25 Stunning 4th of July Outfits That You’ll Love

The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays. The typical celebration includes fireworks, barbecue and lots of patriotic colors and symbols. Let’s just say, it’s a relaxing day that you don’t want to miss.

Whether you’re planning to hang out with your family at a backyard barbecue or celebrating the holiday with your friends at a picnic, you need to have at least something in red, white or blue color. A festive outfit will make your 4th of July celebration even more fun and memorable.

To make your life easier, we’ve collected 25 stunning outfit ideas that you’ll totally love.

1. White Dress + Red & Blue Accessories

The first outfit we have to show you features a chic white dress with red and blue accessories. A white dress is a must-have for your closet because you can glam it up for the 4th of July, but you will be able to wear it for other occasions too. You can recreate the look or choose any blue and red accessories to wear with your white dress.

White Dress + Red & Blue Accessories


2. Patriotic Blouse + Black Skirt + Brown Accessories

Next, we have a trendy and edgy outfit idea. This outfit features a cute black skirt, simple white t-shirt and a patriotic blouse. This outfit would be perfect for any 4th of July celebration. A bold blouse like this can be worn with jeans and a T-shirt if the skirt is not for you. If you cannot find a blouse like this or if you need a last minute outfit, then try a red or blue blouse instead.

3. Red Blouse + Blue Shorts

If you want a bold outfit that makes you stand out from the crowd, then this is for you. Here we have a vibrant red blouse that has been worn with bright blue shorts. The blue and red look amazing together and the color combo is perfect for the holiday. You could finish off the look with white shoes or a white accessory. An outfit like this is a great for the summery outdoor celebrations.

Red Blouse and Blue Shorts


4. Red Blouse + White & Blue Striped Skirt + Gold Details

Want a glam outfit to wear this 4th of July? If so, you need to check out this next look. This outfit includes a chic red blouse, white and blue stripe skirt and it is finished off with gold jewelry, accessories and a glitzy bag. It is a great outfit because you can wear each of these pieces together for a patriotic outfit but you can wear each one separately on a normal day too. So, it is not just a one day outfit, you can wear each item again and again.

Red Blouse + White & Blue Striped Skirt


5. Cute & Comfy Outfit

Our next idea is chic and cute and you will be comfortable in it too! This outfit features a white skirt, stripe top and red shoes and accessories. Something like this would be perfect for the relaxed summery celebrations like BBQs. You could even glam it up a little for a party by wearing heels. This is another outfit that can be worn on any other day too.

6. American Flag Blouse + Denim Shorts + Ankle Boots

If you are looking for a casual, patriotic and easy to wear outfit, then this could be perfect for you. Here we have an American flag inspired blouse with cute denim shorts and ankle boots. It is so relaxed and stylish. If you did not want to wear shorts, then a similar blouse will look great with jeans too.

American Flag Blouse + Denim Shorts


7. Stars Tee + Skinny Jeans

Want to celebrate the 4th of July but don’t want an outfit that is too bold or over the top? If so, you need to check out this next idea. This look features a cute T-shirt with a star pattern, jeans and stylish shoes. An outfit like allows you to join in with the holiday but in a low-key way. A T-shirt and jeans like this can be worn on any other day too, so you will wear similar pieces again and again.

8. White & Red Outfit + American Flag Shoes

An easy to way to jazz up any outfit for the occasion is with your shoes. Here is a great example. This outfit includes a white top, red shorts and it is completed with amazing American flag shoes. As you can see, the shoes make this outfit ready for the celebrations. You can buy shoes like this or you can buy flat shoes with a flag design. If you like crafts then you can decorate white shoes with red and blue markers. Wear your shoes with a top and shorts like featured or with an outfit of your choice.

9. Red & White Striped Midi Skirt

Next, we have a chic and elegant outfit to show you. This outfit features a navy blouse with white anchors and a stunning red and white striped skirt. We love the skirt, it looks gorgeous! You can buy skirts like these online and you can wear them with any red, white or blue top. The anchor blouse is also cute and it shows that you can wear different patterns on the 4th of July as they will still look patriotic because of the colors.

10. Denim + Red and White Stripes

Our next idea is another casual and stylish outfit. This look features denim dungarees with a red and white striped top. It is such a cute outfit and it would be perfect for a BBQ or picnic. Recreate the look with the American flag or just go for the denim and stripes. Either way, it be perfect for the celebrations.

11. Perfect Casual Outfit

Earlier in the post we shared an outfit that featured denim shorts and a flag inspired blouse. If you loved that idea then you may like this one too. This outfit is a little similar but the shorts have the patriotic pattern instead of the shirt. So, the shorts have a stars and stripes design while the blouse is plain. The look is finished off with red shoes and a cute cardigan too. This is a relaxed outfit that is easy to wear.

12. Denim Shirt + American Flag Pants

If shorts are not your thing, then why not try wearing patterned pants instead?! You could try an outfit just like this. This outfit features a cute denim shirt with bold American flag pants. It is a fun, vibrant and trendy look that is perfect for the ladies who like to stand out from the crowd. You can dress an outfit like this up or down to suit any 4th of July event.

13. White & Blue Outfit + Flag as an Accessory

An easy way to make your outfit look patriotic is by adding a flag. You can wear a flag on your shoulders, wear as a scarf or you could tie it to your bag like the image featured. This next outfit is chic and striped, it actually has a Chanel vibe and it is finished off with jeans, cute boots and an accessorized bag. As you can see, the flag really jazzes up the outfit and makes it ready for celebrating the 4th of July.

14. Striped Top + Red Jacket

Next, we have a bold and stylish outfit idea to show you. This look features a stripe top, flare jeans and a vibrant red jacket. The stripes and the red jacket are perfect for the occasion and these pieces will be easy to find in stores. This is another outfit that you would be able to wear more than once. Recreate this look or you can try a blue jacket instead of a red one if the red is too bright.

15. DIY American Flag Shorts + White Top

If the weather forecast is hot and sunny for the 4th of July then consider an outfit like this one. Here we have a stylish outfit that includes a cute white top with American flag shorts. The flag design on these shorts was created by hand, so if you have an old pair of shorts in your closet then consider getting crafty and jazz them up for the holiday. There are lots of tutorials online to show how you create many different DIY flag designs.

16. Cute USA Top

Our next idea is another easy to wear outfit. This look features a USA top and a cute white skirt. It is a relaxed, casual and stylish summer outfit that will suit everyone. If you don’t want to wear a skirt then a similar top will look great with jeans too. Either way, this would be the perfect look for a BBQ or picnic.

Cute USA Top Outfit Idea

Source: @jenatoomey

17. Blue Top and White Shorts

You can wear stylish patterns on the 4th of July because if they are in red, white or blue colors, they will still look patriotic. Here is a great example of the type of outfit that you could wear. This outfit is made up of white shorts and a cute blue gingham top. The look is finished off with red accessories too. We love this outfit, it is one of our favorites!

Blue Top and White Shorts

Source: @aubschick

18. Stylish Stripe Skirt

Next, we have another stylish skirt to show you. This skirt has a trendy stripe pattern and the colors are red, white and blue. It has been worn with a bold blue top and pretty white shoes. An outfit like this would be perfect for a party. This is another look where the pieces can be worn again on a normal day. It is a chic look and skirts like this can be found online.

Stylish Stripe Skirt Outfit

Source: @miriam_tardiff

19. Red, White and Blue Top

If you are looking for a stylish and casual outfit then this is for you. Here we have a grey top that features the words red, white and blue and the words are in the same colors too. The top has been worn with black shorts and an elegant and light cover up. This is a beautiful outfit that has a boho vibe. It would suit anyone and it is perfect for the summery celebrations.

20. Denim Shirt, White Pants and Cute Headband

Don’t want an outfit that is too over the top? If so, this could be perfect for you. Here we have a cute and casual outfit that includes white pants, a denim shirt and a colorful headband. It ticks all the boxes. There are patriotic colors, it suits the summer season and it will look stylish for any of the celebratory events. If you did want a bolder outfit, then you could wear a red top instead of blue.

21. Stars and Stripes Sweater

Even though the 4th of July is in the summer, you can still wear a light sweater. A lightweight sweater won’t be too warm and if the weather gets a little chilly then it will keep you cozy. You could choose a sweater just like this. It is blue with a red and white stripe design, there are also stars on it too. The sweater has been worn with shorts and white sneakers. Sweaters like these can be bought online and an outfit like this will suit everyone.

22. Summery Stripe Shirt

The next outfit we have to show you is one of our favorites because it is summery and it has a vintage vibe. This outfit features a striped shirt that is tied at the waist, jeans and red accessories. It is a chic and stylish 4th of July outfit idea and this is the perfect look for BBQs, outdoor parties and more.

23. Simple Red Dress

You can keep your 4th of July outfit simple and stylish like this. Here we have a bold red dress that has been worn with a cute jacket and beautiful accessories. Even though it only uses one of the patriotic colors, it is still perfect for the day. An outfit like this can be dressed up or down to suit any event. You could recreate this look or choose or a blue or white dress instead.

24. America T-Shirt

Our next outfit idea is cool and trendy. This look features a red distressed t-shirt with the word America and it has been worn with denim shorts. It is a stylish outfit that will suit everyone. You will be able to find similar tops to this one online and you can wear it with jeans or a skirt too.

25. Cute Stars Sweater

The last 4th of July outfit we have to show you features another cute sweater. This is lightweight and white with blue stars. It has been worn with denim shorts. We love this sweater because it will suit the celebrations but it will look stylish on other days too. Wear it with shorts or with jeans. You could wear red accessories or red lip color with this outfit to make it more patriotic.

We hope you have been inspired by these 4th of July outfits!

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