25 Mind-Blowing Halloween Makeup Looks

Want Halloween makeup that will wow? Then you need to check out our 25 mind-blowing Halloween makeup looks. You will find makeup that will trick the eye, scare and more. We have a design for everyone from mystical creatures to scary skeletons. Have a look to find your favourite, any of these will be a hit at any Halloween party.

1. Skeleton Queen

Our first pick is Halloween royalty, the crown makes her look like the Queen of the skeletons. The actual skeleton design has an intricate cracked look. We also like how black has been used around the skeletal design as this will trick the eye so she will look like a skeleton in the dark. If you recreate something like this complete your makeup with a royal crown.

Skeleton Queen for Mind-Blowing Halloween Makeup Looks

Source: @artbybmazz

2. Pop Art Mermaid

Next, we have a mermaid makeup design that was created in a pop art style. This is a unique take on mermaid makeup. Instead of scales and sequins the artist has used bright body paint. It is a vibrant and fun Halloween makeup look that is perfect for parties.

Pop Art Mermaid for Mind-Blowing Halloween Makeup Looks

Source: @ellie35x

3. Scary Halloween Makeup

Looking for Halloween makeup looks that will scare everyone? Then this next pick is for you. This artist has used dark makeup around her eyes and it almost looks like her eyes are missing. She has also created a cracked look to. Makeup like this is frightening and is perfect for Halloween.

Scary Halloween Makeup for Mind-Blowing Halloween Makeup Looks

Source: @ellycatt

4. Half Pumpkin Makeup

We couldn’t have a Halloween list without some pumpkin makeup. This makeup shows how to create a scary half and half pumpkin design. We love this makeup style as you can look both creepy and glam. The makeup was created with Mehron Makeup Paradise in Black and Orange. You could use these or colors like it.

Half Pumpkin Makeup for Mind-Blowing Halloween Makeup Looks

Source: @withlove.nadia

5. Melting Skeleton Makeup

If you want unique Halloween makeup looks then our next pick is for you! This makeup artist has created a melting look. It is like her human face is dripping onto the skeleton face. The dripping/melting effect is a creative way to have half and half makeup. There are melting tutorials available online to help you achieve this awesome makeup.

6. Half Dead Rainbow Unicorn

Our next Halloween makeup look is very vibrant and bold. There are so many elements from the unicorn horn to the undead skeleton design to the rainbow colors. You could use this as inspiration and create just the unicorn or add in the undead side to. If you are having trouble with the unicorn horn you could also just wear a unicorn headband.

Half Dead Rainbow Unicorn for Mind-Blowing Halloween Makeup Looks

Source: @artbybmazz

7. Crystal Skull

Bejeweled skeletons are very popular makeup choices this Halloween. This makeup artist has created a unique look by not only adding gems to the design but by also using different colors. The classic skeleton is black and white but she has added in some blue tones. The blue shades make it look creative and different. You could recreate this with any color of your choice.

Crystal Skull for Mind-Blowing Halloween Makeup Looks

Source: @franzi_jel

8. Cyborg Makeup

Body paint can be used to completely transform your look for Halloween. This artist has created an awesome cyborg design. By using paint, she has created the metallic robot look on her face and a similar design on her arm. You can create many illusions with paint so buy some and have a go at creating your own unique look.

9. Battle with Age Makeup

Like the half and half Halloween makeup looks? Then this next pick is for you. This artist has created a beautiful and glamorous look one side and an aged and wrinkled design on the other. It is a unique idea and could be used as inspiration to create a very scary Halloween costume.

10. Melting Makeup

You can create amazing looks using makeup. Illusion makeup like this is an example of how it can be used to transform your face. This artist has created a melting design, it actually looks like her face is melting into her hand. Something like this would take a lot of practice but it will be worth it. This makeup was created with Kryolan Supra Colors and Aqua Colors.

Melting Makeup for Mind-Blowing Halloween Makeup Looks

Source: @mimles

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