23 Must-See Havana Twist Hairstyles

Havana twists are one of the hottest hairstyles to try. These twists are like Marley twists but they are not as heavy and they have a different texture which gives the hair more volume. As these twisted hairstyles are lighter and more comfortable, the Havana twists will be perfect for the upcoming summer season. To show you how versatile and stylish the twists can be, we have found 23 of the best Havana twist hairstyles on Instagram. You will find bold colors, updos, simple hairstyles and more!

1. Chic Havana Twist Look

The first hairstyle we have to show you will suit everyone and it is easy to wear. Here we have long Havana twists with a simple side part. These twists are beautiful, chic and and will keep you looking glam for any occasion. Recreate this look or you can try shorter or longer twists.

2. Half Up Bun

Your twists can be styled in different ways and a cool look you could try is a half up bun. These twists are long and are a beautiful burgundy color, then they have been styled into a half up bun. The bun has been placed towards the front of the head. It is a trendy twist hairstyle and it would look amazing for the summer. You can try a similar style to this or you can try shorter braids in any color.

Half Up Bun Style with Havana Twists


3. Long and Chunky Twists

If you love unique and cute hairstyles, this is for you. The hair has been styled into long Havana twists and the front section of the hair has been put into two ponytails while the rest of the twists are loose. These twists also have stylish gold accessories. It is a statement making look and is perfect for the ladies who like to be bold. Try this hairstyle or you can use any hair accessories.

Long and Chunky Twists

Source: @mimithenerd

4. Goddess Twists

Next, we have a super stylish hair idea. For this look, the hair has been styled into chunky twists with curly ends. It is such a pretty look and because the style is simple, it can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. You can read about the hair used for the curly ends and some tips on creating the style on the page below.

Goddess Twist Hairstyle

Source: @chi.nwe.okwu

5. Beautiful Blonde Twists

Bored of your hair and want to try a completely new hairstyle? If so, then consider something like this. Here we have stunning light blonde twists. The blonde shade used is gorgeous and it is perfect for the summer! You can recreate these long braids or you can try shorter ones, you can also try a different blonde shade too. Either way, the blonde twists will look amazing.

6. Accessorized Ponytail

Another trendy hairstyle that you can create with your twists is a ponytail, and here is a gorgeous example! The hair has been beautifully braided at the front while the actual ponytail features chunky Havana twists. It is a stylish ponytail that will suit everyone. This ponytail also has cords and cuffs too. You can recreate this ponytail or try the ponytail without the accessories for a subtler look.

7. Long Havana Twists

Give your hair a glamorous makeover with Havana twists like these! This hairstyle features long and chunky twists. It is a beautiful and easy to wear look. Keep it chic and simple like this or you can jazz up the hair by choosing a cool hair color or hair accessories. No matter how you choose to wear the twists, they will look gorgeous!

Long Havana Twists

Source: @_divacleopatra_

8. Pretty Purple Twists

Thinking about trying a stylish new hair color? If so, consider purple! Purple is such a beautiful and bold color. You can create some amazing hairstyles and here is a gorgeous example. This hair idea features chunky purple Havana twists. It is a statement making hairstyle that will suit everyone. You can check out a YouTube tutorial on how to create the look down below.

9. Jumbo Havana Twist

Our next idea is another hairstyle with accessories. For this look, the hair is styled into jumbo Havana twists. The hair has been finished of with cuffs and cords. This is a trendy hairstyle and it will look amazing on everyone. You can recreate with gold accessories for a glam look or you can try colorful accessories for a bolder hairstyle.

10. Short Havana Twists

If all the long hairstyles are not for you, then why not try something shorter like this? Here we have a beautiful Havana twist style. The twists have a length that is just past the shoulders which gives the hair a long bob look. It is a beautiful and easy to wear hairstyle. A shorter style like this will be perfect for the summer. Recreate this or you can go even shorter too.

Short Havana Twists

Source: @va_slim25

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