23 Gorgeous Half Up Wedding Hair Ideas

Looking for the perfect half up wedding hair? Then you’re in the right place! Choosing the right style for the big day is no easy task. There are so many different hairstyles and accessories to choose from. You need a beautiful style that will compliment your dress and make you look your best. So, we have done some of the hard work for you and have brought to you 23 of the best half up wedding hairstyles. Any of these would look beautiful on any bride.

1. Voluminous, Curled Half Up Wedding Hair

First up we have this stunning curled half up wedding hairstyle. The curls are full of volume and the front has a slight lift. All these elements create an elegant style perfect for any bride. You could even add little pearls or crystals to add a touch of glamour.

Voluminous Curled Half Up Wedding Hair

Source: @elstile

2. Half Up Wedding Hair with a Veil

Here is an example of how to style a half up hairdo and veil beautifully. The hair is simple but the small braids and gorgeous hair accessory give it the wow factor. It is an elegant hairstyle that will suit any dress and makeup. You could have any hair accessory to, flowers would be a nice choice.

Wavy Half Up Hair with Braids and Veil Wedding Hair Idea

Source: @whitehairandmakeup

3. Floral Bridal Hair

Next, we have a stunning twisted half up hairstyle. It features small white flowers all the way along the twists. The curls finish off the hairdo beautifully. A style like this would be perfect for a beach or bohemian theme wedding. You could also add a simple veil in the back.

4. Half Up Wedding Style for Short Hair

This short half up hairstyle was created for the mother of the bride. It is a gorgeous example of how to style short hair. This is a beautiful hairdo that would suit the bride, her mother or even the bridesmaids.  You could even add a veil.

Short Half Hair Up Wedding Hair Idea

Source: @thelaurelshairandbeauty

5. Boho Bride

Having a summer wedding? Then consider a boho hairstyle like this. It is relaxed but glamorous. The braids give a stylish bohemian vibe while the curls keep it formal. To jazz it up you could add some gems or pearls. A style like this would be great for a beach wedding too.

6. Flower Crown

Instead of a tiara why not have a flower crown?! This half up wedding hairstyle was finished off with beautiful floral crown. Something like this would be a great choice for an outdoor, beach or boho themed wedding. Finish off your style by wearing your hair on the side in curls for a glam look.

7. Chic Half Bun

Our next pick would be perfect for the bride or bridesmaids. This half bun style is simple but gorgeous. The simplicity gives your freedom to add accessories such as flowers, gems or pearls. Style the rest of the hair in curls for a formal look. A veil or tiara would be a nice touch for a bride’s hairdo.

Curled Half Bun Wedding Hairstyle Idea

Source: @mackenziedoinghair

8. Glam Half Up Wedding Hair

This hairstyle looks fit for a princess. The half up hair has been styled in wispy and romantic waves. A style like this would be beautiful as it is but for a glam look add beautiful accessories like these. You could add pearls or gems to re-create the style.

9. Bridal Headband

Headbands are a great accessory for any occasion. Here is how to style one for a wedding. This hairstyle features beautiful curls twisted into a half up style. You could re-create this with a sparkly headband for a glamorous look. A hairdo like this is perfect for a summer or beach wedding.

10. Beautiful and Bold Wedding Hair

If you want a hairstyle that will wow then this is how to do it! This amazing hair style is full of volume, curls and glamour. It is finished off beautifully with a delicate hair piece. Something like this looks out of a fairy-tale, making it perfect for your happy ending.

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