23 Cute Cloud Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Clouds are big, fluffy masses that can take on so many different and interesting shapes. Have you ever lain in the grass on a warm summer’s day and just watched the clouds go by? Cloud watching can be super relaxing and entertaining, especially during the warmer months. There is just something about them that makes us peaceful and calm. If you’ve ever experienced that feeling then you know why more and more people are getting cloud tattoos.

Meaning: Cloud tattoos can mean different things for different people. They can symbolize inner peace, positivity, freedom,  hope, dreaming and mystery.

If you’re thinking about getting a cloud tattoo, here is the collection of 23 super cute designs for your inspiration:

Cute Cloud Tattoo Designs and Ideas

1. Small Cloud Finger Tattoo

Small Cloud Finger Tattoo for Women


2. Cloud + Heart Rain

Cloud and Heart Rain Tattoo Idea

Source: @serione

3. Simple Cloud Design on the Back

Simple Back Cloud Tattoo

Source: @raanbob

4. Cute Cartoon Cloud Wrist Tattoo

5. Cosmic Cloud + Love Rain

6. Unique & Interesting Design

Unique Cloud Tattoo Design

Source: @oggysxm

7. Cute Upper Thigh Tattoos

Cloud Upper Thigh Tattoos for Women

Source: @amosriley

8. Matching BFF Cloud Tattoos

9. Line Cloud

Line Cloud Tattoo Design

Source: @hipmaruda

10. Matching Tattoo Idea for Couples

11. Tiny Cloud Foot Tattoo

Tiny Cloud Foot Tattoo

Source: @dazbote

12. Sun & Lightning Cloud Tattoo

Sun and Lightning Cloud Tattoo


13. Watercolor Cloud Tattoo

14. Small Cloud Raining Hearts Tattoo

15. Cloud Raining Stars Design

Cloud Raining Stars Tattoo Design

Source: @yktattoo1

16. Tiny Storm Cloud

17. Cute Cloud Tattoo with Mustaches

18. Two Clouds Tattoo

Two Clouds Wrist Tattoo


19. Word/Quote into Cloud

Word Forming Cloud Tattoo Idea

Source: @dayisis

20. Line Cloud & Rain Design

Unique Graphic Line Cloud Tattoo Idea

Source: @purandy

21. Heart Rain Design

22. Line Cloud Tattoo on the Back

Line Cloud Tattoo on the Back


23. Splash of Color Cloud Tattoo

Splash of Color Cloud Tattoo Idea


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