fact.

4. Cute Frankenstein Nails

When you’re working with glitter nail polish, use this smart tip to make sure it doesn’t prove a right pain in the ass to get rid of the next day … Because you know your boss will have the right hump about it, and that’s more hassle than you need. Especially if you have a slight hangover to boot.

Cute Frankenstein Halloween Pointy Nails

Source: @katsklaws

Instead of applying a base coat, try using a coat of Elmer’s glue (or PVA glue in the UK) instead. That stuff just peels off when you’re done with it, which is exactly what’ll happen to that glitter nail polish you normally don’t bother with because it’s more hassle than it’s worth for just one night and day …

5. Bloody French Tip Stiletto Nails

It’s time to get creative now. If your favourite nail shape is the pointed / stiletto, you’re missing a golden opportunity if you don’t opt for bloody French tip stiletto nails. You can even make these beauties textured, and you know how much we love textured nails!

The nails themselves have been left neutral, and if you don’t have super long nails, you can get away with buying cheap falsies from your local drug store to wear for just one night only. You’re going to cover them with red nail polish anyway. If you want to make them textured, pour superglue over the nail (carefully), and let it dry in lumps like this. Cover with nail polish, red obviously, and you too could have totally killer talons.

6. Cute & Easy Spider Nails

As well as black cats and bats, spiders are a well known associated creature with Halloween, and that’s not just down to the fact that so many people have a phobia of them – arachnophobia.

There are loads of superstitions surrounding these eight-legged creatures, and one of the ones we love the most is that when you see a spider on Halloween – 31st October – it means a dead relative is looking over you. Spiders on your nails totally counts, right?

7. Halloween Toes

If you ever wondered where the term ‘Jack O’Lantern’ came from, we’ve found out. Are you ready for it? The name stems from an old Irish myth / legend, and there was once a man called Jack who had apparently screwed over the Devil a little. Well, a few times actually.

Halloween Toe Nail Art Design

Source: @balis.balis

It was said that he was forbidden to enter either Hell or Heaven and because of that, he was destined the walk the earth forever, holding his lantern and trying to get people to lose their way. What a spooky story!

8. Jack O’Lantern Accent Nails

Trick-or-treating, on the other hand, doesn’t come from Irish folklore at all. This goes back to Celtic times, when the ancient Celtic lot used to put food and other treats out at night for Samhaim. This was a festival that ‘treated’ the ghosts and ghouls and prevented them from stealing the souls of the living and causing them harm.

Samhaim itself was to mark the end of the calendar year for the ancient Celtics, quite the opposite to what we celebrate today. Although, who really cares when you’re celebrating it in style, just like with these Halloween nail art ideas?

9. Spooky Silhouettes

For a while, Halloween was also known as ‘Hallowmas’ and to be honest, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. It’s like the modern day trick-or-treating as we know it now, but the Christian precursor if you like?

On November 1st, rather than October 31st, the poor people would knock on doors, offering up their prayers for the souls no longer with us in exchange for food, such as soul cakes.

10. Blood Splatter Coffin Nails

What do you think about these blood spatter coffin nails rather than your regular nail shape? They’re super simple to recreate, and all you need is a white nail polish, and a really glossy red nail polish. You could even use a straw to ‘blow’ this design across the nails and make it look more murder-like.

Coffin nails are a great in-trend nail shape right now and because of that, we’d definitely recommend you check these beauties out for yourself. Long nails aren’t for everyone, but for Halloween, you can’t really get much spookier!

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