21 Pretty Halo Braid Hairstyles to Try in 2019

Halo braids are a beautiful style that has become a must-have. We love this style because it is so versatile. You can wear one of these braids on a casual day or glam the hairstyle up to suit special occasions like weddings! To give you some hair inspiration, we have found 21 of the prettiest halo braid styles. You will find vibrant hairstyles, accessorized braids and much more. There is a braid to suit everyone!

1. Halo Braid with Unique Braided Design

The first idea we have to show you is this beautiful and unique halo braid hairstyle. For this look the hair is styled into a chunky braid with a braided design in the center. The braids have been described as a flower design and create a stunning finished hairstyle. You can recreate this look or try any braided pattern.

2. Elegant Hairstyle

Next, we have an elegant halo braid. The hair is beautifully braided all the way around the head. It is a neat and stylish hair idea that would look amazing for any occasion. An updo like this one would be a great choice for bridesmaids or for other special events like the prom, too.

Elegant Halo Braid Hairstyle

Source: @michellehair

3. Double Halo Braid on Natural Hair

When creating a halo braid, you can add more than one braid. Just check out this hairstyle. The hair has been braided twice to create a double braid look and the hair is in a cute updo at the back. You can check out a tutorial and the hair used on the page featured below.

4. Pretty Floral Braid Idea

You can glam up your braids with accessories. Here is a gorgeous example. The hair has been braided and small flowers have been added to the hair. A halo braid like this would be an amazing choice for a wedding or for a special event. It is not just flowers that you can add, maybe try pearls or gems.

Pretty Floral Halo Braid Idea

Source: @zin_zin_thaw

5. Chunky Halo Braid with Weave

Our next idea is a chunky halo braid. It is a statement making and stylish look that will suit everyone! You can wear a hairstyle like this for any occasion, it is timeless and will always look fabulous. Check out a tutorial of how to create this braid on London’s Beautii YouTube channel. The stylist used kanekalon X-Pression hair in color #33.

6. Icy, Fishtail Halo Braid

This next braided look features a trendy icy hair color. The braid has the classic halo look but has a modern and stylish twist due to the statement making shade. You can jazz up any hair with a halo braid but we love this look! A hairstyle like this is perfect for anyone who is searching for a bold, new hair idea!

7. Simple Double Braid Look

Next, we have another double braid look. This is a beautiful, simple and stylish hair idea that will suit everyone. It is a versatile version of halo braids as you can wear this hairstyle anywhere from the office to a special occasion. Braids like these would look amazing accessorized too!

Simple and Stylish Halo Braid for Black Hair

Source: @stylezby_bneely

8. French and Fishtail Halo Braids

Another way that you can make your braids unique is by using different braid styles. Here is a gorgeous example. One braid is large, loose and uses the classic three strand and the other braid has a fishtail look. This is a beautiful and unusual style that would be great for the days where you want to look glam. It would be perfect for bridesmaids or prom, too.

9. Vibrant Halo Braid

Our next hair idea is a beautiful example of both a halo braid and an amazing hair color. This chunky braid is stunning and features a variety of vibrant shades. You can try just the braid but why not choose the amazing color, too? Hair like this will wow and make you stand out from the crowd! This look is perfect for the trendsetting ladies who would like a hair transformation.

Vibrant Halo Braid

Source: @liz.colors

10. Accessorized Braids into a Bun

Next, we have another halo braid that features a gorgeous updo at the back. The hair has a chunky braid at the front and is accessorized with a stylish cord. At the back, there is a gorgeous braided updo that creates a beautiful bun look. This braided hairstyle would be amazing for a glam occasion.

11. Chic Double Halo Braid

If you love the double halo braids, then you need to check out this next idea. This is what a double halo braid can look at the back. You can either put the hair into an updo like we have shown on other hairstyles or carry it on like this. As you can see, the two braids look chic and stunning.

12. Bold Braided Style

Looking for a looser and more boho braided hairstyle? Then check out this braid idea. The hair is a beautiful blend of pink, purple and orange, it has been loosely braided into a halo braid. The braid is a lower and more relaxed which gives it a bohemian vibe. You can try just the braid or be daring and try the color as well!

13. Halo Braid with Braids

Earlier we featured a crown braid with a braided design in the center. Here is another great example of this kind of style. The hair has been put into a stylish halo braid with a trendy braided design. We love the braids because the pattern is wavy and the braids are different thicknesses. This braided style would look amazing on anyone.

14. Pretty & Elegant Look

Our next idea is a pretty halo braid updo. The hair has been beautifully braided with loose hair at the front. By leaving some hair loose, you will get an elegant and romantic look. Hair like this would be great for a wedding or for those occasions where you want to look glam.

15. Messy, Boho Halo Braid

Next, we have another halo braid with a boho vibe. This one has loose hair at the front and the braid looks like a fishtail. The fishtail braid is pulled a little loose too, which gives the hairstyle a textured, stylish and relaxed look. This style would be perfect for the summer, vacations, festivals and even weddings.

16. Stunning Accessorized Braid

Here we have another way to accessorize your braids. This halo braid has a beautiful accessory that features pearls, leaves, flowers and glam gold wire. An accessory like this is perfect for special events. Find an accessory like it online or even try and use a necklace. You can place a necklace in the same place and fix it in the hair with bobby pins.

17. Pretty Half Updo Style

You don’t have to wear halo braids with an updo. Maybe try a hairstyle like our next pick. The hair has the classic halo braids but the hair has been left loose. This gives the style a beachy, boho look as the hair is slightly waved. You can wear a hairstyle like this every day or for a special occasion.

18. Vibrant Pink Halo Braid

We have featured halo braids with trendy braided patterns and bright colors. This hairstyle is combo of the two! The braid has vibrant pink hair weaved into it and has a braided pattern in the center. Hair like this is perfect for the trendsetting ladies that are looking for a bold, new hairstyle!

19. Festive Halo Braid

Our next hair idea is festive and fun! This halo braid is styled to look a a Christmas wreath. The braid is very neat and chic and it has holly and berries. This would be a great hairstyle for Christmas day and parties. We love how creative and unique this look is!

Festive Halo Braid Updo

Source: @alexandralee1016

20. Stylish Halo Braid Idea

Next, we have another stylish way to wear this amazing braid style. This one does not have fancy colors or accessories. It is just an simple braid that looks effortlessly beautiful. As the braid is chunky, it does make a statement. It is the perfect hairstyle for the glam ladies.

Halo Braid Style for Black Hair

Source: @posh_syd

21. Accessorized Halo Braid

The last halo braid we would like to share with you is another accessorized look. For this style there is a ribbon weaved into the braid. As you can see, the ribbon makes the braid look unique and stylish. You can add any ribbon to your hair, maybe your favorite color or the must-have shade or pattern of the season.

We hope you love these hairstyles and have found a braid look to try!

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