Kate Beckinsale Net Worth

The 41-year-old English actress, Kate Beckinsale, has an estimated net worth of $16 million. Kate earned her wealth as a model and film actress.


Kate started her acting career in a film ‘Much Ado About Nothing‘ in 1993. She was only 20 years old and on her first year at Oxford. Starring in this film gave Kate experience and hope that she will succeed in this hard business. Thereafter, she worked in three other films (during 1993 and 1994). She left Oxford in 1994 and decided to focus more on her acting carer.

Her next big movie was ‘Haunted‘ in 1995. She starred opposite John Gielgud and Aidan Quinn. Thanks to Charlize Theron who pulled out the role in ‘Pearl Harbor‘ (2001) to do ‘Sweet November’, Kate Beciknsale got the lead female role in the film. According to IMDB, her salary for starring in Pearl Harbor was $50,000. She made a huge salary in 2003 when she got her leading role for film ‘Underworld‘. Some sources assume she made few millions just from ‘Underworld’. From 2003 to date, she starred in 22 films and made few brand advertisements.


Besides acting, Kate occasionally worked as a model.

a) In 1997, she appeared in George Michael’s music video ‘Waltz Away Dreaming‘.

b) In 2002, Kate starred with Orlando Bloom for Gap TV ad. They become very close and remained good friends to date.

c) Kate also appeared in a Diet Coke commercial in 2004.

d) In 2009, she advertised Absolut Vodka. It was a print campaign where she was transformed into a golden goddess.

e) Her last ad was for Lux shampoos. She starred in a Japanese TV ad.

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