27 Pretty Nail Art Designs for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s day, you need pretty nail art designs for Valentine’s Day to perfect your outfit. On a day where everything you do is said to be for your significant other, your nails are a vital part of a masterpiece – your V-Day outfit.

Whether you’re loving someone else this year, or just showing some love to yourself, we think the pretty nail art designs for Valentine’s Day are top-drawer, and we can’t wait to hear which ones are your favourites!

Valentines Day Nails

1. Baby Pink Nails with a Pop of Glitter

We don’t really know why the heart is a symbol of love, or where it came from, but it’s believed to have come from around the Middle Ages. It wasn’t until the sixteenth century that we started to use it as we do now. And we think hearts are perfect for pretty nail art designs for Valentine’s Day.

Cute Pink and White Hearts Valentine's Day Nails

Source: @judyrox

2. Red, Pink & Gold Hearts

St. Valentine’s Day was officially marked as St. Valentine’s Day in 1537 by King Henry VII. We bet he didn’t have pretty nail art designs for Valentine’s Day to celebrate the occasion though!

3. Red & Gold Design

Nail polish was first thought to have originated in around 3,000BC in China. Back then, vegetable dyes were mixed with other things such as gelatin, eggs whites, and beeswax, and the brighter the shade meant the higher the class of person. Red nails were the hardest to achieve, and that’s what made them popular. They’re literally a sign of high society.

4. Simple but Eye-Catching

These nails are cute, simple and eye-catching, just what you’d want from your pretty nail art designs for Valentine’s Day. If you have a steady hand, you could easily recreate those black hearts, but you could also ways transfers or decals to cheat. We love to do that when we don’t have time!

5. French Tip + Accent Nail

And this is another classic example of how easy those cute little red love hearts are added into your pretty nail art designs for Valentine’s Day, your regular nails are added to. If you regularly wear white tips, wear them again, just add these cute little red bursts of love to V-Day it up.

French Tip and Hearts Nail Design for Valentine's

Source: @judyrox

6. Sparkly Matte Pink Design

You might think that you know everything there is to know about Valentine’s Day by now, but did you also know that it was V-Day that Alexander Graham Bell applied for the patent for the humble telephone? That was back in 1876, and I bet he never could have envisaged mobile phones back then. Or these pretty nail art designs for Valentine’s Day, for that matter.

7. White & Gold Valentine’s Day Nails

Embellishments are a great way to prove whatever point you’re trying to make with your nails, and using love heart embellishments is the easiest way to show some love, both to and with your talons. You could add these cute hearts to anything underneath, and it just takes a moment.

White and Gold Valentine's Day Nails

Source: @melcisme

8. Cute Ombre Design

Ombre designs are very easy to do once you’ve learned how to use a makeup sponge and your nail polish to blend it all together. We love the way that the ombre shading has been used as a backdrop to these pretty nail art designs for Valentine’s Day, and that hand-written love just completes the look quite nicely.

9. Silver Hearts

Men spend twice as much as women do around Valentine’s Day, apparently, and the average amount spent by our fella’s on the big day is between $120-$150. If you ask us, that’s not enough, but these pretty nail art designs for Valentine’s Day make up for it … just.

Red and Silver Hearts Nail Design for Valentine's

Source: @kimbernails

10. White & Silver Design with Rhinestones

Although men may spend more than women on Valentine’s Day gifts, women buy more V-Day cards than men do. In fact, more men have a tendency to forget, with only 15% of men reportedly buying their loved one a card. It’s a good job we’ve got hearts on our nails, right girls?

White and Silver Hearts Nail Art Design for Valentine's Day

Source: @lemoney2

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