25 Beautiful Prom Dresses for 2018

Prom is an important celebration that requires a special dress. Finding the perfect prom dress is fun and exciting but can also be a challenge. You want a dress that will make you feel confident and look gorgeous. There are so many different dresses out there it can be difficult to even begin thinking about the right dress for you. To give you some inspiration we have found 25 of the best prom dresses for 2018. We have a dress for everyone from sparkles to lace to dresses that make you look red carpet ready.

1. Sweetheart Prom Dress

First up we have a sparkly dress that looks fit for a princess! The dress has a pretty sweetheart neckline, close fitting bodice and flows into a stunning floor length skirt. The whole dress is covered in shimmering sparkles. A dress like this would suit anyone and will bring glamour to the prom.

2. Elegant Turquoise Prom Dress

Prom is the perfect occasion to make a statement so consider choosing a dress in a bold color like this one. The dress is a turquoise color with sheer panels on the bodice and gems all over. An extra special feature of this dress is the crystal flower straps. If you want to make a statement, choose a dress with a vibrant color and unique style like this.

Elegant Turquoise Prom Dress

Source: @teutamatoshiduriqi

3. Black Lace Prom Dress

A black dress suits any occasion you can’t go wrong. Our next prom idea features a black dress that has a trendy update. The dress has beautiful lace sleeves and two skirts. One skirt is short while the sheer overskirt is delicate and sweeps the floor. With a dress like this you get a classic black dress look as well as formal gown to.

4. Vibrant Ombre Dress

Our next idea is this unique ombre gown. The dress has a wrap over, halter neck bodice with a stylish cut-out and overskirt. The white and purple compliment each perfectly to create a beautiful ombre. You could take inspiration from this and choose an ombre dress or a dress in one color with similar features. Either way you will have a stunning prom look.

Vibrant Ombre Prom Dress

Source: @teutamatoshiduriqi

5. Red Lace Dress

We couldn’t talk about prom dresses without mentioning lace. Lace dresses are stylish, elegant and gorgeous. This red lace dress is backless and sweeps the floor. The red color makes the dress bold and statement making. You could choose a similar dress in other colors to, black would be a beautiful choice. If your dress is backless consider wearing an updo to show off the feature.

6. Trendy Black Floor Length Dress

One of the trends that has been in the style spotlight is the crystal embellishment trend. Little crystal flowers and patterns have been put on to tops, bags, sweaters and more. Our next pick shows how you can wear this trend for the prom. This stunning long black dress has a net feature on the bodice and sleeves with crystal embellishments. A dress like will give your look a pop of color and sparkle.

7. Delicate Light Floor Length Dress

Next, we have a stunning dress idea. The skirt uses a light and floaty fabric and the bodice has a choker feature. Choker dresses are very stylish and one like this is perfect for a special occasion as it is covered in sparkling crystals. The dress overall looks pretty, delicate and party ready.

Delicate Long Prom Dress

Source: @dressingdreams

8. Black Prom Dress

Our next dress idea is trendy and combines different styles. The skirt of the dress is black, formal and sweeps the floor, while the top of the dress is more for a party. The bodice features stylish cut-outs and a sweetheart neckline. With a dress like this you get the best of both worlds you look special and ready for the dance floor.

9. Bold Blue Dress

If you prefer simpler dresses, then this next idea could be for you. This dress is close fitting, hits the floor and has a split that ends just above the knee. There isn’t anything complicated about this dress and anyone could wear it. You could choose a dress in a bold and beautiful blue like this one or wear your favourite shade, almost any color would work.

10. Glamorous Sleeveless Dress

Want a glamorous prom dress? Then you need to check out our next idea. This dress is sleeveless, figure-hugging and has a beautiful sparkling design. When looking for your dress you my not find a sparkly pattern but don’t worry, the key elements to this look are the close fit, no sleeves and floor length skirt. You could choose almost any color fabric for a dress like this.

Glamorous Black Sleeveless Prom Dress

Source: @laurabadura

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