31 Stylish Outfit Ideas for Coachella

Coachella. Two weekends full of epic indie music and incredible fashion. It’s the perfect place to let your indie style run wild. Need help picking the perfect outfits for this awesome festival? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Boho, Hippie, Gypsy. No matter what your style is. We’ve got something for everyone. Dresses, tops, short and shoes. There are so many pieces to choose from. So try one, try all. Or just get inspiration to create your own amazing outfits. It’s entirely up to you. So sit back and relax. Here are a ton of oh-so stylish outfits for you to sink your teeth into.

1. Sexy, Sheer Look

Glamorous-casual. Chock full of sequins, beading and chains this look oozes glamour, whilst still retaining a casual feel with the floppy hat and suede booties. We absolutely adore the colour scheme of this style. Two colours. That’s it. And that’s all you need.

Sexy Outfit Idea for Coachella

Polyvore / annellie

This outfit contains so many trends. Lace, fringing, kimonos. We love them all. Want to be on-trend and look sexy while you’re doing it? This is the look for you.

2. White Dress + Camel Accessories

Simple perfection. Loose fitting dresses are a great go-to for Coachella. You won’t constantly have to be pulling your short skirt down, or rearranging your shorts. White is a smart choice too. Dark colours attract heat, so in this look you’ll remain cool and fashionable.

Coachella White Lace Dress Outfit

Polyvore / francesca-valentina-gagliardi

Simple jewellery really jazzes up this outfit and camel accessories complete the overall look in such a fashionable way. Add some sunglasses and you’re done.

3. Crop Top + Maxi Skirt

Crop tops and maxi skirts, what a great combination. Matching a plain item with a patterned piece is a brilliant style tip. You’ll look fashionable but nothing will clash. You could always switch it up and have a patterned skirt and plain top instead.

Crop Top Maxi Skirt Coachella Outfit Idea

Polyvore / london-wanderlust

The cropped design of the top is a nifty way of adding a bit of sexiness to your style. Not too much skin is showing, but you’re not completely covered either.

4. Black Shorts, Crop Top & Bomber Jacket

Flower crowns for the win. Flowers make any outfit instantly more girly, especially when woven into a crown. Black shorts are essential if you’re planning on sitting down. No one wants to stand up and have grass stains all over their arse.

Coachella Grunge Outfit Idea

Polyvore / chocolatepumma

Bomber jackets are quite a masculine style piece. The pink of this one really helps to soften the overall look. Add a few layers of necklaces and some rings and you’re sorted.

5. Print Pants + Leather Jacket

Check out this awesome leather jacket. Why pick a black or brown one when you could go for one that really stands out. There are tons of colours to choose from, and they’re a great accent piece.

Gypsy pants and Leather Jacket Coachella Outfit

Polyvore / ivansyd

Print pants are so in right now. These are a gorgeous mix between geometric and floral. Either style would look stunning, just make sure you only stick to one printed item. You don’t want to clash.

6. White Top + Denim Shorts

Suede and simple. Ripped denim shorts add a carefree feel to the overall style. The suede accessories are stunning. They really help to glam up the look, giving it a more sophisticated feel.

Denim Shorts White Top Coachella Outfit

Polyvore / ritacvi

You could always add some jewellery to this outfit. We recommend layering a ton of bracelets. Aim toward gold hues so as to match the bag. Or just pick a bag with silver accents if gold isn’t your colour.

7. Black Floral Dress + Black Accessories

Black is the new black. We’re head over heels in love with this dress. If you love wearing black, we’ve got you covered. The flute sleeves are so boho and the lace adds a flirty tone to the look.

Floral Print Bohemian Dress Coachella Outfit

Polyvore / angeldolce

The light, floaty material of this dress will definitely keep you cool and the floppy hat will prevent you burning. A pair of circular sunglasses will really finish the outfit off.

8. Bohemian Dress

WOW. The pattern on this dress is truly spectacular. With such a loud print we advise you to pick accessories that are quite plain. Just like what’s been chosen below.

Bohemian Dress Coachella Outfit Idea

Instagram / fuckedchanel

Be careful what jewellery you pair with this outfit. You don’t want it to clash with the dress. A few thin chokers are a awesome choice. They won’t take away from the main pattern. Just keep it simple when you accessorise.

9. Gypsy Inspired

Here’s another print for you fashionistas out there. This one’s more gypsy inspired which makes a nice change. Pulling colours from the printed piece is a smart way to pick items that match well. White was a good choice for this look.

Gypsy Outfit for Coachella

Instagram / monmondefou

Top tip nude goes with everything. So when styling around a prominent clothing item and in doubt, go with nude. Why not try adding bangles to this outfit?

10. Crochet Crop Top, Denim Shorts & Cardigan

Crochet and denim are such a good combination. The different textures compliment each other effortlessly. Cardigans a great way to add a bit of warmth to a look, and they are pretty too.

Denim Shorts Crochet Top Coachella Outfit

Polyvore / ordinarilyweird

Another flower crown too make the look more feminine and bohemian. Add a couple long pendants and some aviators and your look is complete. You could already swap out the sandals for some brown booties for added comfort.

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