23 Must-Try Rose Gold Nail Art Designs

If you are bored of your nails and want to try something new, this is the place to be! We have found 23 must-try rose gold nail ideas that you need to see. Rose gold has become one of the hottest colors in fashion and beauty, it looks stunning on nails too. In our top picks, you will find chrome nails, elegant designs with gems, trendy patterns and more. There are rose gold nails to suit everyone’s taste.

1. Elegant Rose Gold Nails

We are going to start off with this rose nail idea. The nails are rose gold and feature a stunning rose pattern. These nails are just beautiful and were created with the Nicole Diary ND014 stamping plate with Models Own Chrome Rose nail polish. This is such a pretty, rosy and romantic idea. It would look gorgeous for special occasions like weddings or date night.

Elegant Rose Gold NailsĀ 

Source: @nailsbynemo

2. Rose Gold Glitter Nails

Gems and crystals can really jazz up your nails. Just take a look at these! Here we have rose gold glitter nails with two accent nails. The accent nails are light pink with magical opal gems. Opal gems like these will glam up your look and similar gems can be bought online for a low price. You can create stunning nails like these with any rose gold polish and beautiful gemstones.

Rose Gold Glitter Nails

Source: @superflynails

3. Black and Rose Gold Nails

The next idea we want to show you are these gorgeous black and rose gold nails. These nails are half clear polish and half black polish. There is also a sweep of rose gold color which was created with a dry brush stroke. This technique is easy to do. Just wipe most of the color off the brush on the side of the bottle, then paint a stroke. The minimal color will create a dry brush design. You can use this for any nail colors.

4. Light Pink and Glitter Coffin Nails

Rose gold looks very elegant especially when paired with light colors. Here we have a beautiful example. The nails are a soft and pretty pink with two rose gold glitter accent nails. Pink works beautifully with the rosy tones. A design like this will suit all nail lengths and shapes.

Light Pink and Glitter Coffin Nails

Source: @joannasnails

5. Rose Gold Gel Nails

We love patterned nail art especially intricate designs like these! For this look some of the nails have a triangle pattern, stylish lines and glitter art. There are also embellishments like gems and gold stones. This a very creative and unique design that makes a statement. You can recreate the whole look or try just the triangles or just the lines. Either way, you will have a trendy manicure.

6. Rose Gold Stiletto Nails

Our next idea is pretty and colorful. The stiletto shape nails feature a few colors including a dark burgundy, rose gold and light pink. This color combination is beautiful. Dark purple tones like the burgundy are great for the fall and winter. Recreate the whole look or maybe try just one of the colors with rose gold.

7. Metallic Rose Gold Nails

Next, we have a trendy nail idea to share with you. The nails are long with a gorgeous rose gold chrome. Rose gold chrome looks very stylish and the metallic look is great on all nail lengths and shapes. You can have all chrome like this or add it as an accent nail with your favorite colors.

Metallic Rose Gold Nails

Source: @nailsbymztina

8. Matte Coffin Nails with Rose Gold Glitter

If you are looking for a statement making manicure, these nails are for you! The nails are long with a light pink color. There is also a rose gold glitter accent nail and a nail with sparkling gems. The glitter and gems is a stunning combination, you can use gems to create any nail design you like.

9. Rose Gold Almond Nails

You don’t have to go all out with rose gold. Maybe try adding hints of it with a nail design like this. The nails are two shades of grey with a sweep of shimmering rose gold. We love this look because all three colors create a funky design at the tip. This is perfect for the ladies who want creative nails that are chic but not too bold.

10. Elegant Rose Gold Nail Idea

Next, we have an elegant rose gold nail idea! The nails are a very light pink with sparkling gems and sweeps of rose gold glitter. On some nails, the glitter starts at the bottom of the nail and on others it starts as the top. Using different patterns like this makes the nails look unique. There is a glitter accent nail too. Nails like these will wow for any occasion.

11. Nude and Rose Gold Nails

Our next idea is elegant and glam. The nails are a nude shade with with rose gold glitter tips. This design looks stylish because the glitter tip is a diagonal line instead of going along the top. So, it is perfect for the trendy ladies. However, if you prefer more classic nails you can have a glitter tip that goes all the way along.

12. White and Rose Gold Nails

When creating nail art, you should definitely think about using nail stencils if you don’t already. Here have a stylish idea to get you inspired. These nails are white with rose gold tips that go all the way long. There is also a trendy geometric rose gold accent nail. You can create this look with a honeycomb stencil. It would look amazing with any nail colors.

White and Rose Gold Nails

Source: @nailsbynemo

13. Pretty Matte Pink Nails with Rose Gold Glitters

Next, we have a pretty pink nail idea. The nails are light pink with two accent nails. One accent nail is glittery rose gold and the other has an elegant pink, white and rose gold design. This is a beautiful nail idea and it shows how gorgeous patterns can look on shorter nails too!

14. Rose Gold Chrome Nails

Love chrome nails? Then this design is for you! These nails feature rose gold chrome, glitter and a nude nail with rose gold glitter. This is a stylish nail idea that will glam up your look. Nails like these would be perfect for a night out, date night and for the holiday season.

15. Black and Rose Gold Nails

Speaking of the holiday season, our next rose gold nails would be great for New Year’s Eve! Here we have very glamorous black and gold nails. Each nail has a different design some of which include stripes, triangles and glitter. You can have a go at recreating the whole look or try a couple or one of the styles you like.

16. Rose Gold Glitter Ombre

Looking for colorful nails? Then these are for you. Here we have a design where each nail has been painted in a different color. The range of shades is dark to light. Each nail is finished off with rose gold glitter. This look was created with Floss Gloss nail polishes including “Pink Nugget” which is the glittery rose gold. You can use any color combo for your own version of this.

17. Rose Gold Chrome and Peachy Nails

Be bold in pink with a manicure like this one! Most of the nails are a light and bright pink with one rose gold accent nail. On the pink nails there is also different gold designs as well as iridescent shards. This is a stylish and fun nail idea that will add a splash of color to your look.

18. Rose Gold Nails with a Creative Design

Next, we have a trendy and creative idea to share with you. The manicure features one nail that is a dark grey shade, another is rose gold glitter and the rest have a funky black and multicolor design. We love this look because it reminds us of butterflies with all the pretty colors and black pattern. Nails like this are perfect for the ladies who like to be unique.

19. Rose Gold and Burgundy Nails

Love the burgundy nail ideas? Then here is another beautiful way to wear the gorgeous color. These nails feature dark, glossy burgundy with two shimmery rose gold accent nails. The two colors compliment each other perfectly. A design like this is simple and stylish. It will suit all nail lengths and shapes.

Rose Gold and Burgundy Nails

Source: @joannasnails

20. Trendy Rose Gold Nails

Our next idea is trendy way to wear rose gold! The nails feature rose gold chrome with two accent nails. The accent nails are a nude color with a white pattern and rose gold glitter. We love these nails because they are glam and super stylish. Recreate these patterns or create your own.

21. Glittery Rose Gold Nails

If you love unique nails, then you have to check these out. Here we have nails that are half rose gold glitter and half clear. The back of each nail has been painted in a beautiful dark red. Painting the back of your nails is a cool and stylish idea. Recreate the red look or try a different trendy color like black.

22. Simple, Metallic Rose Gold Nails

Next, we have a simple and chic nail idea. These nails are painted in one color. That color is a stunning metallic rose gold that you can buy from UR Sugar. This manicure is easy to recreate but it will look elegant and beautiful. One color like this will suit all nail lengths and shapes and can be worn for any occasion.

Simple, Metallic Rose Gold Nails

Source: @ana0m

23. Sparkly, Rose Gold Glitter Nails

Last on our list are these sparkly rose gold nails. The long nails start clear and gradually get more glittery towards the top. This is a stunning rose gold nail idea. It is perfect for the ladies who like their nails to make a statement. A glittery design like this will look amazing for parties and the holiday season!

Sparkly, Rose Gold Glitter Nails

Source: @nailsbyeffi

We hope you have found some beautiful nail ideas to try!

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