41 Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas for 2020

You have probably already been thinking about Valentine’s outfits, makeup and hair but have you thought about your nails? Nails are an important part to your finished look, so it is important to have beautiful nails for the occasion. There are so many design possibilities for Valentine’s Day from hearts to art that uses romantic colors like red and pink. To give you some ideas, we have found 41 Valentine’s Day nail ideas. Any of these would be perfect for the special day.

1. Light Pink Nails with Hearts

First up we have these gorgeous heart nails. The long square nails have been painted in a very light pink with small red half hearts on the corners. This is such a cute idea and you could also paint your nails a red shade with pink hearts. Art like this looks best on longer nails.

Light Pink Nails with Hearts

Source: @nailsbyjema

2. Valentine’s Day Nail Art

If you want bold nails for Valentine’s Day, then this next idea is the way to do it. These nails have the classic romantic red with a love heart design. Some nails have been painted red while two have a heart design. You could recreate both designs or just one. There are heart stencils available online to help you get the shape.

Valentine's Day Heart Nails

Source: @nailsbyjema

3. Glitter and Black Heart Nail Art

Next, we have a stylish set of nails that feature glitter and hearts. Two nails have a black heart design, one has silver glitter and the others are painted black. These nails are perfect for the ladies who want to look glam. You could change the colors to pink or red to.

Glitter and Black Heart Nail Art

Source: @amkuch15

4. Embellished Heart Nails

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion which means you should have extra special nails. This design idea features nails that have decorated with hearts. You could recreate this look with sparkling heart gems. These come in any color, so you can make your nail art unique to your own style. This look will suit both long and short nails.

Embellished Heart Nails

Source: @kellimarissa

5. Hearts and Polka Dots

Have some fun with your Valentine’s look with bold and vibrant nails like these. White, pink and purple polishes have been used to create heart and polka dot art. You could recreate this idea with any three colors. For the hearts you can use stencils or stickers and for the polka dots you will need a dotting tool or thin brush.

Hearts and Polka Dots Nail Art

Source: @judyrox

6. Red Valentine’s Heart Nails

If you want glamorous nails for Valentine’s Day, then this next idea could be perfect for you. The coffin shaped nails have been painted in natural shade and have been finished off with a red glitter heart. It is a simple but super stylish design. This look is best on longer nails but would suit any shape.

7. Valentine’s Letter Nails

A Valentine’s tradition is to send someone a card or letter. This next idea takes this idea and turns it into cute nail art. One nail has been decorated with words, another has a letter and heart design and the rest have been painted red. We love this art because it features the letter and envelope. You could have a go at recreate this at home, it will take some practice, but it will be worth it!

Valentine's Letter Nails

Source: @xnailsbymiri

8. Pink, Glitter and Heart Nail Design

Our next idea is a little subtler than some of the other designs. The nails have been painted a light pink and feature two accent nails. One is glittery gold and the other has a small heart. These use all the romantic colors and have a little glamour. Nails like these are perfect for the ladies who want to celebrate but don’t want to be too over the top.

9. Heartbeat Nail Design

Looking for unique nail art? Then you need to check out this idea. The nails have been painted a red shade with a gold glitter heartbeat line. Each nail makes up the complete line. You could recreate these with any line and in any colors. We love this quirky Valentine’s design.

10. I Love You Beary Much Nail Art

Next, we have one of the cutest nail ideas ever! The nails have been painted pink and feature “I love you beary much” with three bear designs. This art is fun and creative. Creating a bear with nail polish will take some effort but there are plenty of tutorials online to help you.

11. Stylish Nails With Heart Accent Nail

If romantic red is not your thing, then our next idea could be for you. These almond shaped nails have been painted in a light pink and black with a heart accent nail. The small hearts could be created with a small, thin brush or even a toothpick so can be done at home. There are tutorials to help you online. Art like this will suit nails in all lengths.

Stylish Black and Pink Stiletto Heart Nails

Source: @tumblr

12. Cute Heart Nail Design

Our next idea is very cute and pretty. Some of the nails have been decorated in a soft pink glitter while two nails have a heart pattern. You could recreate the whole look or just elements from it. Maybe have the glitter in a shade of your choice and just have the red hearts. You could even have glitter hearts to!

13. Pink and White Heart Nails

We couldn’t have a Valentine’s Day list without having nails in a beautiful pink shade like this one. These nails have a main base color of vibrant pink with white hearts and paint splatters. You can get the heart design with a brush or toothpick and the splatter design can be done with a straw. There are tutorials online to help you with both design elements.

Pink and White Heart Nails

Source: @kimbernails

14. Love Heart Balloon Nail Design

Heart shaped balloons are a very popular Valentine’s gift, so it is no surprise these treats have inspired nail art. These next idea features white nails with a pink and red heart balloon on each one. You could recreate the design on all nails or just one or two for accent nails.

Love Heart Balloon Nail Design

Source: @tumblr

15. Pink Valentine’s Day Nail Idea

Be pretty in pink this Valentine’s Day with nails like these. One nails is covered in pink glitter while the others have a multi heart design. You can change up the design and just have one heart or try and create lots. Light pink looks cute, but you could also try darker pink shades to.

Pretty Pink Valentine's Day Nails

Source: @nailsbyjema

16. Pink Heart Nails

If you want nails that look gorgeous but are easier to create, then this idea could be for you. All you will need is a light pink polish and apply to each nail. Then to create the hearts you will need stencil. Simply paint a darker pink over the stencil. That will be your nails finished. You could create accent nails or put hearts on all of them.

17. Red, Stripe and Heart Nail Art

Dark has been a must have color of the season. So, why not use dark red for you Valentine’s nails. Not only will your nails be bang on trend but also perfect for the occasion. You could just paint your nails in the red shade or add some nail art like this. The stripe and heart design is super cute and will suit all nail lengths.

18. Pink Ombre Love Nails

If you like the stripe and heart design, then you may like our next idea to. Instead of dark red and white this stripe design uses pink ombre and white. Pink makes the overall look more vibrant and fun. There are tutorials online to help you with the cool ombre effect.

19. Gold Glitter and Heart Nails

Add some glamour to your look with gold glitter designs like these. Glitter goes beautifully with pink, so it is perfect for Valentine’s. You could recreate a similar look with just pink and gold or you could add in the stripe design to. Try to avoid using red and gold glitter as it may look Christmassy.

Pink and Gold Glitter Heart Nails

Source: @amkuch15

20. Glitter and Heart Nails

Gold glitter not your thing? Then try silver instead. Silver glitter compliments pink, red and purple beautifully so would suit Valentine’s perfectly. You could use glitter with a cute heart design like this one. All you will need is a stencil, glitter polish, base color, and a polish of your choice for the hearts. It is a super cute design that would suit anyone.

Glitter and Heart Valentine's Day Nails

Source: @lifeisnails

21. Stylish Love Heart Nails

Next on our Valentine’s Day nail list is this beautiful heart design. The long nails have been painted in a natural color and have small multi color hearts on the top. You can use any colors for this, but you will need a stencil to keep the hearts looking neat. Art like this will take some time but it will be worth the effort!

Stylish Ombre Heart Nails

Source: @lifeisnails

22. Valentine’s Day Nail Idea for Coffin Nails

Next, we have a super cute Valentine’s Day mani to show you. Most of the nails have a different design that includes pink glitter, a clear nail with hearts and pink nails with hearts. It is a fun and pretty design that will suit anyone. Something similar can be created on any nail length and shape.

23. Elegant Heart Art

If you want nail art that celebrates the occasion but also want an elegant mani, then this is for you. Here we have shorter nails that are all light colors. There are also two accent nails with love heart art. It is a pretty and easy to wear design. This look was created with Essie polishes in colors Romper Room, S’il Vous Play and Coconut Cove. A heart stencil by The Base Coat was used as well.

24. Stiletto Nails with Heart Tips

Looking for a creative and stylish nail idea? If so, you will love this. These stiletto nails all have a different design that includes white and nude colors with glitter and rhinestones. The nail art that is our favorite is the nude nail with the red heart tip. It is such a simple and statement making idea. You can hand-paint this art with red polish. Avoid square nail shapes like the coffin though as it won’t give you the heart effect.

Stiletto Nails with Heart Tips

Source: @_allured

25. Purple, Hearts and Glitter

Valentine’s Day is associated with pink and red. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use other fun and vibrant colors. Purple is a great alternative and here is how to wear it in style. Two nails are purple, one is gold and the other is pink with purple hearts. This is a fun and easy to wear mani. You can view a short tutorial for this look and see what nail polishes were used on the Instagram page below.

Purple Nails with Hearts and Glitter

Source: @kt_tk1

26. Matte Red Heart Nail Design

This next nail idea is another one of our favorites! Here we have long coffin nails and each one has a matte red design. Some nails are all red, one is red with a nude heart and the other nail is nude with red hearts. It is such a stylish and romantic nail design. Recreate the whole look or just put one design on all nails.

27. Pink Nails with a Rhinestone Heart

Like your nails to have a little sparkle? If so, check out this mani. These nails are all light pink and matte. There are two accent nails and each one has half of a heart created with rhinestones. When the two fingers are put together, the heart becomes whole. It is a unique and pretty idea. You can recreate this look yourself and you can buy rhinestones online and stick them on with nail glue.

Pink Nails with a Rhinestone Heart

Source: @annailz

28. Hearts and Polka Dots

Next, we have a cute and easy to wear mani. For this, some nails are pink with polka dots and one nail is light pink with a heart in the center. The polka dots look so pretty with the heart. You can create neat dots like these with a dotting tool. There is also an image that shows you how to hand-paint the heart on the page below. You can check out what polishes were used there too.

29. Cute Pastel Valentine’s Nails

Another color alternative you can use for Valentine’s Day are pastels! This mani features nude nails with pastel colored hearts and as you can see, they look so stylish. We love this mani because it combines trendy colors with Valentine’s Day. You can recreate this with pastel nail polishes and a heart stencil which can be bought online.

Cute Pastel Valentine's Nails

Source: @joelyoceannails

30. Cute Heart Nail Design for Short Nails

If you love Valentine’s Day and all the classic decor and themes that come with it, then this mani is for you. Here we have short nails and each one is painted light pink. Each nail is also decorated with small red love hearts. This design uses the iconic colors and shapes of the occasion. You can recreate this or you can have one heart design on all nails. Maybe even have all pink nails with one red heart accent nail.

Cute Heart Nail Design for Short Nails

Source: @_beyliz_

31. Glam Valentine’s Day Nails

Need a glam mani for a Valentine’s date? If so, you need to see this next idea. These nails are long. Some are nude, some are sparkly and two nails have a red heart design. We love the hearts with the glitter as it shows how fun and special the occasion is. Again, you can recreate the look or have one or two of the designs on all nails.

32. Light Pink Nails with Gold Hearts

Next, we have a stylish nail design to show you. For this look, the nails are light pink and one nail on each hand is decorated with gold hearts. This is a more low-key way to celebrate the occasion. You can recreate the look with gold and pink nail polishes or you can paint your nails pink and glue on gold hearts. Gold hearts for nails can be bought online.

Light Pink Nails with Gold Hearts

Source: @_allured

33. Chic and Pretty Nail Idea

Love the pink and heart combo? Then this is for you. Here we have chic and pretty pink nails. Each one is also decorated with silver glitter, rhinestones and small hearts. It is a beautiful mani that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. A similar look can be recreated on any nail length and shape.

34. Pink Ombre Valentine’s Day Nails

The next nail idea is more unique. Each nail is decorated with pink ombre and there is a silver heart drip design over the top. We love this because it uses the classic Valentine’s Day colors but in a trendy and more unusual way. This look was created with Serendipity Polish Big Red Bow, Pink Poinsettia, Summer Sunnies and Midnight Kisses. Heart stencils from Whats Up Nails were also used.

35. French Ombre Nails for Valentine’s Day

Another popular nail look is French ombre and this next mani has got a Valentine’s Day twist. Each nail has the pink and white ombre design but two nails are also embellished. The accent nails are nude with silver sparkles, red lips and hearts. It is a fun twist on the chic ombre and this mani will suit everyone.

French Ombre Nails for Valentine's Day

Source: @beaunailss

36. Pretty Love Heart Nails

Next, we have more pretty heart nails. For this look, all of the nails are light pink and they are decorated with small dark pink hearts. The design is so cute and easy to wear. It will suit anyone and all nail lengths and shapes. You can recreate the look with pink nail polishes and a heart stencil.

37. Sparkles and Hearts

Add some sparkle to your nails with a design like this one. Here we have a hearts and sparkles mani. Each nail is either decorated with glitter, rhinestones or hearts. We love this design because it is statement making, unique and stylish! The hearts can be hand-painted or you can use a stencil and the rhinestones can be stuck on with glue. So, you can try and recreate this look yourself at home.

Coffin Nails with Glitter and Hearts

Source: @art_emma

38. Cute Candy Heart Nail Design

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without candy hearts and this next nail design was inspired by them. Three nails are pink, one is sparkly and the other has candy heart art. It is such a cute look and it is perfect for Valentine’s Day. You can recreate this or put the hearts on all nails. The look was created with OPI Suzi shops and island hops, Essie Coconut cove, Blossom dandy, Chillato, Baguette Me Not and Prêt a surfer and NudeExperience Athena.

Cute Candy Heart Nail Design

Source: @nailsuponatime

39. Rhinestones and Bows

The next nail idea is so pretty and feminine! Here we have long coffin nails that are matte pink. Some are plain, one nail has a bow and the other is covered in rhinestones with a heart in the center. We love the rhinestones because they are different shapes and colors. This is a dazzling and statement making mani. Bows and rhinestones for your nails can be bought online.

Rhinestones and Bows

Source: @_allured

40. Bugs Bunny Inspired Nails

Are you a fan of Bugs Bunny? If so, you will love this next nail idea This is a unique Valentine’s Day look. Most of the nails have a different design that includes Bugs Bunny with love heart eyes, Lola his girlfriend, hearts, the word love and more. It is fun manicure and it will make you stand out from the crowd.

Bugs Bunny Inspired Nails

Source: @nails_va_

41. Valentine’s Day Nail Gradient

Can’t decide whether to have pink or red nails? If so, why not choose both? You could create gradient nails like these. The little finger starts as light pink and each nail gradually gets darker until the thumb nail is red. As you can see, it is a pretty, stylish and bold idea. Some nails are decorated with white hearts. You can recreate this or just have the gradient.

We hope you have found the perfect nail design to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style!

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