21 Casual NYE Outfit Ideas

New Years Eve is associated with glamorous parties and events. That doesn’t mean that you need to have a huge party and wear an expensive outfit to celebrate the new year. You could have a quiet, simple get together with people you care about the most. If a low key new year sounds like a plan, then you need a cute outfit to wear. We have found 21 casual NYE outfit ideas that will keep you comfy and stylish for the New Year celebrations.

1. Statement Sleeve Sweater

First up we have this amazing sweater idea. You can buy so many different styles of sweater at this time of year but consider getting one with a statement sleeve. Statement sleeves will jazz up your sweater, so you can be very casual but also super stylish. A sweater like the one featured would be perfect for an NYE outfit.

Statement Sleeve Sweater


2. Simple Black Dress

Karl Lagerfeld once said, “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” This is so true, and our next pick proves it. Here we have a simple black short dress. You could wear this for a casual event with boots and a cardigan or glam it up with heels. A minimal dress like this would be perfect for NYE and beyond.

Simple Black Dress Outfit

Source: @shopfourthward

3. Elegant Top and Jeans

For a comfortable and casual NYE outfit consider wearing jeans and a pretty top. You could wear any top with jeans but one like this would be perfect. It is a beautiful color and has a trendy cut-out shoulder. Jeans will suit any event with a stylish top.

4. Plaid Shirt and Boots

New Year is part of the winter season, so why not wear a winter trend for NYE. Plaid shirts are timeless but always come back into the style spotlight at this time of year. A plaid shirt would be perfect for a casual New Year. You could wear with leggings and boots or with jeans and boots. Maybe add a necklace to.

Plaid Shirt and Boots Outfit

Source: @theclairelongfellow

5. Cute Skirt and Sweater

At the beginning of the post we mentioned sweaters with statement sleeves. Our next idea shows how cute one of these sweaters can look with a skirt and boots. This light colored sweater gives the skirt and boots a relaxed, cozy look. Any sweater would work with a simple outfit like this.

Cute Skirt and Sweater

Source: @sryopi

6. Chic All Black NYE Outfit

To get a glam look with minimal effort then choose an all-black outfit like this one. You can wear black jeans and a simple black top and look chic. An outfit like this can be worn at a casual event or a party. We love this because it is a relaxed but trendy look.

7. Cardigan and Jeans

Don’t underestimate how stylish a cardigan and jeans can look. Our next pick features a white top, black jeans and a light cardigan. This looks simple, relaxed but very stylish. You could even wear with a pretty necklace. A cardigan and jeans are staple items you will wear again and again.

Cardigan and Jeans Outfit Idea

Source: @thelook_diary

8. Shirt and Skirt

If you want an outfit that is simple but stylish then out next idea is for you. The outfit is made up of a white shirt and skirt. You could wear these two with tights and boots for a relaxed winter look. Any skirt will go with a white shirt. Choose a skirt that is loose for a casual outfit.

9. Faux Fur Gilet and Jeans

A faux fur gilet will jazz up your simplest outfits. In our next idea the outfit features a blouse, jeans and boots. Alone this would be plain outfit but add the fur gilet and you have a stylish look. Not only that but a gilet will keep you warm to!

10. Boho Dress

Bohemian fashion is usually in the style spotlight in the summer. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear boho fashion in the winter to! This fashionista is wearing a vibrant boho dress. A dress like this is easy to wear and you will be comfortable wearing it. Add some boots for a stylish but casual look.

Boho Dress Outfit Idea

Source: @plumtique

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