23 Gorgeous Summer Makeup Looks for 2018

Summer is the season when we get creative, bold and opt for more vibrant colors. Need some makeup inspo for your next summer makeup look? Then this is the article for you! We have found 23 gorgeous eye makeup looks for summer 2018. There is a something for every style from minimal neutrals to vibrant shades. Any of the makeup ideas featured will show off your beautiful eyes at their best.

1. Vibrant Eye Shadow

First up we have this stunning vibrant eye shadow blend. The blend features a burgundy shadow with a metallic orange tone on the lid. Makeup like this is dramatic and will wow. You could create this with any burgundy shadow, lighter or darker, and with any metallic tone.

2. Chic Winged Liner

Next up we have this chic winged eyeliner look. Winged eyeliner is a classic look but you can give it a unique twist by adding some glitter. The very thin, glittery line just gives it a touch of glamour. Something like this would be perfect for a night out or special occasion. You could recreate this with any glitter liner.

Pink Glitter Winged Liner


3. Smokey Eye with Purple

Here is another makeup style that will wow at any summer party. This classic smokey eye has been given a fresh look by adding two vibrant eyeshadow colors. We love this look because it makes your eyes pop. You could recreate this with any color shadow, maybe something lighter or darker.

4.  Bright Eye Shadow

Looking for bright makeup ideas for the summer? Then this is for you! This stunning multi shadow look is vibrant and fun, which suits the summer mood perfectly. The eyes are finished off with a sweep of blue glitter. You could keep the glitter or just add blue shadow. Use this idea as inspiration and create your own multi color blends.

Colorful Eye Makeup Look for Summer

Source: @elmaemua

5. Turquoise Glitter Eye Makeup Look

Next up we have this gorgeous turquoise smokey eye. Products used to create this look are: The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette in shades ‘Pool Party’, ‘Mocha’, ‘Jacz’, ‘Roxanne’, ‘Hunts’, ‘Creamsicle’, ‘Pooter’ and ‘Butter’; Urban Decay ‘Midnight Cowboy’ liner, Wet n Wild Beauty ‘Mega Liner ‘and Flutter Lashes ‘Intoxicating Lashes’.

Turquoise Smokey Eye Makeup

Source: @cierahmua

6. Colorful & Vibrant Eyes

Summer is here so you might be looking for something more colorful and vibrant. To achieve this style you will need: Zukreat eyeshadows in shades Cocoa, St. Tropez, Glow, Orchid, Maldives; Urban Decay Electric 24/7 Glide on Eyeliner (waterline), and Ofra Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in shade ‘Las Vegas’.

7. 4th of July Eyes

Looking for a little more drama for the 4th of July party? Then this look is for you! You might think that blue, red and gold shadows would make a horrible eye makeup, but this look proves that wrong! This makeup was created using The Balm Cosmetics ‘Nude Beach’ Palette, Stila Cosmetics Magnificent metals (lid), Morphe Brushes 9b (lower lash line), Morphe Brushes Gypsy Liquid Lip (used as liner). Pair this eye makeup look with matte red lips.  Makeup like this will show off you beautiful blue eyes at their best, and make you stand out from the crowd!

4th of July Eye Makeup Look

Source: @cierahmua

8. Summer Sunset Eye Makeup

Heat up your look for summer with orange and burgundy makeup like this. There are plenty of palettes available online with beautiful orange shades so you can recreate it. For this look, makeup artist used Glitter Injections ‘Natural Beauty’ pressed glitter, Nabla Cosmetics Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette & Klimt liquid Liner and Lilly Lashes ‘Ela Lashes’.

Orange Glitter and Burgundy Eyes

Source: @annybeeutee

9. Purple Smokey Lower Lash Line

Purple colors are a must have for summer. If you want a fun makeup look with a twist, use the purple eyeshadow only on your lower lash line. This creates a chic and stylish look. Makeup like this will suit any shade of brown and blue eyes and any skin tone. It is a great look for summer and beyond.

10. Vibrant Orange Eye Makeup Look

This summer get out of your comfort zone and play with some colorful eyeshadows. This vibrant look suits the fun summer vibe. If you are looking to change up your makeup to something bolder than now is the time to do it. Summer is the season for vibrant shades, right? Products used: Morphe ‘3502 Palette’ in the shade ‘Fire’, The Balm Cosmetics ‘Schwing’ liquid liner, and Huda Beauty ‘Farrah’ lashes.

Vibrant Orange Eye Makeup for Summer

Source: @cierahmua

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