25 Amazing DIY Halloween Decorations

Let’s face it, when it comes to Halloween there’s no such thing as ‘overdoing’ it when it comes to decorating. When you have kids, the festivities are even more heightened. Even if you don’t, the trick-or-treating kids on your block won’t let you be a ghoul about the entire affair. If you’re not jumping on the DIY Halloween decorations bandwagon, you just don’t know what you’re missing.

1. Ghost Cloches

The good news is that these DIY Halloween decorations are super easy, and with a bit of clever handiwork, your house could look like something out of a horror film too.

We love the spooky ghosts here and they’re easily made with cotton wool balls, complete with cut-out black pieces of paper to recreate the eyes and mouth. It’s easy, and definitely one the kids could get involved with. You could even spray-paint those candle holder-bottoms to match your decor too … Or just spooky black and orange.

2. Black and White BOO Pumpkins

And if you happen to have a few pumpkins lying around, why not incorporate them into your DIY Halloween decorations too? With the help of a can of spray paint, you too could have beautiful white / cream pumpkins like you can see here, and you could use a stencil to help you create those black letters.

We love the ‘BOO’ that has been used here, but you could have the numbers of your house, the initials of your family, anything you liked really. You could even add more pumpkins, or just have one pumpkin. Why not let the kids decide?

3. Black and White Halloween Vignette 

Think of all the things Halloween-y you could get together, and then throw them all together in one centre-piece for your home. You’d have a Christmas tree, wouldn’t you? So why wouldn’t you have a Halloween wall?

Black and White Halloween Vignette

Source: @hibiscus_aloha

Have as much or as little as you liked with this one – black card or paper used to recreate those witchy hats, or you could always just buy those for cheap enough in your local dollar / pound store. You could pick up white sticks whilst walking in the woods with your kids, and those can be spray painted white if you wanted this monochrome Halloween look. What about spraying them different colours to match your decor. Add candles, even decorate the candles, add little pumpkins, add anything spooky you liked really. We’re totally using this one as inspiration.

4. Googly Ghosts

Another super-easy DIY Halloween decorations idea – googly ghosts. Because they’re cute and funny all rolled into one. The kids are going to love these little guys.

You could stick these googly eyes onto anything – they’ve self-adhesive – and once you start playing around, you’ll learn how much fun you can have with them. Before long you’ll be sticking them on everything … Or watching the people on the internet stick them on everything.

5. Hocus Pocus Wreath

It’s one of our favourite Halloween movies. In fact, it’s one of our favourite movies full stop. The one, the only, Hocus Pocus. But which witch was your favourite? For us, it’s got to be Sarah Jessica Parker. No, Bette Midler’s character. She was a little legend.

Hocus Pocus Halloween Wreath


This Hocus Pocus wreath is not only really cool to look at, it uses two of the classic colours associated with All Hallow’s Eve – black and orange. The black was to symbolise death and destruction, the usual colour of mourning, and the orange was for the harvest, for the original reasons of Samhaim and why the festivities came about in the first place. Something to think about with your DIY Halloween decorations, right?

6. Creative No-Carve Pumpkins

If, like us, you really hate carving pumpkins because of the mess, smell, and the loads of pumpkin-stuff that you then need to find something to use it for, why not decorate your pumpkin rather than carve it out?

Black White Gold Creative No-Carve Pumpkins


These have been painted and studded, but you could add lace, spray paint them, use stencils, add decoupage, embellishments, and more. You could really let the kids go to town with this pumpkin decorating idea, and not just the little kids – you too!

7. Spooky Halloween Candles

These spooky DIY Halloween decorations look really complicated but they’re actually super-easy to make. You just need to know the tricks of the trade. Don’t worry, we’re about to share them with you. These are too fabulous NOT to share!

Easy Halloween Candle DIY


There are quite a few ways to recreate this kind of look, and the good news is once you’ve learned how to do this for your DIY Halloween decorations, you can then go ahead and use similar ideas for Christmas, birthday’s, Valentines Day, etc… Soon you won’t ever need to buy a new seasonal decoration ever again! 😉

One of the easiest ways to get the Halloween silhouette for your candle is to print out a black and white design onto white paper. Cut the design out, and then tape it, like a roll of wrapping paper, around the candle jar. When the tea-light or candle is lit within, it’ll light up whatever is on the outside of the paper just like you can see here.

8. Halloween Mason Jars

Have you ever collected loads of old food jars because you “might need them one day”, only to never really find a reason to use them again, and ending up with a cupboard filled with glass jars and lids that you can’t bear to part with. Well, your DIY Halloween decorations are a great excuse to get them out and use them, and this is definitely one the kids can go crazy with.

Halloween Spider Mason Jars Decoration


These make great Halloween candle holders, although you do need to remember that the top needs to be left open. If you close the jam jar, the candle will go out because of the lack of oxygen, but you knew that right? Decorate the outside of the jar in whatever designs and styles you (or the kids) like, stick some tea-light candles inside, and see what happens when the lights go out and the fire is lit …

9. Porch Decoration

It’s quite a simple idea really – that’s a large coat / hat rack underneath a bed sheet, and different sizes of (christmas-tree-style) lights have been used to illuminate things from the inside. It’s the eyes and the mouth that give the game away, three circles make from black paper or, if you have none, some black garbage bags instead. Just tape them in place.

It’s such a simple idea, and perfect for when you’ve left everything to the last minute and literally have no other idea how to Halloween your house up. You could even create a family of ghosts if you wanted to get really inventive – getting smaller in size!

10. Wriggling Snake Wreath

What do you get when you spray paint an older twig-style wreath with black matte paint, and then superglue / glue-gun a bunch of plastic rubber snakes around it, also spray-painted black? A spooky wreath that’s perfect for Halloween, that’s what. We bet this one would have been running away and screaming from the front door … leaving more candy left for you!

You could make a wreath from twigs and branches you find, or you could use the old Christmas wreath that’s been lying around in the attic for a while. You could spray-paint the wreath with a whole bunch of colours too – it could be orange instead of the black you see here. In fact, you could make it any colour you wanted! DIY Halloween decorations gone wild!

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