21 Casual Outfit Ideas for Spring and Summer

Coming up with a casual outfit idea can be hard.  From experience, I know that sometimes-evening outfits can be easier to put together than our daily casual outfits and this is crazy.  You tend to have to think about your day casual style because it might end up being your day and evening outfit, so it has to be appropriate for both.

Do you need a little inspiration for easy and stylish, casual outfit ideas?  Now we are in spring, sometimes it takes us a while to adjust to dressing for warmer seasons.  Pushing your winter clothes to the back of your wardrobe and replace with your spring and summer clothes is what many people do.  Instead of having a clear out, this is sometimes a better solution.

When choosing your casual outfits, you want to look stylish and cool.  There’s no point in not liking what you’re wearing because it will affect your mood all day.  You need to feel comfortable and sexy. We have come up with 21 casual outfit ideas for you to think about.  We have a variety of different styles from pencil skirts to denim shorts, we are sure you will find an outfit you love on here.

1. Cute Casual Outfit Idea

Everyone needs a pair of denim shorts.  Denim shorts go with absolutely anything and are perfect for daily or evening wear.  This outfit is very boho inspired and we love the longer kimono with the short denim shorts.  Always have a few loose vests in your wardrobe.  These are always useful for warm days and look stylish but casual with denim shorts. Another tip for this season is that fringe bags and tops are trending so keep a look out for this style.

Denim Shorts Kimono Casual Outfit Idea

Source: @littleblackcoconut

2. Casual Outfit for Summer

Think simple for summer. Sometimes less is more. A simple tee and high-waisted denim shorts are always a good look.  It shows how stylish you are and it will keep you cool.  When we do tend to overthink things, it can look a bit too put together and neat so just go simple option.

3. Denim Shorts + Espadrilles

Every girl should have a pair of espadrilles in summer!  They are comfortable and stylish.  These denim shorts look fab with a pair of espadrilles.  You can opt for a black pair and maybe think about getting another colour later.  Black will go with anything and any colour you wear so this would be the perfect choice for your first pair.  You can always add colour to your outfit with your accessories.

Denim Shorts and Espadrilles Outfit for Spring and Summer

Source: @zorannah

4. Stylish Mommy Outfit

If you are a mum and want to keep your style going, this is a casual and comfortable outfit for you.  We know you want to feel stylish, on-trend and casual, so why not wear this.  A white simple vest which you can tie in the middle to add your style and a long easy-wearing pencil skirt.  Wear a pair of causal fashionable trainers to finish the look and to keep your feet happy all day.  It is practical for your daily life and you will feel great.

5. Bomber Jacket + Midi Skirt

Bomber jackets are still stitching around. These sexy little jackets can be worn with any top and any bottoms.  This outfit shows how good a colourful red bomber jacket can look with a pencil skirt and trainers.

Casual Midi Skirt and Sneakers Casual Outfit Idea

Source: @sherlinanym

6. Two Piece + Sneakers

Two pieces are huge right now.  They tend to be matching colour or print but you can mix and match to your liking.  This casual outfit looks amazing.  Team with a pair of trainers to finish the look.

Two Piece and Sneakers Casual Outfit Idea

Source: @camilacoelho

7. Comfy Black and White Casual Outfit Idea

Black and white are two classic colours that everyone loves to wear. You might not like wearing colourful outfits even in summer and we understand that.  You might even be bored of wearing bright colours so you are opting for black and white for a change.  If you are looking for the perfect black and white casual outfit, then opt for a pair of black leggings, a black and white cropped top, a black bomber jacket and a fresh pair of white trainers.

8. LBD + Denim Shirt + Baseball Hat

Every girl needs a little black dress in her wardrobe. Your LBD can be made into a casual outfit too.  It’s not just for the evening evenings out.  Team yours with a denim shirt, casual trainers like these white classic Converse and a baseball cap.  Perfect!

Dress and Baseball Hat Casual Outfit Idea

Source: @cireneablog

9. Casual All White Outfit

This is the time of year when all the all-white outfits come out of the closet.  OK, summer is all about colours and wearing light colours.  This is an easy and stylish all white outfit.  A white tee with white ripped jeans and white Converse is a winner with us!

Chic All White Casual Outfit for Spring and Summer

Source: @sstyleev

10. Jeans + Black T-Shirt + Red Bandana

Jeans are great for casual outfits. Wear a pair of blue classic jeans, ripped or not whatever your style and team with a black tee.  To add colour to any outfit, think about accessories.  Wear a colourful head bandana.  It will keep your hair off your face throughout the day and you will look fab!

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