23 Best Pastel Pink Hair Colors Right Now

Now the spring is here and summer is not far away it is a good time to have a change of hairstyle. One of the must-have hair colors is pastel pink! Pastel pink is a fun and light color that will brighten up your look so it is perfect for the warmer seasons. Some of you will love the idea and some will think it is too bold and that it will be a dramatic change. But, we are here to say that there is a pastel pink style to suit everyone whether you want to be statement making or subtle. So, take a look at 23 different ways to wear pastel pink hair. We have low-key colors and different pastel combinations.

1. Cotton Candy Pink

First up, we have this cute cotton candy pink hair. So, the hair is very light pink at the root and then blends into a brighter pastel shade. This is a fun hair idea and the color change is so pretty. You can recreate this or you could have light blonde hair at the root which then changes to the cotton candy pink.

2. Gorgeous Pink Hair

If you want a bolder pink hairstyle, then this is for you. Here we have shorter hair that is pink and then it changes to a pastel purple. The pastel pink and purple compliment each other beautifully. It is a bright and statement making look that will be perfect for the summer. Try this cut and color or try the color blend on any hairstyle.

Gorgeous Pink Hair

Source: @thehairygodmotherr

3. Trendy Bob Idea

Next, we have a trendy bob to show you. For this look, the hair is dark at the root while the rest of the hair is a pretty light pink shade. The pink color looks so cute with the bob and it really jazzes up the classic cut. Recreate this style or you can use any shade of pink on a bob. You could even try a long bob if this is too short for you.

4. Rosy Pastel Pink

As with any other color, there are different shades of pink and this next one has a softer rosy hue. It doesn’t have that sweet cotton candy look but more of a rose gold tone. The color is stunning and it is just a different way to wear the pastel color trend. A similar shade will compliment blonde hair beautifully. We also love the intricate style!

Rosy Pastel Pink Color Idea

Source: @artistic.aestheticss

5. Black and Pink Hair

The next color and style is one of our favorites. For this look, the hair is mid length. At the root the hair is black and then it changes into a bright and bold pastel pink. We love the black and pink color combo, it is so trendy and it gives the pink and edge. The style is super cute and this braid type are called Scissor Braids.

6. Pastel Pink Ombre

If you only want to add a hint of pink to your hair or you want to have pink hair without the commitment of whole head color, this is for you. Here we have light brown hair with pastel pink ombre. As you can see, the ombre color gives the pink a softer and more subtle look. This is great if you want to try a daring new color that will easily grow out. Pink ombre will suit all root colors.

7. Soft Pink Long Bob Hairstyle

Next, we have a simple and stylish look. This time the hair is mid length and it is all colored in a soft and pretty pink shade. We love the color, cut and style. It is the perfect look for the spring and summer. Try and create the textured beachy waves, there will be tutorials online but a salt spray is an easy way to do it.

Soft Pink Long Bob Hairstyle 

Source: @maggiemh

8. Long Light Pink Hair with Dark Tips

Love pink? If so, this hairstyle is for you. Here we have long and sleek hair. The hair is a pastel tone and then towards the tips it changes to a darker pink. It is such a fun look and the two shades of pink look amazing together. Try a similar combo or switch the shades around. So, the dark pink is on the root with pastel pink on the tips.

Long Light Pink Hair with Dark Tips

Source: @maggiemh

9. Pastel Pink, Purple and Blue

Light pink also suits other pastel tones, so you can even add more than one to your hair. You could create something like this. This hairstyle features a blend of pastel pink, purple and blue. It is such a stunning combo and it really makes a statement. The hair has a magical unicorn look and the cut, color and style will look amazing on everyone.

Pastel Pink, Purple and Blue

Source: @chitabeseau

10. Pretty Pink Hair

The next hair idea is so pretty! For this look, the hair is dark pink at the root and then it changes into a light pastel pink. It is a fun and gorgeous hair idea and it looks amazing with the pink accessories. Recreate this look or the color combo will look so summery and trendy with a bob cut.

Pretty Pink Hair

Source: @maggiemh

11. Purple and Pink Hair

Next, we have another pink and purple idea to show you. For this look, the hair has a bolder purple color at the root. Then the hair changes to pastel pink and then to a very light purple towards the tips. We love this color blend and it is perfect for the ladies who like to make a statement.

Purple and Pink Hair

Source: @nealmhair

12. Long Blonde Hair with Pink Tips

Love the ombre color ideas? Then take a look at this! The hair is a platinum blonde at the root to midway. Then towards the tips, the color changes to pastel pink. The blonde and pink look is so cute and pretty. Recreate the color and style or try the look on sleek hair. You can choose a brighter pastel pink too.

13. Pale and Subtle Pink

Even though pink is bold color it can still be quite subtle too. Here is a great example. The hair is pastel pink at the root and then it gets lighter about midway. This is a more low-key way to wear pink and it will suit everyone. You can also try this shade as ombre color so the color is even subtler and it will easily grow out too.

14. Edgy Pastel Pink Hairstyle

This next hair idea is another one of our favorites! For this look, the hair is pastel pink and it looks so edgy! The hair is styled to the side. One side features accessorized braids and the other is left loose with lots of volume. This is a trendy and unique way to wear pink. It takes the cute pastel shade from sweet to fierce.

Edgy Pastel Pink Hairstyle

Source: @maggiemh

15. Pastel Pink and Blue with Blonde

Next, we have another multi tone look. The hair starts blonde and then changes to bright pink and blue pastel tones. This is another easy to wear look as the colors will grow out easily. Hair like this is great for those who want to try a pastel color combo in a subtler way. Recreate this or try adding other colors such as pastel purple.

Pastel Pink and Blue with Blonde

Source: @chitabeseau

16. Pale Pink Bob

Love the bob cuts? If so, check out this hair idea. The hair is cut into a short and blunt bob. All of the hair has been colored a bright pastel pink. We love the cut and color as they look so trendy and statement making together. Hair like this is perfect for the summer and it will make you stand out from the crowd in style.

17. Light Pink Long Bob

Give your hair a trendy makeover with a cut and color like this. For this look, the hair is dark at the root and it has a black and purple tone. Then the hair changes to a pastel pink towards the tips. The colors are gorgeous and the cut is so stylish and easy to wear. As this pastel pink look is darker, it is perfect for the fall and winter seasons.

Light Pink Long Bob Hairstyle

Source: @chitabeseau

18. Light Pink Color Idea

The next hair idea is quite subtle. As you can see, the hair is long and wavy. All of the hair is colored in a light pink. Even though the hair is pink, it is soft so it almost looks blonde. So, you get the pink look without the hair being too over the top. It is a stunning look and we love this one!

19. Rosy Hair

Next, we have another rosy look. This time the hair is long and the hair is a dark and rich pink at the top. About midway, the hair then changes to a lighter pastel pink. The color combo is gorgeous and it perfectly brings two shades of pink together. Pastel pink color like this can be used on any cut and style.

Rosy Hair Color Idea

Source: @thehairygodmotherr

20. Pastel Pink and Peach

Another color that looks amazing with pink is peach. Don’t just take our word for it, check this out. Here we have long hair and it is a mix of pastel pink and peachy orange. It is a fun and bold hair idea that is perfect for the summer. Recreate this look or you can try a brighter and more statement making shade of orange.

21. Glam Pastel Pink Hair

Give your hair a glam makeover with a cut, color and style like this! For this look, the hair is long and dark at the root while the rest of the hair is a mix of light and pastel pink shades. This is a stunning hairstyle and the loose curls look beautiful. It is a gorgeous hair idea and this is another one of our favorite styles.

22. Light Blue and Light Pink Bob

If you want to make a statement with your hair, then this is perfect for you. The hair is pastel blue and about midway it changes to pastel pink. We love this because the blue is so bold and the pink makes it look cute and pretty. The cut and color is great for the spring and summer. Recreate the blue look or it would look amazing with purple too.

Light Blue and Light Pink Bob

Source: @chitabeseau

23. Pastel Pink and Purple Hair

The last hair idea is just stunning. Here we have longer hair. From the root to about midway, the hair is a beautiful purple shade while the rest of the hair is pastel pink. It is a stunning look and the purple and pink are gorgeous together. Recreate the cut and style or this color combo will look amazing with a bob too.

We hope you have found a pretty pastel pink hairstyle to try!

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