25 Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

Looking for Halloween ideas that are different to the classic vampires, witches and wolves? Then you are in the right place. We have put together a list of 23 unique Halloween makeup ideas. These include designs that are a twist on the classics, some that have been created by makeup artists and more. Take a look to get inspired we have something for everyone from cute to terrifying.

1. Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin Queen

First up we have this makeup idea inspired by the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. The artist has recreated the Pumpkin King Jack Skellington’s look and turned into the Pumpkin Queen. This is a brilliant way to turn the male character into a female one. This makeup was created with Makeup Forever Flash Palette in white, black and silver. She also used pigments and glitters from Wonderland Makeup. We love this unique take on a classic character.

Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin Queen for Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

Source: @jadedeacon

2. Fortune Teller Makeup

Next, we have this fortune teller makeup idea. A fortune teller is a great choice for anyone who wants a costume that will stand out from the crowd. The artist has used dark, heavy makeup around the eyes with bold eyelashes. You could recreate the makeup using any colors, just try to keep the makeup dark. Include the forehead symbol, headscarf and coin headband for a mystical fortune telling look.

Fortune Teller Makeup for Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

Source: @ciaciaxo

3. Fun Princess Fiona Makeup

Fan of the movie Shrek? Then you will love our next pick. This makeup was created in a half and half design. One side is human Princess Fiona while the other side is Princess Fiona as an ogre. The makeup is very creative and gives you two costumes in one. We love this quirky and unique Halloween makeup idea.

4. Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on TV which means there are a lot of Game of Thrones costumes around. Our next pick shows an artist who has created a unique Daenerys Targaryen costume. The necklace and dress have created with body paint. While painting on a dress won’t be practical for parties you could attempt to paint the necklace. This just gives it a creative look that will be different from everyone else’s.

Daenerys Targaryen for Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

Source: @venomtoyaveins

5. Spooky Halloween Skull Makeup

Our next pick shows how you can jazz up your classic black and white skeleton makeup. This artist has used black glitter instead of using matte black. The glitter gives the skull design a shimmering look. A little extra touch like this makes your makeup more unique. It would be great for parties to.

Spooky Halloween Skull Makeup for Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

Source: @beckyjmoore

6. Batman Mask Makeup

Be a superhero for the night by creating a Batman mask. A Batman mask is quite simple to recreate and it gives you the chance to glam up the rest of your makeup. All you will need is some black face paint and there are tutorials online to help you create the shape. We like this idea because you can dress up but also wear pretty makeup.

7. Coraline’s Other Mother Makeup

Next, we have a unique Halloween makeup idea from the movie Coraline. The artist has been inspired by the Other Mother. The Other Mother is a scary character that will make a very creepy Halloween costume. The key feature to this look is the button eyes. You could choose any color for the buttons as the Other Mother says “Black is traditional. But if you’d prefer pink, or vermilion or chartreuse.” There are tutorials online to help you with the buttons.

Coraline's Other Mother Makeup for Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

Source: @cayaryu

8. Joker Makeup Idea

Instead of being the hero of the night why not be the supervillain? This next makeup idea shows how to create a unique Joker look. It is a half and half design. The half makeup gives you the chance to dress up for Halloween but also show of your glam makeup. You also need to only get one side perfect which is great. We have all been there where one eye looks better than the other. This won’t be a problem with half makeup! You could do this with any character.

9. Pink Glitter Skull

Skeletons are thought to be dark and scary. Our next pick shows this isn’t always true. This artist has created a fun and vibrant skeleton design. Lots of glitter and pink has been used to create this look. This is perfect for anyone who wants to have dress up but also look glitzy and glamorous.

Pink Glitter Skull for Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

Source: @dehsonae

10. Creepy-Crawly Makeup

Bugs and insects scare many people. So why not add these creepy-crawlies to your Halloween makeup. This next makeup look has used a spider design on her eyes, beetle on her nose and a scorpion design on her mouth. This is a simple but effective idea. You could recreate this with the bugs of your choice. We love this unique Halloween makeup.

11. Villainous Kitty Makeup Idea

Our next pick features makeup that was inspired by cats. This artist has created a villainous kitty look. We like this idea because it combines Halloween, glamour and it is also very pretty which is a unique combination. You could recreate a similar look by using similar colors or you could be creative and create your own kitty look in a different color palette.

12. Half Skull Makeup

Like the half and half designs? Then you might like this next idea to. This makeup is half skeleton and half Halloween glam. Makeup like this gives you freedom as you are not limited to having just a skull design. You can also look pretty and glam for a party. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you create a unique skeleton design.

Half Skull Makeup for Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

Source: @ciaciaxo

13. Conjuring 2 Inspired Makeup

If you want to create a terrifying look this Halloween then you need to take a look at our next pick. These two have been have inspired by the movie The Conjuring 2 to create scary costumes. They are dressed as the demon nun from the movie. The makeup can be simple to recreate you will just need white face paint and black makeup around the eyes and on the lips. Finish off with contact lenses. You could make the outfit or purchase it online.

14. Tiger Makeup

Take a walk on the wild side this Halloween and wear tiger makeup. Animal makeup like this is a fun costume choice and it can be worn by anyone. This makeup is very detailed and was created with Mehron Makeup Paradise body paints in Black, White, Light Pink, Mango and Coral. You could recreate a simpler look with just the stripes and black features.

15. Rick from Rick and Morty

If you are looking for unique Halloween makeup that is fun then our next pick is for you. This makeup has taken inspiration from the animated show Rick and Morty. The artist has used an illusion technique to make her whole face look like a cartoon. All you will need is face paint in similar colors and some drawing skills. It may take practice but it will be worth it.

16. Autumn Queen Skull

Be the Queen at any Halloween party with our next makeup idea. This artist has been inspired by the fall to create a skeleton with warm autumnal colors. We love this makeup as you can be both scary and glamorous. You could recreate it just like this or add in your own features.

Autumn Queen Skull for Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

Source: @jess_blends

17. Glam Skull

Like the glam and skeleton combo? Then out next idea is for you. This a simple but effective makeup idea. To create it you will need Anastasia Beverly Hills Black Diamond, Truffle, Hot chocolate shadows and black glitter and for the lips Mehron Makeup black paint and the Truffle shadow from Anastasia Beverly Hills or products like it.

18. Ariel and Flounder Makeup Ideas

Want to dress up with someone else this Halloween? Then how about creating Ariel and Flounder makeup like these two. Ariel and Flounder are best friends in the movie The Little Mermaid. This is a cute idea that would be a hit at any party.

19. Game of Thrones White Walker Makeup

Here is another makeup idea for the Game of Thrones fans. This one has been inspired by the White Walkers. Makeup like this is bold and statement making. Everyone will notice when you walk in the room. To recreate the look simply you will need black and white paint and contact lenses. You could also create illusion eyes using blue paint like this artist.

Game of Thrones White Walker Makeup for Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

Source: @withlove.nadia

20. Vibrant and Unique Halloween Makeup

Looking for colorful and unique Halloween makeup? Then this skeleton design could be for you. Instead of the classic black and white this artist has added in vibrant stripes. Once you master the skeleton makeup technique you could add in stripes in any of your favourite colors. There are skeleton tutorials online to help you get the look.

Vibrant Skull Makeup for Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

Source: @jayblissy

21. Bambi Inspired Makeup

Next, we have a cute makeup idea that was inspired by the deer Bambi. Makeup like this will be a hit at any party. It was created with Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation stick, shadows in 734, 400, 744, white body paint and for the eyes Makeup Forever shadows in 734, 744, with NYX Cosmetics jumbo eye pencil in Milk. You could use these or colors like it.

22. Glitter Skull Design

Skulls are not really thought of as pretty however this makeup may change your mind. This artist has used a combination of the classic skeleton makeup with added pink tones and glitter. The pink and glitter glam up the makeup making it perfect for a party.

23. Cute Frankenstein Inspired Makeup

Frankenstein does not have to be scary and green. You could create something like this to make your Frankenstein character pretty and cute. There a couple of ways to wear this makeup you could do something similar or use it as inspiration for your own unique design.

24. Colorful Half Skeleton Makeup

Add vibrant pastel colors to your skeleton design to create unique Halloween makeup like this. This artist has created makeup that is cute and a little creepy to. We love this creative idea. You could have a half design or a full skull design.

25. Glitter Clown

Last on our list is this clown makeup. Many people will dress up as clowns for Halloween but you can make yours different from everyone else’s. On this design, she has added unique features such as feathery eyelashes. You could add in any of your own features to create your very own clown look.

Glitter Clown for Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try

Source: @ciaciaxo

We hope you have been inspired by our unique Halloween makeup ideas!

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