45 Glamorous Makeup Ideas for New Year’s Eve

Can you believe that 2019 is almost over? We sure can’t! It only seems like yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas! But the time is soon coming, and it’s tie to get serious about it. You need an outfit, nails, and more than that, glamorous makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve. Thankfully, we’ve found a few we think you’re really going to love …

1. Black, Brown and Gold Look

If you want to know how to get the best out of your eyelash curlers, and get beautiful long lashes like you can see here, you should heat your eyelash curlers up first! We know that sounds a little odd, but just a quick blast with your hairdryer is enough to heat it up, and your curls will stay in longer when they’ve been heat-styled. It works the same way as when you curl your hair with a heated styling tool. If you want glamorous makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve that’ll really stand out, long lashes and plenty of liner is the way forward, especially when they’re up against this beautiful black, brown and gold backdrop. It’s both elegant and festive, and that’s just why we love it!

Products used: theBalm Nude Dude Vol 2 Palette + theBalm Overshadow in No Money no Honey, Sigma gel liner in Wicked, NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk, and Lilly Ghalichi Mykonos  lashes.

2. Glitter Eye Makeup

Glitter can be really hard to wear on your face, especially if you’re not used to wearing or applying it. That’s why we suggest having a piece of tissue paper handy, and plenty of translucent powder too. Apply the powder underneath the eyes, much in the same way as you would when ‘baking’ your concealer under your eyes, and then apply your glitter. When you dust away the loose, translucent powder, you’ll also dust away that glitter residue too.

Glitter Eye Makeup Look for New Year's Eve

Source: @amrezy

Products used: Tartelette in Bloom Clay Palette, Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy glitter liner, MAC Feline pencil, and Intoxicating Flutter Lashes.

3. Gold Eyes + Red Lips

Don’t you hate it when you go to use your favourite red lipstick and you’ve found it to be broken? There is a way that you can fix it, and it’s a great thing to know right before the festive season. We all know that means red lip season! Using a lighter (or carefully using a candle), simply melt the bottom of the broken bit, and the top of the bit left in the tube, and then affix the two together, smoothing as you go. We wore gloves to do this with yours – it does have a habit of going everywhere. You might want to have a baby wipe to hand too!

Gold Glitter Eyes and Red Lips

Source: @auroramakeup

Eyes: Makeup Geek Cosmetics Vegas Lights Palette (Mirage, Desert Sands, Bada Bing, Casino and Sin City eyeshadows), Eye Kandy Cosmetics glitter in Honey Drop, House of Lashes Iconic eyelashes.

Lips: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Stalker+ translucent powder.

4. Black & Gold Eyes + Nude Lips

For a quick way of going from a regular daytime look to a nighttime look, simply add some gold glitter. You can easily use a touch of vaseline, or even lip gloss, to use as ‘glitter glue’, and in the office toilet mirror, you can dab on that gold sparkle glitter you have. Add a touch of eyeliner to the bottom lashes, and then add plenty of mascara, and you have a look that could easily take you from day to night in no time at all.

Eyes: Stila magnificent metals foil finish eyeshadow in Comex Copper, Urban Decay eye shadows in Heroin and Fringe.

Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Ashton.

5. Burgundy Cut Crease

The cut crease is one of the must-have looks if you’re on the hunt for glamorous makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve. It’s daring, bold, and beautiful when it has been done properly, but it also has the potential to look not-very-good if you don’t blend correctly. Start with the cut crease and finish the eyelid afterwards. You can use primer and concealer to cover over any mistakes you make. It’s hard work staying inside the lines!

Products used: Huda Beauty Textured Rose Gold Palette, Tarte white paint pot (glitter base), Star Crushed Minerals in Ice Queen (inner corner), Glitter Injections glitter.

6. Glitter Eyes + Pink Lips

It can be very hard work, wearing glitter as an adult, and just a pinch too much can make you look more like a circus performer than a girl who just wants to see in her New Year in style. It’s a tricky trend, but there are plenty of ways in which you can rock the lock in a more adult and sophisticated way. If you’re not quite brave enough to go for a full-on glitter, opt for a shimmery, light-reflecting shade instead. It’s a baby-step you can take before you go full-glitter.

Eyes: Motives Cosmetics Safari & Sorbet palettes, glitter Diamond, gel liner in LBD, and Pixie Luxe lashes by House of Lashes.

Lips: Motives Cosmetics Violet eyeliner + Lime Crime Utopia Velvetine lipstick.

7. Dramatic Eyes

For more drama in your life, you need dramatic eyes, and for glamorous makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve, you simply cannot beat them. If you’re worried about glitter overload, start with the tiniest amount of glitter on your brush, and build up from there. You can always add more, but it will be hard work taking some away if you’ve sprinkled too much of the stuff on your face. Trust me – glitter is a real pain in the backside to get rid of when you don’t actually want it around.

Products used: MAC eyeshadows in Soft Brown, Rule, Brown Script, Chrome Yellow, and Deep Damson, and Johnny Concert Cosmetics eyeshadow in Rich Bitch.

8. Blue Glitter Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

If you’re going to rock glitter, especially a bold and brave glitter shade like this bright blue pop, make sure you stick to the one-feature rule. Pick one feature on your face, and glitter that up. Don’t go for glitter eyes AND glitter lips, because then you’re running the risk of glitter overload. And for just the slightest hint of glitter for your glamorous makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve, just add the tiniest amount to the centre of your eyelid.

Navy Blue Smokey Eye for Brown Eyes

Source: @lily_glam_

Products used: Morphe 35 palette, NYX glitter primer and glitter in Blue, Tarte Cosmetics liner, and Vegas Nay lashes in Shinning Star.

9. Black Smokey Eye with a Pop of Glitter

With this look, the inner and outer corners of the eyes have been smoked-up, and the centre has been left that beautiful gold tone. Add a dusting of glitter over the top, and you have perfect, and FAST, New Year’s Eve makeup! Add a dusting of glitter over the top, and you have perfect, and FAST, New Year’s Eve makeup!

Black Smokey Eye with a Pop of Glitter

Source: @mrs_akaeva

Products used: L’Oreal Color Rich pencil, Bobbi Brown eyeshadows in #11, #18 and #12, Makeup Addiction Flaming palette (in Sparkle), and Makeup Forever lashes (02).

Tutorial  – Instagram 

10. Brown Smokey Eye + Gold Glitter Lower Lash Line

If you don’t want to rock glitter on your eyelids, how about the lower lash line instead? It’s a simple addition, and a modern way of wearing it, plus you can really go to town with the shades you choose. Add a silver glitter over whatever colour eyeshadow you like, for example. Or use gold liner and add a touch of sparkle and shimmer over the top for special effect. We love this look, how about you?

Brown Smokey Eye Gold Glitter Lower Lash Line

Source: @lupe_mua

Eyes: Too Faced Chocolate Palette.

Lips: Colour Pop Cosmetics lipsticks in Beeper and Limbo

11. Gold Glitter Cut Crease

When looking at wearing glitter, make sure you’re matching your makeup to the occasion. We know that you want to look your best at all times, but your Grandma probably won’t appreciate your gold glitter cut crease half as much as your gal-pals will. At the same time, wearing glitter can be too much for a daytime look, so perhaps keep your makeup muted throughout the day, and add that glitter sparkle for the evening.

Products used: Morphe 35W Palette, theBalm Schwing liquid liner, Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy glitter liner and Lilly Ghalichi Mykonos lashes.

12. Elegant Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Glitter without any kind of primer or glitter glue is a really bad idea, especially around the eyes. Loose glitter is often the worst culprit for this, and it won’t be long before you find yourself with a touch of glitter in your eye, which makes your eyes run, and then your mascara will be all down your face. What a total disaster! You can always use a touch of setting spray on the applicator brush you’re using to apply the glitter, which will also help to keep it in place on your eyes. Alternatively, cheat a little with a glitter eyeliner instead. No one would ever know the difference!

Products used: Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Bedrock, ABH eyeshadows in Noir, Deep Brown, Fawn and Warm Taupe, Dose of Colors eyedeal duo in Pixie Dust, Sigma Line Ace Liner in Legend, and Huda Beauty Farah lashes.

13. Classic Look – Gold Eyes & Red Lips

If you don’t like loose glitter powder, but you still want to sparkle with these glamorous makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve, opt for a glitter gel rather than a powder. Alternatively, mix some eyelash glue (the tiniest bit) with some glitter, and you’ll have the same kind of effect. When you go to bed at night, the glue will peel away from your face, and the glitter will peel right off with it! No more glittery pillow cases!

Eyes: Too Faced Stardust Palette (Millenial, Chandelier, The Strip, Pink Pearl and Golden Nugget), huda Beauty Scarlett lashes. 

Lips: Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in Fire Engine.

14. Dark Gold

You can mix and match your glamorous makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve, choosing colours and shades that match your outfit. On the other hand, you can say ‘screw the rules!’, and totally spice things up. This gold eye makeup, for example, could easily be worn with a number of festive clothing shades – black, gold, red, green, purple, need we go on?

Dark Gold Eye Makeup Look for New Years Eve

Source: @denitslava

Products used: Morphe Brushes 35W Palette, theBalm liquid eyeliner, e.l.f. Cosmetics liquid eyeliner in Copper.

15. Grey & Silver Combo

And for when you’re not feeling gold, how about silver? Mixing a dark grey with a lighter silver shimmer or glitter powder will give you a stunning look just like this one. And the sparkle effect makes it one of the perfect glamorous makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve! You may find silver a slightly easier shade to wear, especially if you’re new to the world of metallics. It’s easier to smoke your silver up into a smokey-eye, and therefore is perfect for many different occasions – NYE being just one of them!

Grey and Silver Eye Makeup Idea for New Years Eve

Source: @laurabadura

Products used: NARS NARSissist  Palette Pigment (lid), Peaches&Cream shadow in Disco, House of Lashes in Noir Fairy.

16. Step by Step Tutorial

In case you were wondering what the easiest way was to get a beautiful and easy makeup look for New Year’s Eve, how about this little tutorial? You can replace the shades and tones they use here with whatever shades and colours YOU want, but following the same idea – darker shades in the socket, lighter shades towards the inner corner, and you’ll look fabulous and more alert all at the same time!

Step by Step Makeup Tutorial for New Years Eve

Source: @makeupby_av

Products used: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer palette.

17. Silver Eyes + Dark Lips

It’s generally commonplace to leave your eyes relatively neutral when you have big, statement lips, but this look has been given a bit of sparkle treatment. It’s still relatively neutral, in gold, nude and beige-like tones, but the addition of that sparkle stops it from being too daytime.

Eyes: Sigma Brilliant and Spellbinding palette, Wicked gel eyeliner and Huda Beauty Carmen lashes.

Lips: ABH lip gloss in Venom.

18. Glitter Cut Crease

How steady is your hand? With the right liquid glitter eyeliner, or even some glitter glue and loose powder if you’ve brave enough, you could create glamorous makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve like this one. It’s basically another layer of eyeliner, copying the natural flow and shape of the black eyeliner, but lining the socket instead, just at the line here the dark and light shades would blend together.

Silver Glitter Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look for New Years Eve

Source: @makeupthang

Products used: Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon palette in Almond Truffle, Satin Sheets and Divinity, theBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette in Matt Reed, Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter in Glam Rock, and House of Lashes Iconic lashes. 

19. Dramatic Eyes + Nude Lips

And when you have big statement eyes, it’s always a good idea to keep your lips neutral, especially if you’re experimenting with big and bold looks for the first time. You don’t want to go too overboard, mostly because you won’t feel confident, but also because it’ll prevent you from trying the looks again. Pick one feature on your face – eyes or lips, and go for the big statement makeup on just one of them. When you pick one, and leave the other relatively nude or neutral, you’re making your entire look much easier to wear. You can go bigger and bolder on the eyes, for example, when the lips are slightly more played down.

Dramatic Gold Eyes and Nude Lips

Source: @roseandben

20. Glitter Liner + Pink Lips

Remember we said about that glitter eyeliner in the cut crease? Well, here’s a slightly different way of wearing it – adding another layer to your regular eyeliner look. It’s just the addition of an extra line of liner – it’s above the black liner that you’d naturally do on a day to day basis. Yu could do the black liner thinner than you usually would to compensate for this tiny silver liner-layer, or you can make it bigger and bolder. It’s entirely up to you.

Eyes: Jouer Cosmetics Creme Eyeshadow Crayon in Avant Garde, Master Palette by Mario, Rxycosmetics glitter liner in Sliver Dust.

Lips: Jouer Cosmetics Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick in Cassis.

21. Black Smokey Eye

Here’s a sparkly little way to liven up that black smokey eye you;d usually wear for a big night out – its a touch of gold, and a very cool touch of gold at that! It’s just the addition of an extra line of liner – it’s above the black liner that you’d naturally do on a day to day basis. You could do the black liner thinner than you usually would to compensate for this tiny silver liner-layer, or you can make it bigger and bolder. It’s entirely up to you.

Products used: ABH single eye shadows in Fudge, Morrocco and Noir, NYX jumbo pencil in Black Bean, Violet Voss glitter in Geri, and Huda Beauty lashes in Raquel.

22. Smokey & Glitter Eyes

And for killer eyebrows, the best thing you can do is to get them shaped professionally. We know we’re meant to say that, but once you have the basic DECENT shape formed into your brows, it’s easier to keep them maintained yourself with some tweezing and plucking here and there. It’s just the addition of an extra line of liner – it’s above the black liner that you’d naturally do on a day to day basis. You could do the black liner thinner than you usually would to compensate for this tiny silver liner-layer, or you can make it bigger and bolder. It’s entirely up to you.

Products used: Makeup Geek Cosmetics eye shadows in Latte, Americano, Corrupt (crease), and Starry Eyed (lid), Star Crushed Minerals glitter in Champagne Wishes.

23. Glitter Makeup Look for Blue Eyes

Did you know that you could easily wear green makeup when you have blue eyes? This glitter makeup look for blue eyes is a classic and simple way to wear the sparkly shade, a simple flash of colour to bring it to life, but without making it look like you’re wearing too much of a colour. It’s a simple flash of colour along the lower lash line, and although only a small touch, can make the world of difference to your makeup look. This one’s a winner for glamorous makeup ideas for New Years Eve!

Glitter Eye Makeup Idea for Blue Eyes

Source: @theamazingworldofj

Products used: Motives Cosmetics Demure Palette, Khol Eyeliner Green Envy, Lit Cosmetics glitter in Margarita S3.

24. Silver Cut Crease

What a stunning look, and a simple one too! It’s a simple cut crease – darker brown shading in the socket, and a really beautiful bright silver shimmer on the eyelid itself. With the right lashes, a slick of liner, and some nude lips, this is the only look you’ll need for this New Year’s Eve!

Silver Cut Crease Eye Makeup for New Years Eve

Source: @roseandben

Eyes: Too Faced The Power of Makeup palette in Pain Killer, Makeup & Chill, Wanted (crease),  and Frosted Yum (lid).

Lips: Too Faced Miso Pretty and Queen B liquid lipsticks.

25. Black Glittery Eyes

Here’s one that we think you might just get on board with – black glittery eyes. It’s like a smokey eye, but with more substance to it, and a whole load more sparkle too. Again, keeping with the ‘rules of smokey eyes’, the lips have been left relatively neutral with this look – the eyes giving you the oomph you need. The good news is that the look is super simple – a brush of an orange-brown shade for the socket, a slick of black over the lid, and then plenty of sparkle. What’s not to love?

Dramatic Black Eye Makeup Idea for New Years Eve

Source: @makeupthang

Eyes: ABH Modern Renaissance palette (Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Warm Taupe & Cyprus Umber), Tartelette Palette eye shadow in Fashionista, Makeup Geek Cosmetics loose shimmer/glitter in Dark Matter and Full Spectrum Eye Liner Pencil in Obsidian, Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter in Glam Rock.

Lips: Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Bombshell.

26. Glamorous Gold Eye Makeup for NYE

Next, we have a gold and glam makeup idea to show you. For this, the eyes have a beautiful blend of brown eyeshadow with a sweep of gold along the upper eyelid. The look is finished off with black and gold glitter eyeliner and lashes. We love this because it is a glitzy version of the classic black eyeliner, which is perfect for NYE.

Glamorous Gold Eye Makeup for NYE


Products used: ABH Modern Renaissance palette (Tempera, Realgar, Red Ochre, Cyprus Umber, Primavera), Eye Kandy Cosmetics Lovely Aphrodite, Lilly Ghalichi lashes in style Vegas, Meraki Cosmetics Cybele Loose powder highlighter and Sigma Beauty Wicked Gel Liner.

27. Bold and Dramatic Makeup Idea

Next, we have a bold and dramatic makeup look. The eyes have a black and silver eyeshadow blend. There is also a pop of sparkle as well as an eyeliner flick and lashes. The look is complete with a vibrant and statement making lip color. Makeup like this for the ladies who like to stand out from the crowd.

Products used: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette , Llavaneni Glow Digger Palette, Lycheexo Glitter in “Sliver”, The Balm Cosmetics Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner, Ace Beaute lashes in Style “MUA ASHLEY” and Lashaholicss Mini Matte in “Friday Night”.

28. Stylish Glitter Eye Makeup

Navy is a stunning color to use for your makeup. This next idea is a beautiful example of how to wear it. Here we have eye makeup that uses gorgeous navy eyeshadow and there is also a sweep of glitter too. As you can see, it is stylish, glam and very statement making. It is the perfect NYE party look.

Stylish Glitter Eye Makeup

Source: @rija_imran

Products used: Huda Beauty Smokey Obessions Palette, Urban Decay Cosmetics “Glam Rock” heavy metal glitter and Eyeris Beauty “Sriracha” Lashes.

29. Beautiful Eye Makeup with Subtle Glitter

If you don’t want to go all out with your makeup, then this is perfect for you. Here we have eyes that feature a beautiful blend of eyeshadow complete with a black liner flick and lashes. You would wear makeup like this for any occasion but it has been finished off with subtle glitter. This just glams it up a little for the special occasion. It is easy to wear and will suit everyone.

Beautiful Eye Makeup with Subtle Glitter

Source: @annybeeutee

Products used: Kylie Cosmetics Sorta Sweet Eyeshadow Palette, Limited Edition Tarte Cosmetics Double Take Eyeliner in Brown.

30. Sparkly Silver Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Bring the sparkle to NYE with makeup like this! This eye makeup features a shimmery silver and black cut crease complete with long lashes. It is a chic and elegant makeup look that is perfect for parties. You can recreate this by following the images below. We love this stylish look, you can wear this makeup after NYE too.

Sparkly Silver Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Source: @brandi.x0

Products used: Anastasia Beverly Hills noir & denim smokey single shadows, ABH light contour creme kit, Tarte Cosmetics silver eye jewels, Anastasia Beverly Hills jet creme waterproof liner & moonchild glow kit for inner eye highlight and Huda Beauty Sasha lashes stacked with Samantha lashes.

31. Trendy Eyeliner Flick with Gold Glitter

This next idea is one of our favorites! The eyelid is nude with brown in the crease of the eye. There is also a brown eyeliner flick that also has a sweep of gold. It is a trendy, artistic and unique makeup idea. Eye makeup like this is great for the ladies who want to look glam but also for those who want to try something new.

Product used: Benefit Cosmetics  Bad Gal Bang mascara and ka-brow! In 6, Anastasia Beverly Hills soft glam palette, Amrezy highlighter, Eyeris Beauty lashes in empress and Tarte Cosmetics shape tape concealer.

32. Stunning Smokey and Gold Eye Makeup

If you like to wear smokey eyes, then this is perfect for you. Here we have smokey eyes that have had an NYE makeover. For this, there is an eyeshadow blend of dark brown and black tones. On the upper eyelid, there is also gold glitter and black eyeliner too. It is a stunning makeup idea that will wow anyone at any New Year’s Eve event or party. There is a YouTube tutorial for this makeup look down below.

Products used: Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Remastered, Morphe Brushes metallic eyeshadow in “Flare”, Morphebrushes liquid eyeliner in “Blackout” and Luxylash lashes “eazy duz it”.

33. Glam Eyes with Festive Red Lips

Even though Christmas is over it doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to your festive lip color. You can wear something like this! For this look, the eyes are very glam with a shimmery eyeshadow blend, black liner and lashes. The makeup is finished off with a bold, Christmassy red lip color. This is a stunning idea and it will look amazing on anyone. We love this!

Glam Eyes with Festive Red Lips

Source: @annybeeutee

Products used: Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette, Colour Pop Cosmetics Alchemy Super Shock Shadow, Luxebabefashion Que Rico lashes, Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation & Overachiever Concealer, Sigma Beauty Sculpt Palette & Blush Palette, Kylie Cosmetics Champagne Showers Kylighter, Girlactik matte lip paint in Iconic.

34. Classic Eyeliner with Sparkle for NYE

Next, we have another classic eyeliner look with a little sparkle. So, the eyes have a beautiful blend of eyeshadow in brown tones. Then there is a bold eyeliner flick. The upper lid also has a sweep of gold glitter and the look is finished off with lashes. This makeup is easy to wear and it is a subtler way to wear glitter.

Classic Eyeliner with Sparkle for NYE

Source: @aa.gx

Products used: Morphe Brushes 35F, Super Glitters ‘Golden Tiara’ and Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liner ‘Trooper’.

35. Beautiful and Sparkly Eye Makeup Idea

If you want your makeup to have lots of sparkle, then this is for you! Here we have stunning cut crease makeup with plenty of glitter. It is a pretty look and it is perfect for glitzy NYE parties. You could also wear this makeup for Christmas parties too. Recreate this chic look or you can use a different glitter color, gold would be amazing.

Products used: Anastasia Beverly Hills Burnt Orange, Beauty Mark and Noir, Peaches Makeup DISCO, Huda Beauty lashes in FARRAH and Artist Couture SUPERNOVA.

36. Glitzy NYE Eyes

Next, we have another stunning cut crease to show you. This time the eyes have a gorgeous and light eyeshadow blend with gold glitter on the upper eye lid. There is also a striking eyeliner flick too. Makeup like this will wow and show everyone that you are ready to celebrate. There is a tutorial for this makeup look down below.

Products used: Too Faced Pretty rich Diamond Light Eyeshadow Palette (It’s Designer, It’s cashmere, Oh That’s Rich, Fluent in diamonds, Morphe Brushes liquid liner in “Blackout”, Luxylash “lil miss money” lashes and Too Faced pineapple sun strobing bronzer.

37. Sparkly Smokey Eye Makeup

Love sparkly makeup? If so, this is for you. Here we have a smokey eye with lots of glitter and bling on the upper eyelid. This makeup will really wow and make a statement at any NYE event. If you want all eyes on you, then this perfect. Recreate the look or add the glitter to the whole of the eyelid.

Products used: Lilly Ghalichi Mykonos lashes, Violet Voss glitter in amour, Pur Cosmetics fully charged mascara, Tarte Cosmetics park ave princess Bronzer, Sigma Beauty aura powder, Morphe Brushes Bling Boss and dark magic palettes and Artist Couture Illuminati glow.

38. Gold Glitter and Bold Red Lips

If you are not ready to leave the festive season behind, then this is perfect for you. Carry on your Christmassy makeup into NYE by recreating this look. The eyes have a neutral cut crease with a gold glitter eyeliner flick. It is all finished off with bold red lips. This is a super glam look that can be worn for Christmas and NYE.

Products used: Gerard Cosmetics Immortal liquid lipstick, Motives Cosmetics Theia, Caramel, Nefertiti on the crease, Copper shimmer on the lid, Motives Cosmetics Glitter adhesive + RXY Cosmetics glitter in Gold dust and Lilly Lashes in Mykonos.

39. Dramatic Eye Makeup for NYE

Bring some glamorous drama to NYE with eye makeup like this! Here we have a bold cut crease with a bright yellow shadow. The upper eyelid is covered in glitter and there is glitter and black liner too. Makeup like this will wow and it is a statement making party look. Pair this with a dark or nude lip color.

Dramatic Eye Makeup for NYE

Source: @rubyhmua

Products used: Anastasia Beverly Hills soft glam palette, Colour Pop Cosmetics renegade pressed glitter, Tatti Lashes TL4, Stila Cosmetics magnificent metals kitten, Morphe Brushes brown sugar liner and Morphe Brushes translucent eyelid primer.

40. Classic Black Eyeliner Flick with Subtle Glitter

This next idea is one of our favorites! It is perfect for those who are looking for a more low-key look for NYE. The eyes are nude with a black liner flick. A small amount of glitter has been added to the eyeliner for a subtle sparkle. Makeup like this is easy to wear and it allows you to celebrate the occasion without going over the top.

Classic Black Eyeliner Flick with Subtle Glitter

Source: @jasmijniris

Products used: NYX Cosmetics liquid crystal Liner, Lit Cosmetics “In the Navy” glitter, Anastasia Beverly Hills in Fawn, Vanilla & Blanc and Lashes from Lash Queen.

41. Smokey Eyes with Sparkle

Next, we have another smokey eye with sparkle. This time the eyes start dark and then blend into silver glitter. The makeup look is finished off with long lashes and a rich lip color. This is an elegant and stylish idea. You could wear this makeup to a party, club or even an evening dinner, so it is versatile too.

Smokey Eyes with Sparkle

Source: @aa.gx

Products used:Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette, Metallic Liquid Lipstick in ‘Phantom’ and ohhoneylashes ‘OG Honey’.

42. Chic Gradient Eyeshadow

Gradients are popular in nail designs but you can also use this technique on your eyes too. For this look, one corner of the eye is very dark and then it blends to white which creates a chic gradient. This is an elegant idea that will look amazing with a little black dress and nude or red lip color. There is a tutorial for this eye makeup on the page below.

Products used: Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked 2 palette (Tease, Blackout, pistol, and verve), NYX Cosmetics epic ink liner and Icona Lashes in “Head Over Heels”.

43. Edgy Smokey Black Eye Makeup

If all the glitter and sparkles are not for you, then you need to see this next idea. Here we have an edgy and dark smokey eye. Grey, brown and black tones have been used to create a stunning makeup look. This is for the ladies who want to look glam but also let our their inner rock chick too. Pair this makeup with a nude or dark red lip color.

Products used: Morphe Brushes 35M Boss Mood Pallette and Luxy Lash “Easy Does It” Lashes.

44.  Brown and Gold Eye Makeup for a Winter Glow

Warm up your look with this next makeup idea. When the winter arrives, it is all about dark tones but you can change it up and give yourself a beautiful glow. The eyes use brown and gold tones complete with black eyeliner. As you can see, this color combo is beautiful, glam and it will brighten up the dark and wintry night too.

Brown and Gold Eye Makeup for a Winter Glow

Source: @denitslava

Products used: Too Faced Natural Lust palette, Tarte Cosmetics Maneater eyeliner and House of Lashes lashes in Allura Lite

45. Glam Liner and Glitter Idea

The next idea is glitzy, glam and stunning. This makeup artist has created a neutral eyeshadow blend with gold glitter and pretty eyeliner. It is a classic party look and it is perfect for any NYE event. As the colors are quite neutral, you can wear any lip color and the makeup will look amazing with any outfit too.

Products used: Morphe Brushes Dare to Create, Mehron Makeup Metallic Powder, NYX Cosmetics glitter, Maybelline concealer and mascara, Essence Cosmetics Eyeliner and Eylure lashes.

We hope that we’ve given you plenty of inspiration for your glamourous makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve, but as always, we can’t wait to see how fabulous you all look! Have a super good one, have a drink for us!

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