31 Best Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles

If you have long hair and are thinking of getting the chop, read our article to get a few ideas of what styles will suit you. Everyone needs some inspiration when it comes to change. After seeing these gorgeous shoulder length bob hairstyles, you’ll be running to the hairdressers!

The classic shoulder bob has been trending for a few years and it seems to be as strong as ever. It’s not going out of fashion just yet, we think there’s more years to come, especially when celebrities are opting for this style. When people tend to think of the bob, they picture a boring style that is limp and has no style whatsoever but nowadays; the bob comes in all different shapes and tones.

We understand completely that your hair is important to you and from that initial jump, long to shorter hair; it is a big deal so you need to choose your haircut wisely. There’s no point in growing your hair for this long to have a rubbish haircut. You want to feel amazing when you walk out the hairdressers. The shoulder bob looks good all year round and looks amazing with any outfit, so if you have set your heart on joining the shoulder bob club, you’ve made a good and trending decision!

We’ve chosen 31 best shoulder length bob hairstyles for you to envy over. Whether you’re looking for a textured, layered, grey, copper, balayage, highlighted, messy, or an ombre style bob, we have them all.

1. Bob Haircut + Blonde Balayage Highlights

Shoulder Length Bob Haircut with Blonde Balayage Highlights

Source: @alenm

Many people are yet to hear of the balayage hair trend, a French technique that is currently gaining popularity all around the world. It was established back in 1970’s and people are now beginning to like it. It consists of soft highlights and the dye is applied differently to the standard highlighting method. Your hairdresser will work on their instinct and dye the sections they think will look good, so be sure to go to your trusted hairdresser! With this hairstyle, you need not worry about maintaining your highlights so often and it’s a cheaper way to look good! Perfect if you’re looking for a natural looking style.

2. Messy & Textured Bob Style

Everyone knows that messy hair is the biggest thing right now and if you don’t know, where have you been? We think the messier the better so scrunch your hair with your hands to create that messy, textured shoulder bob. The best tip to maintain a good-looking messy haircut is to ensure you take care of your hair by conditioning and adding a hair treatment occasionally. If you do suffer from dry hair, you can still go for this style but look after your hair and it will look amazing. Nobody wants to see a dry looking messy hairstyle!

3. Blonde Ombre Bob

Blonde Ombre Shoulder Length Bob Haircut

Source: @ellevangestel

The ombre look is still going strong. The word ombre is French, which means different colours that blend into each other, from light to dark. The roots tend to be darker and from halfway down, the lighter will take effect. A shoulder length bob with blonde ombre hair looks stunning. Again, any hairstyle not dyed from the root will save you money!

4. Bob Cut for Thick Hair

Do you have thick hair? If you think shoulder length hair looks best with thinner hair, think again! The classic shoulder length bob looks amazing with all hair types. It’s easy to maintain and manageable so you don’t have to stress about it. With having thicker hair, it will sit so graciously and it will always have the added volume.

5. Balayage Ombre Bob

If you’re undecided about ombre or balayage, you can always opt for both. It may sound strange but it’s called the balayage ombre bob. It’s soft and beautiful. If you feel confident with your hairdresser, you can always ask for more balayage highlights as they apply by hand. You can set the level of how strong you would like this look so the power is all yours!

6. Layered Bob Cut + Blonde Balayage Highlights

Shoulder Length Bob Haircut with Blonde Balayage Highlights

Source: @riawna

If you’ve looked at the above bobs and are still not feeling the short chop but love the balayage look, we would suggest you have the layered bob but with blonde balayage highlights. This is a slightly longer bob and when you have gotten used to this length, maybe you’ll go shorter at a later date. You will still look fashionable and chic for this haircut and colour. A layered bob with blonde balayage highlights will make you feel confident and sexy.

7. Straight, Blunt Bob

Straight Blunt Shoulder Length Bob Haircut

Source: @desthydee

This is the perfect super sleek should bob. If you’re looking for a total change, go for a straight blunt cut that will definitely get people’s attention. Hairdressers love to cut a blunt haircut. They have to be acute and straight. Having a blunt cut will make your hair look healthier and thicker. If you do get bored after a few months or so, you can curl it for a softer look. It’s a very catwalk ready style so strut your stuff girl!

8. Burnt Orange Ombre

Dark roots look great with ombre hair. Ombre doesn’t have to be blonde tones, they can be any colour you wish. Burnt orange shade will show off your style and edgy look. It suits all types of hair and has a lively vibe. Going for the orange shade, will soften and warm your skin tone.

9. Caramel Bob Haircut with Layers

Are you a fan of the caramel subtle shade of blonde and love layers? Then this is the style for you. It’s very feminine and girly. This is a longer version of the classic bob, which looks super fashionable. If your hair is feeling limp and needs a boost, add layers. They will immediately lift you locks and you will feel fresh and transformed.

10. Ash Blonde Bob

Many people are choosing to go for ash blonde. We don’t blame them, it stands out and looks fabulous. Team ash blonde with a shoulder length bob cut for a super trendy look! Be diverse by leaving the ash colour to grow out. Many people prefer the grown out look with the root showing, so don’t be rushing to book another hair appointment just yet. Let it grow.

11. Choppy Bob

Move over classic bob, the choppy bob is heading for gold. This newly popular bob has restyled the classic bob but added a modern twist. Choppy ends, conflicting textiles and lines make this a stylish bob. With the choppy ends comes a raw look. The textured lines will lift and volumise your hair creating a versatile look.

12. Copper Bob Style

This awesome copper bob will give off a warm glow and instantly stands out. It’s full of life, vibrant as well as being chic. The copper shades include tones such as soft auburn, ginger and orange. When the light catches these shades, they are breathtaking. If you’re undecided on the copper tone you’d like, ask your hairdresser what would suit you. Make sure the colour is a rich and not cheap looking.

13. Wavy Bronde Bob Haircut

Wavy Bronde Bob Haircut Idea

Source: @shinehair_

Unsure of what bronde is? It’s the new term for something in between brown and blonde hair. Who would have thought someone would invent a word describing this. It’s the new fashion in the hair world for 2016. The best tip for this style is to keep a natural base colour showing in between. Add a wave to finish the look.

14. Curly Bob

Curly Shoulder Length Bob Haircut

Source: @ash_kholm

Naturally, curly hair looks stunning as a bob. It shows healthy, bouncy and lively hair so don’t tame your curls, let them live! Remember that if you were to straighten your hair, it will be a lot longer than your curly bob. You could always switch between the two styles.

15. Ice Blonde Bob with Face-Framing Layers

Ice Blonde Bob Haircut with Layers

Source: @riawna

Are you bored with the soft natural looking blonde tones? Try ice blonde. It’s a lighter shade of blonde and looks incredible with face-framing layers. You could almost say it’s verging on the grey side.

16. Silver Gray Ombre Bob

Silver gray tones have completely gripped the international hair world. It’s not unusual to see someone with either gray or silver hair colour on the High Street or walking down the catwalk. Are you feeling the silver gray vibe? Go for this ombre style to show off your style and character.

17. Choppy Layered Blonde Bob Haircut

Often, people wait until they see their dream haircut before they take the plunge. This could be the one for you. If you love layers and the choppy look, go for this haircut. It’s an assortment of all the best things you could think off – choppy layers, highlights and a long bob! It looks elegant and sophisticated.

18. Messy, Auburn and Orange Bob

Messy Auburn and Orange Mid Bob Haircut


Infuse your inner and outer glow with this messy, auburn and orange bob. To achieve this fiery shade, make sure you choose a blend of auburn and light orange tones. Let your creative side show and go for this haircut and style.

19. Caramel Balayage Bob

This soft and delicate caramel balayage bob looks classy and dashing. Still keeping the fashionista side with the balayage, this classic shoulder length bob looks perfect and smooth. You can either go for a sleek look or you can mess it up a little, like a rock chick.

20. Classy & Elegant Bob Cut

Keep it simple with a classy and elegant bob cut. This is the classic shape bob, that all the other trending bobs are based on, so go for the original while everyone chooses the other styles.

21. Straight, Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Straight Asymmetrical Shoulder Length Bob Haircut

Source: @pammacb

One of the latest haircuts to try is the asymmetrical shoulder bob haircut, which is both fashionable and hot. The straight, asymmetrical bob cut will conquer the hearts of everyone you meet. The cut is blunt on either side but one side is slightly longer to show off the asymmetrical bob.

22. Gold and Caramel Ombre Bob

Gold and Caramel Blunt Bob Haircut

Source: @maeipaint

Gold and caramel tones look amazing together, right? This is a delicious combination, which sets a warm and tender style. Having a dark brown base with caramel highlights sets a flattering and timid tone, compared to blonder shades. This is not as bold as the other hairstyles, but we still love it!

23. Curly Bob Haircut with Balayage Highlights

Curls and balayage highlights are like two peas in a pod. They complement one another. It’s incredible to see the balance between them. This curly, shoulder bob hairstyle will show your girly and sexy side so go for it!

24. Perfect Style for Brunettes

If you’re a brunette or are thinking of dyeing your hair a darker shade, look how good this looks. It will definitely sway you towards having it done and maybe even sooner than you were planning! It’s such a cool haircut for brunettes and one of the best looks for 2016. Get rid of the last season haircut and show off your super cool side. Go on, book your appointment now.

25. Blonde Bob with Soft Waves

Wavy Blonde Shoulder Length Bob Haircut

Source: @maeipaint

We love the blonde bob with soft waves. This is simple yet stunning style. It looks so glamorous all day long, causal or going out. This effortless style will get heads turning wherever you go.

26. Silver Gray, Choppy Bob

This haircut and colour is flawless. We know that shoulder bobs are trending but also the colour gray is too, so adding them together will create a gorgeous combo! It’s longer than the classic bob but has a unique vibe which you can’t ignore. This is bursting with coolness and style. The silver, gray colours really do set the haircut off and it will definitely stand out.

27. Bob Cut with Caramel Highlights

A classic style with classic highlights. You can’t go wrong with a bob and caramel highlights. Maybe you’ve found that blonde is too harsh for your skin tone, so maybe caramel will suit you better. This has been popular for many years now and we guess it will stick around for many more!

28. Sombre Blunt Bob

Sombre Blunt Shoulder Length Bob Haircut

Source: @cutting_edge_hair_room

If you’re having a blunt bob, you may not want to go crazy with your colour. We suggest you go for a sombre or ombre bob. Sombre is similar to ombre hair but sombre use softer tones. Opt for it if you want to add depth and dimension to your blunt bob haircut.

29. Wavy Blonde Style

When a shoulder length bob grows out, it looks fab! Just like this. Enhance your hair with a few natural looking waves for the summery look. No need to curl from the roots, half-way down your hair looks the best. Bear in mind when waving your hair, it will take the length of your locks up a little which creates more volume too.

30. Brunette Textured Bob

Don’t worry if you’re not feeling a dramatic change. You don’t always have to go bold and vibrant to shine. This is a gorgeous, subtle hairstyle that will transform your look with it’s pretty ambiance. Having a textured bob will automatically make you feel fresh and carefree.

31. Caramel Copper A-Line Bob

Mid Length Balayage Bob Hairstyle

Source: @hairbyleesa

The A-line haircut is probably the most popular style on here. It seems to be popular amongst celebrities too. Having caramel copper highlights looks striking. It’s a fun, girl and chic. It flatters your face-shape and you could also add some layers if need be. Also, the warm tones add character to the cut.

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