23 Most Beautiful Halloween Acrylic Nails

During the month of October, nails with a Halloween design are a must-have. Your nail art can show your love for the holiday and it can be the finishing touch to your Halloween costume. There are so many spooktacular nail designs to try from classic pumpkin faces, to art inspired by movies. With that said, there are so many ideas to choose from, it can be impossible to pick. That is where we come in. At Stay Glam, we love Halloween so have picked out some of the best and creepy Halloween acrylic nails from Instagram. We have spiders, ghosts, bats and more. Take a look, you will want it to be Halloween all year round!

1. Bold Halloween Acrylic Nails

First up, we have this bold Halloween mani. Each nail has a different design including black color, orange nails with spiders, glitter and finally a white and black nail with a spooky look. This is a cool nail idea that uses classic Halloween colors and art but it is also glitzy and stylish. Recreate the whole mani or just one or two designs.

2. Classic Pumpkin Nail Art

We couldn’t have a list of Halloween acrylic nails without including a classic pumpkin design and here is how to wear pumpkins in style. As you can see, the nails are long and each one is black. Two nails also have orange pumpkin art and the pumpkins have classic carved faces. This is a fun and spooky look and it was created with Apr├ęs Nail Official Gel X, Young Nails Inc Misson Control Gel and LeChat Nails Black Velvet.

Classic Pumpkin Nail Art

Source: @moonchild.nails

3. Ghosts, Drips and Glitter

This next idea is spooktacular! Some nails are nude and some are covered in coppery glitter. The nude nails also have Halloween themed nail art such as blood drips and ghosts. We love this because your nails look creepy but also glam because of the glitter and the ghosts. You can find easy to follow tutorials online for ghost and drip nail art.

4. Fun and Creepy Nails

Looking for a fun, unique and creepy nail design for Halloween? If so, this is for you. Here we have long coffin nails and each one has different nail art. One nail is black, the next has stripes with green slime, then we have a hypnotic swirl and finally purple glitter. The colors are awesome and that purple glitter is gorgeous!

Fun and Creepy Nails for Halloween

Source: @kazmiraemery

5. Black and Orange Halloween Mani

The next nail idea is one of our favorites because it uses classic Halloween colors and the nail art looks amazing. For this we have long nails that are either black, bright orange or nude and orange ombre. The two orange nails also have spider and web art. We love this because the ombre is trendy, the spider is creepy and the color combo is perfect.

6. Stylish Halloween Nails with Rhinestones

Add some bling to your Halloween nails with a design like this one! Here we have long coffin nails and most are matte black but there are two Halloween theme nails. One has a spooky tree with rhinestones while the other has a pumpkin with gems. It is a cute and glitzy look that is perfect for parties. The look was created with Mr. Black, Top Secret, Mousse Gel Silverado, Top Matte, Mousse Gel So Black and Arte Brillante Bloody Orange from Indigo Nails.

Stylish Halloween Nails with Rhinestones

Source: @indigonails

7. Sparkly Black Nails with Spider Webs

We love this next nail idea! Some nails are black, one has black glitter and the last nail is translucent black with a spider web on top. It is such a dark, Gothic and glam nail design. This mani is perfect for parties and for those who want to join in the Halloween fun but keep their nails stylish.

Sparkly Black Nails with Spider Webs

Source: @thenailsbeauty1

8. Cute Halloween Acrylic Nails

This next mani is so cute!! The nails are a sharp and stylish stiletto shape. Each one has different nail art including bold glitter, bats, ghosts and pumpkins. This is another one of our favorites because it uses classic Halloween themes and amazing colors. You can recreate the whole look or maybe use one or two designs on all nails.

9. Jack and Sally Inspired Nail Art

If you love the Movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, then this nail design is for you. Here we have Jack and Sally inspired nails. Some nails are matte black while one nail is white with black drips. Two of the nails feature art that looks like Sally’s patchwork dress and the last nail is black with Jack Skellington’s head. This is a fun and dark Halloween mani and it is perfect for fans of the movie.

Jack and Sally Coffin Nails

Source: @dreasnails

10. Spooky Spider Nails

Next, we have another spooky spider look. This time the nails are either nude or black. They all feature nail art such as spiders, webs or rhinestones. It is a fun design and that spider looks so creepy! You can hand-paint the spider or you can buy spider nail stickers online.

11. Glitzy Spider Nails

Love the spider nails? If so, you need to see this next idea. Here we have a glitzy version. For this look, each nail is different. One is sparkly, one nail is black, the next is translucent with a web and the last nail has spider art. It is a fun and spooky idea and the design will look amazing on the stiletto nail shape as well.

12. Gory Nail Art

This next nail idea is perfect for horror fans! For this look we have nude coffin nails and each one is adorned with red nail art that looks like blood. Some of the nails also have small silver lines which create a stapled skin look. It is a gory and unique idea. You can find tutorials for drip and blood nails online.

13. Orange and Black Halloween Acrylic Nails

If you like the orange and black color combo, then you need to see this idea. On one hand, all the nails are black and feature 3D roses, gold skulls and rhinestones. While the other hand has nude and orange ombre nails with a spider, web and dots. We love this because you get two amazing sets of nails in one mani. Recreate this or use one set of nails on both hands.

14. Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Mani

Next, we have another Nightmare Before Christmas mani. This time we have different nail art that includes Jack’s face, Sally’s patches, purple color and Spiral Hill. This is a fun, cute and unique nail idea that is a must-have for movie fans! You can hand-paint art like this and there will be tutorials for similar looks online. There are also Nightmare Before Christmas nail stickers available online.

15. Fun Pumpkin Nails

The next mani features another fun pumpkin look. So for this, all of the nails are orange and each one has a black pumpkin face. Some faces are classic while some are unique. This is an easy to create and wear mani that will suit all Halloween events. Recreate this or use one face on all nails. You can even create your own!

Fun Pumpkin Nails for Halloween

Source: @ewuleeek

16. Spooky Ghost Nail Design

Maybe ghosts are more your thing? If so, this mani is perfect for you. Each nail is different and includes nude color, white and black art and one ghost accent nail. It is great combination of trendy and chic but also spooky. We love the ghost art because it is so cute. Try the whole look or put the ghost design on all nails.

17. Trendy Bat Nails

This next nail idea is another one of our favorites because it is trendy but also perfect for Halloween. So, all of the nails except for one have the same design. Most are nude with diagonal black stripes and the accent nail is nude with black bats. The bats look so cool and they are perfect if you want a more vampy look. You can buy bat nail stencils online to help you recreate the design.

18. Black and Orange Halloween Acrylic Nails

Love the pumpkin and drip nail art? Well, this mani combines the two! Most of the nails are bright orange with black drips. There is also one accent nail that is black with glitter pumpkin tips. It is a fun, spooky and unique look. This mani is perfect for Halloween parties. Recreate the pumpkin tips or you can have a larger pumpkin in the center of the nail.

19. Classic Halloween Nail Design

If you love classic Halloween designs, then this is for you. Here we have long coffin nails. Some are black, some have black and orange stripes and the last nail is white with pumpkins. We love this because the stripes and pumpkins look awesome! You can recreate both the pumpkins and stripes with a stencil or you can hand-paint them.

Classic Halloween Nail Design

Source: @allurasaesthetics

20. Red and Pink Spider Nails

The next nail idea is perfect for those who want to join in with the Halloween fun but who don’t want very creepy nails. For this look, the nails are all matte pink. While one nail on each hand has either a red spider or a red web. The color combo makes the otherwise spooky nail art look stylish and pretty. So, it is perfect if you don’t like to be scary.

21. Ombre Orange Stiletto Nails

We love this next nail idea. Here we have long stiletto nails and each one has nude and orange ombre. There are also two accent nails that feature spiders and webs while the other has stripes. The nail art is cute and spooky and the ombre is bold and stylish. This mani ticks all the boxes!

22. Vampy Acrylic Nails

Prefer a more vampy look? If so, you need to check out these nails. The nails are a long coffin shape and all the nails except for one have rich red and black ombre. While the accent nail has a red marble effect. This is a stunning and spooky design and it is perfect for those who have chosen a vampire costume for Halloween!

23. Pumpkin Halloween Acrylic Nails

The last Halloween nail idea is fun and features classic pumpkins. So, all of the nails except for one are vibrant and matte orange. Most of them have pumpkin faces, while the accent nail is covered in orange glitter. This is a must-have for Halloween because it is spooky but a little glam too.

We hope you have found a spooky and stylish Halloween nail design to try!

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