23 Creative DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Want Halloween makeup that you can create yourself at home? Then you need to check out our 23 creative DIY Halloween makeup ideas. There are designs for every level whether your new with makeup or are a pro. We have ideas for scary costumes, cute costumes and more. Take a look to find your favourite.

1. Missing Eyes Makeup

Our first makeup pick creates the illusion that her eyeballs are missing. This is a very scary technique that will look awesome for any party. You could add your own ideas to such as fake blood. The missing eyes were created with BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil palette, Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlight palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour.

Missing Eyes Makeup for Creative DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @flzmrtnz

2. Crystal Skull Design

If you are looking for something creative and bold, then our next pick is for you. The next idea is a crystal skeleton makeup design. Makeup like this will take a lot of effort and time but it will be worth it. You could recreate this with any gems and in any color. Skeleton makeup like this will be a hit at any party.

Crystal Skull Design for Creative DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @amandaskyringwaller

3. Ventriloquist Dummy Makeup

Ventriloquist dummies are very creepy, making it a great costume choice for Halloween. Our next pick shows how eerie dummy makeup can look. She has created a laughing mouth on her chin which gives the illusion that her mouth is actually a dummy mouth. You can find many tutorials online for makeup like this.

4. Pencil Through the Nose

Looking for makeup ideas that are gory and gruesome? Then this is for you. This makeup idea shows a pencil going through here nose. Makeup like this will require practice but it is something you could recreate at home. There are plenty of tutorials to show you how to get a realistic look. Fake blood is a must!

Pencil Through the Nose for Creative DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @amyhanneman_makeupspraytan

5. Creative Unicorn Makeup

Unicorns are a popular costume choice for Halloween this year. There are many unicorn designs out there, this one is creative and unique. We love the colors used and think the horn looks mystical. You could recreate something like this or you could buy a unicorn horn headband. Just make sure you go all out on the makeup.

6. Dark Witch Makeup

Witch costumes are worn by many year after year. So, why not create a witch makeup look that is creative and unique. Ditch the green makeup and long nose and replace it with dark makeup like this. The makeup look is glam and scary. The black veined lines look spooky. We love this different Halloween makeup idea.

7. Mystical Mermaid Makeup

Another mystical and magical makeup idea is the mermaid. Mermaids are a great choice for Halloween. You could recreate your mermaid makeup in any color. To easily create the scale look at home you can buy a stencil. This will give you realistic mermaid scales.

Mystical Mermaid Makeup for Creative DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @makeupartist.angela

8. Creepy Doll Makeup

Dolls are very creepy, making our next makeup idea perfect for Halloween. This doll makeup makes the eyes look big and the doll lips look eerie. We love the heart outline. The skin inside the line is lighter than her natural skin, which gives her a pale look. When her hair is down and the lighting is dark this will look like her actual face shape.

9. Sparkling Skeleton

If you want Halloween makeup that will wow, then this next pick is for you. She has the classic dark skeleton makeup with added sparkling gems. Makeup like this will take time and effort but the finished result will be worth it. There are lots of tutorials online to help with the skeleton technique.

10. Tombstone Statue Makeup

Our next pick is very creative and unique. This makeup was designed to make the wearer look like a tombstone statue. Graveyards are scary and the statues are to so makeup like this will be a hit at any Halloween party. There are tutorials online to help you achieve the statue look. With time and practice you will have an awesome DIY costume.

Tombstone Statue Makeup for Creative DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

Source: @wink818

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