23 Skeleton Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Skeletons are very popular costume choices at Halloween. You can create so many different looks from scary to cute. To give you some makeup inspiration we have put together a list of 23 skeleton makeup ideas. Skeleton makeup designs are great to know to in case any last-minute occasions come around. You can create some skeleton designs with a few items and a small amount of time. Take a look at our top picks and find your favourite.

1. Fierce Skeleton

First up we have this spooky skeleton. The artist has created awesome skeleton makeup that goes onto the body and not just the face. She has finished off the look with contacts and a fierce floral headband. Makeup like this will look great at any party. There are tutorials available online to help you achieve the look.

2. Orange Tone Skeleton Makeup

This next skeleton makeup has used autumnal orange tones. Orange is a very popular color at this time of year and suits Halloween perfectly. You could recreate something like this or go for a simpler skeleton design. Try and add in the orange though for a bold and vibrant Halloween look.

Orange Tone Skeleton Makeup for Skeleton Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Source: @sndrmakeup

3. Glam Skeleton

If you are looking for something more glam than scary, this pick may be for you. In this makeup idea, the artist has created the skeleton look with glitter and gems. The shimmering design is cool, creative and will look amazing at a party. There are tutorials online to help you achieve this design.

4. Rainbow Skeleton

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative and bold with makeup. This next skeleton features a vibrant rainbow design. Makeup like this creates a balance between creepy and cute. You could recreate the rainbow makeup or something like it. You can also add some glitter like this makeup artist has to create a fun stand out look.

Rainbow Skeleton for Skeleton Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Source: @ssssamanthaa

5. Gypsy Skeleton

Our next pick combines two costumes together! It has half a skeleton design and half a gypsy/fortune teller design. This is a great idea and you could recreate a double look with a skull and lots of other characters. Makeup like this will take some practice it will be worth it.

6. Part Skeleton Makeup

If you like half skull makeup then you might like our next pick to. This artist has created a half a skull look in an unusual way. Instead of going nose up or down she has created a skeleton look on both sides. The design just starts below the eyes. We love this unique look and we have a feeling you’ll be looking for a tutorial! Clearly, Natascha is a very talented MUA but with her step-by-step YouTube tutorial, you can easily recreate this amazing skeleton makeup.

Part Skeleton Makeup for Skeleton Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Source: @nataschap

7. Scary Skeleton Makeup

Next, we have a skull makeup design that will give everyone a fright. The makeup is very dark and it is extra scary because of the contact lenses. There is a lot of detail and shading with this makeup. Need a tutorial? Isabel Bedoya made a quick but super useful Instagram tutorial  that will help you transform in a scary skeleton in a hot minute.

Scary Skeleton Halloween Makeup Idea for Women

Source: @itsisabelbedoya

8. Cobalt Skeleton

A way to make your skeleton look stand out from the others is to use different colors. This makeup artist has created a “Cobalt Skeleton”. The use of blue tones makes this a vibrant costume idea that will wow. This look was created with Gypsy Shrine Iridescent Face Jewels, NYX Cosmetics Gel Liner in Samantha, liquid eyeliner in Sapphire, Makeup Forever glitter in Crystal and Pigment in Blue. You could recreate this in any color.

9. Glitter Skeleton

Jazz up your skeleton makeup with glitter! As you can see from this idea, skeletons look good in glitter. Just create your skull makeup and then finish off with a dust of glitter in a color of your choice. You could choose any color glitter for this but gold gives it a party look.

Glitter Skeleton for Skeleton Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Source: @JadeDeacon

10. Floral Skeleton Design

Our next makeup idea uses flowers to create a pretty skeleton design. The artist has created purple blooms and used the purple tones for the eyes and lips. Using flowers will make your skull makeup unique. You could use any flower, maybe add some drama to your look and uses roses. There are tutorials online to help you create makeup flowers.

11. Fall Skeleton Makeup

Next, we have a skeleton that has been inspired by the fall. The skull design features orange tones and it is finished off with an autumn leaf headband. You could recreate makeup like this and make it scarier or cuter. Whatever way you design your skull make sure you include the orange tones. A leaf hand band would make a fun DIY project to!

12. Funky Green Skeleton

Here is another example of how to create a vibrant skull. Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with bold and daring makeup. So, use it and create something unique. This half a skull uses green tones. We love this bold look, you will stand out from the crowd at any Halloween event.

13. White & Gold Skeleton Makeup

If you want to join in the fun of dressing up for Halloween but don’t want to look too scary then this next pick is for you. The makeup artist, Raw Beauty Kristi, has created a skull look but instead of using classic black for the design she has used white with brown and gold details. White makeup gives the skull makeup a softer and more delicate look. To make it even prettier you could even add some pearls or gems. Luckily, tutorial for this look is on Kristi’s YouTube channel. Make sure to check it out.

14. Creepy Skeleton Makeup

Our next skeleton looks very creepy! It is different from the classic skeleton look as purple shades have been used and the design has a clown vibe to it. Makeup like this will need some practice but you could recreate this into a very scary costume. Something like this would be a hit at any party.

15. Sparkling Skeleton Makeup

This next skeleton makeup idea combines scary and sparkly. The design is very dark and the contacts make it look creepy but it has been finished off with beautiful gems. It is a creative contrast of Halloween and glamour. You could recreate this and use your own gem design, maybe even try some different colors.

Sparkling Skeleton Makeup for Skeleton Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Source: @_megatron_

16. Skeleton Clown Makeup

Next, we have a makeup idea that combines two of the most popular Halloween costumes. This makeup is a combination of a skeleton and a clown. It is a very creepy look and we love the clever twist on the two costumes. You could recreate this in many ways so experiment to find your scariest look.

17. Melting Skull

Halloween makeup is so fun! This artist has created the illusion that her face is melting. It is such a creative idea. Something like this will take practice but it will be worth it.

18. Half Skull Makeup

This next skeleton look is a statement maker. Instead of using just the classic black to create the look she has also used gold. To create this look you will need: Suva Beauty Hydraliner in Gold Dinner and Grease, Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape in Fair Neutral, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow and Powder Duo in Ash Brown, Wet n Wild Beauty Paint Pot in White and Mac Cosmetics in Russian Red. Contacts are optional.

Half Skull Makeup for Skeleton Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Source: @imsamlong

19. Autumn Inspired Skeleton Makeup

Looking for pretty skeleton makeup ideas? Then this next pick is for you. The artist has been inspired by the fall and has created skull makeup full of warm, earthy tones. She has also added in some cute glitter around the eyes and mouth. With makeup like this you get the best of both worlds. You can join in the fun of Halloween but also looks stunning to.

Autumn Inspired Skeleton Makeup for Skeleton Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Source: @jess_blends

20. Black Neon Skeleton Makeup

Next, we have a half skull makeup look created using black and neon colors. This look is pretty, unique and easy to achieve. Full tutorial for this look is on YouTube. Jarry  The Worst did an amazing job so make sure to check it out!

Black and Neon Skeleton Halloween Makeup Idea

Source: @cut4jarjar

21. Spooky Skeleton Makeup

Our next skeleton idea is shimmery and scary. The artist has managed to add glitter to the look without taking away any of its creepiness. It is a more intricate design but with time and patience you could recreate something like this. Makeup like this will be a hit at any Halloween event.

Spooky Skeleton Makeup for Skeleton Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Source: @_tally_

22. Half Skull Illusion Makeup

Like the illusion makeup? Then you might like this one to. It is a unique take on the half a skeleton design. Instead of skeleton being from the nose up or down it just covers one side of the face. It looks like it is attached to her skin. We love this quirky Halloween makeup idea.

23. Cute Skeleton Makeup

Last on our list is this cute skeleton makeup idea. Just because it is Halloween does not mean you must be very scary. You could go for something pink and sparkly like this. Not only is it a different take on skeleton makeup but you will also look pretty at all the parties. Try to add the gems for the extra glam finish if you recreate this at home.

We hope you have been inspired by our skeleton makeup ideas.

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