21 Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring 2018

It is so important to choose the right dresses for your bridesmaids. The last thing you need when wedding planning is unhappy bridesmaids. We know choosing the right bridesmaid dresses is no easy task. So, we have done some of the hard work for you and found 21 of the best bridesmaid dresses for a spring wedding. We have dresses for all types of wedding and all the dresses will look beautiful on the photos!

1. Something Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

First up we have these beautiful blue bridesmaid dresses. Not only will these suit a spring wedding, but the dresses can also be the bride’s something blue! We recommend choosing a light pastel blue like the dresses featured as pastels are perfect for spring.

2. Bold, Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

We couldn’t have a spring list without featuring yellow! Yellow is a bright and sunny color which is perfect for the season. Our next dress idea shows how stylish yellow bridesmaids dresses can be. You could choose floaty dresses like these or maybe shorter ones. Pastel yellow would also be a lovely choice.

Bold Spring Yellow Dresses

Source: @thismodernromance

3. Sparkly Sweetheart Bridesmaid Dress

Glam up your wedding and choose sparkly bridesmaids dresses like this one. This dress has a sweetheart neckline and is floor length. It is also in a soft color and neutral colors like this suit everyone and will match a white bridal gown perfectly. A dress like this is a must have for a chic wedding.

Sparkly Sweetheart Bridesmaid Dress

Source: @watters

4. Elegant Boho Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the trends that always comes back around during the spring and summer is boho. You can bring this stylish look to your wedding with dresses like these. The dresses are in a beautiful pink shade and have a lace overskirt. Your bridesmaids will look elegant and trendy in dresses like these.

Elegant Boho Bridesmaid Dresses

Source: @onsboutique

5. Soft Spring Bridesmaid Dresses

Soft pinks are always great color choices for weddings. Light pink tones suit everyone and makes any dress style look beautiful. For a spring wedding we recommend choosing elegant and floaty dresses like these. We love the dress in the middle it is stunning!

6. Khaki and Floral Dresses

Maybe all the pretty colors are not your thing. Maybe you want bridesmaid dresses that are trendy instead of traditional. If this sounds like you then our next idea could be perfect. The bridesmaids at this wedding are wearing khaki dresses, there is also a floral one to. This color would be great for a spring wedding outdoors.

7. Spring Off the Shoulder Dress

If you want your bridesmaids to look trendy, then our next pick could be for you. This bridesmaid is wearing a floor length dress that has an off the shoulder feature. Off the shoulder dresses are super stylish so would be perfect for the special day. You could choose any color but a light one like this would be great for spring.

Spring Off the Shoulder Dress

Source: @wearerewritten

8. Light and Floaty Bridesmaid Dress

Everything about our next dress is perfect for the spring. The dress has the classic light color, is very elegant and is floor length. A dress like this would suit everyone and if you show this dress to your friends and family they will all want to be bridesmaids!

9. Beautiful Purple Bridesmaid Dress Idea

Purple is perfect for any wedding. The color is romantic, pretty and elegant. Our next dress features a beautiful purple shade. Purple will suit any dress length and style. You could choose a shorter dress or something long and floaty like this one.

10. Spring Blue Dresses

Next, we have a beautiful selection of blue and floral dresses. All these dresses would be great choices for a spring wedding. You could choose one dress style you like or maybe have your bridesmaids wearing different shades and prints. This allows your bridesmaids to show off their individual style.

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