21 Stylish Flannel Outfit Ideas for Fall

Fall is just around the corner. So, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your fall wardrobe. One of the must-have styles for the season is flannel. We love the flannel trend and think you will to so we have found 21 flannel outfit ideas. Each one is easy to wear and will suit everyone. Take a look to find your favorite outfit.

1. Easy to Wear Flannel Outfit

First up we have this simple and stylish outfit. All you will need is a t-shirt, jeans and flannel shirt. There are many colors and styles of flannel shirt available. So, shop around and find your favourite. A flannel shirt is a great way to jazz up your basic outfits.

2. Around the Waist Flannel

There are a few ways that you can wear a flannel shirt to change up your look. This one has been tied around her waist. Wearing a flannel shirt around your waist is a trendy way to mix up your outfit. It also allows you to show off any awesome t-shirts you have! Pair with jeans and you are good to go.

Around the Waist Flannel for Flannel Outfit Ideas for Fall

Source: @bucklewenatchee294

3. Flannel Scarf

Flannel does not just have to be worn in shirts. You can get it in stylish scarves to. A scarf like this one is a trendy way to wear flannel this fall. Scarves are great to have as these can jazz up your plainer outfits. You could wear a scarf like this with any outfit.

4. Flannel and Gilet

Gilets are great to have for the fall. As it will keep you warm on the chilly days but is it not a full on winter coat. Gilets go with any top, especially flannel. A flannel and gilet combo will give you a stylish fall look. You could wear any color shirt and gilet for your own unique fall outfit.

Flannel and Gilet for Flannel Outfit Ideas for Fall

Source: @wakefieldandyork

5. Boho Flannel

These two fashionistas are wearing flannel with boho vibe. This is cool and unique way to wear the must-have fall trend. Wear your flannel with high waist jeans and a belt and you will have one trendy outfit. Outfits like these two will suit any girl.

6. Knotted Flannel

We mentioned earlier that there a few ways to wear flannel shirts. Here is another one. This shirt has been knotted at the front. A simple style change like this can transform the way your shirt and outfit looks. You could wear the same shirt in different ways to create a new look. A shirt like this will jazz up your basics to.

Knotted Flannel for Flannel Outfit Ideas for Fall

Source: @ciki_store

7. Flannel Poncho

Next, we have a very cute and stylish way to wear flannel. This outfit was created with a flannel poncho. A poncho is a chic and cozy piece that is perfect for the fall. You could get a poncho in any color to suit your style. Ponchos will suit everyone and it will go with everything.

Flannel Poncho for Flannel Outfit Ideas for Fall

Source: @cornbr3d

8. Over-sized Flannel

Over-sized pieces are another trendy choice for the fall. This next pick shows how stylish over-sized flannel can look! You could wear a shirt like this in many ways. Wear with jeans for a casual look or with a skirt or dress to glam it up. A shirt like this will become your go to fall piece.

9. Dress and Flannel

Here is another way to wear flannel tied around your waist. However, this shirt has been worn with a dress. We love this look as it is stylish and unique. You could tie any  flannel shirt around any dress. This is a chic look for the fall and it will suit everyone.

10. Cute Flannel Shirt and Skirt

Flannel shirts look very cute with a skirt. This outfit was created with a shirt that has been tucked into a high waist skirt. You could wear any skirt and shirt to recreate this look. Try to include the belt as this is a trendy way to accessorize.

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