23 Cute Multi-Colored Nails to Copy This Summer

The summer is coming, so now it’s time to ditch those neutral and dark nail colors and to swap them for something brighter and colorful! Not only will more vibrant nail colors suit the summer season, but they will also jazz up your nails, add a pop of color to your outfits and the brighter tones will cheer up your mood as well. So, to give you some inspiration, we have found 23 multi-colored nails you should copy this summer. We have something for everyone from ombre to gradients and there are block colors and sparkly rhinestones, too! Take a look and give your nails a trendy, fun and colorful makeover!

1. Multi-Colored Stiletto Nails

The first multi color nail look that we would like to show you are these bright and fun stiletto nails. Each nail is painted in a different color. There are so many shades used from white to pink and blue. Nails like these are great for the summer. The colors used for this mani are Glowstar, Biscuits, Neon Nacho, Bikini Coral, Maliboob Job, Lavis, 95% Angel, Wet and Con Limon.

Multi-Colored Stiletto Nails

Source: @flossgloss

2. Bold Pink Coffin Nail Design

If you love pink, you need to check out this design. Here we have a bold pink mani. For this look, each of the long coffin nails are painted in a different shade of pink ranging from dark to light. It is such a pretty and statement making idea. Not only that, but now you won’t have a struggle choosing which pink shade to wear because you can wear all five of them!

Bold Pink Coffin Nail Design

Source: @nailstory_ca

3. Nude Nails with Rainbow Tips

Next, we have stylish multi colored tips to show you! For this look, the nails are nude and then different bright shades have been added towards the tips to create a fun rainbow look. This is a bold and summery nail idea. Recreate this mani or you can make the tip section smaller for a subtler look.

4. Matte Multi-Colored Nails

The matte nail texture is still one of the must-have looks and here is how to wear it in style. Here we have long coffin nails and each one is painted in a different vivid and matte shade. We love this one because the colors are stunning and bright. You can buy matte nail polishes or you can use glossy ones but with a matte top coat. These top coats can be bought online.

Matte Multi-Colored Nails

Source: @sheadbeauty

5. Colors of the Rainbow

This next nail idea is another bright and fun one! For this look, each nail is painted in a rainbow color. There are ten different shades from pink to neon yellow. If you love vivid and bold colors, then this mani is for you. This design will look amazing on any nail length and shape.

Colors of the Rainbow

Source: @itscaseyjoe

6. Short and Vibrant Nails

If you love to have short nails, you need to check out this nail idea. Here we have a short version of multi-colored nails. Two pink shades have been used on both hands but all the other nails are different. We really love that pop of yellow! This is a fun and easy to wear nail design. Of course, you can try it on longer nails too.

Short and Vibrant Multi-Colored Nails

Source: @nail_sunny

7. Multi-Colored Pastel Nails

Love pastel colors? If so, check this out. Here we have long nails and each one is painted in a bright pastel shade. This is such a pretty nail idea and as they are pastel tones, the bold colors are a little softer too. A design like this is great for the spring and summer. For the spring season you could even add some Easter nail art.

Multi-Colored Pastel Nails

Source: @victoriaoliviaxo

8. Vibrant Coffin Nails

Next, we have pretty and vibrant coffin nails. These nails are long and feature five different nail designs. Most of the nails are painted one color but one nail on each hand has a gradient too. This mani is complete with sparkling rhinestones. If you want to try the gradient yourself, there are tutorials online.

Vibrant Coffin Nails

Source: @mjnailz

9. Colorful Gradient Nails

The next nail idea features another gradient. This time the nails start orange and the blend to pink then purple, blue and finally to green. The beautiful color change creates a rainbow design. This is a fun and unique way to wear so many different colors. There are easy to follow gradient tutorials online so you can try recreating a similar look yourself.

10. Pastel Ombre Nails with Rhinestones

Next, we have another pastel look to show you. The design features pastel ombre. So, the nails start nude and then blend to a beautiful pastel color. Five different shades have been used and rhinestones have been used to complete the look. This is a sparkly and pretty design that will look amazing on anyone. Recreate the whole look or use one pastel color on all nails.

11. Bright Shades of Pink

Earlier we featured a bold pink mani. If you loved that idea, then check this one out too. Here we have shorter nails that have been painted in bright and vivid shades of pink. There is also a neon yellow nail which adds a fun pop of color. We love this mani because it uses the must-have neon shades. This design will be perfect for the summer, festivals and vacations.

12. Rainbow Nails

The next nail idea features another fun, rainbow look! Each nail has a bold gradient that uses different colors which creates a rainbow effect. It is such a statement making design and it will make your nails stand out in style. We think this colorful nail art will look amazing on longer stiletto nails as well. That will really wow.

13. Bold Nails with Rhinestones

Love ombre nails? If so, check out this mani. Here we have super long coffin nails and each one is nude with brightly colored ombre. Different colors have been used for the ombre from yellow to green. Each nail is also decorated with rhinestones. It is a stunning nail idea and the colors look amazing. Recreate this or use five bright colors of your choice.

14. Simple Multi-Colored Nails

This next nail idea is one of our favorites! The mani features cute coffin nails and each one is painted in a bright and vivid rainbow color. So many colors have been used from white to green. What we really love is this bright block colors. This is a fun mani and it is perfect for those who like to make a statement. Similar colors will suit any nail shape and length.

15. Purple and Pink Nail Design

We love this next nail idea! For this look, the nails on one hand are painted pink and on the other hand are painted purple. Stunning rhinestones have been used on some nails too. The combo of pink and purple is just gorgeous and both shades compliment each other beautifully. This is perfect for those who can’t decide whether to have purple or pink nails.

16. Vibrant Ombre Nails

Next, we have more vibrant ombre to show you. This time the nails are nude and then change into a soft and bright shade that is different on each nail. What we love about this one is that the nude section is smaller than it is one some of the others. So, you still get that ombre look but more of a pop of color.

Vibrant Ombre Colorful Nails

Source: @zack_pn

17. Short Neon Nail Idea

Love the neon nail colors? If so, you need to see this next idea. The nails here are short and most of them are painted in a different neon color. These colors include yellow, orange and pink. It is a pretty and fun color combo. This mani is perfect for the summer because the neon colors have a tropical look. Recreate this or use five other neon colors.

18. Glam Colorful Nails

The next nail idea is so glam and colorful. These nails all have a different design from ombre to block color and each one is adorned with rhinestones. The colors are soft and light but make a statement and the rhinestones really wow. This mani is perfect for those who love color, like wearing fun designs and for those who like plenty of bling.

19. Pretty Heart Nail Art

If you love cute and pretty nails, then you need to see these! Here we have coffin nails that feature bright and colorful art. Not only that, but they have super sweet hearts too! The heart art is adorable and it reminds us of those candy hearts with messages. To create a similar look you can buy heart stencils or hand-paint the hearts with a thin brush.

Cute Matte Heart Nail Design

Source: @onyxfiles

20. Fruit Nail Art Design

This next mani is another one of our favorites! The nails are long and coffin shaped. Each one has a different design including ombre, glitter and there is even a nail that is decorated with cute fruit too! This fun and fruity mani has a bright and tropical look which is perfect for the summer. Recreate this or you can try using any fruit designs. You can buy small 3-D fruits like these for your nails online.

21. Soft and Subtle Ombre Nails

If you like bright colors but don’t want nails that are too bold or over the top, then this design could be for you. Here we have nude nails with a pastel ombre design. Even though the nails are all different colors they are still low-key because of the soft and subtle shades. This is a very pretty and chic mani that will suit everyone.

22. Bright and Zesty Nails

The next nail idea is bright and gorgeous. These nails are long and each one is painted in a zesty color such as orange. There is also a brown nail which looks so trendy with the bolder colors. It is a fun nail idea and it is perfect for those who want to try other vibrant colors other than classics like pink and purple. These nails would look super cute with orange slices on them like the fruit mani from earlier.

Bright and Zesty Nails

Source: @flossgloss

23. Matte Pink Mani with Gold Rhinestones

Last on our list of colorful nails is this super glam mani. Here we have long coffin nails and each one is painted in different matte shade. The colors are all beautiful and range from a peachy tone to pink and then finally to red. Each nail is also adorned with gold rhinestones! We love this and you can buy gold rhinestones like these online.

Matte Neon Nails with Gold Rhinestones

Source: @kleidys_nails

We hope you love these colorful nails and have found a design to try!

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