43 Cool and Creative Baby Shower Ideas for 2020

A baby shower is a celebration for the parents-to-be. It is a time when family and friends can get together, have fun and get excited for the new arrival. If you are planning one of these events, you need to check out our 43 cool baby shower ideas. We have games, cakes, decorations and more that can be used to create an unforgettable baby shower.

1. Baby Shower Dessert Cart Idea

Every celebration needs desserts and cake! Our first idea features this beautiful dessert cart. The cart is blue because the baby shower is for a boy and it is personalized with the family name. You could have something like this in pink for a girl. It is just a special way to present your food and/or dessert. Everyone would think it is awesome.

2. Cotton Candy Gender Prediction Game

Next, we have fun gender prediction game. At a baby shower, you can ask your guests to guess if the baby will be a boy or a girl, there are many styles of this game out there. For this one, each person will make their prediction by choosing either pink or blue cotton candy. It is a game that guests will enjoy, and everyone gets a treat.

Cotton Candy Gender Prediction Game

Source: @tinyballoon

3. Baby Shower Gift/Decor Idea

If you are looking for a baby shower gift, then you need to check out our next pick. This idea features a baby bath, bathing essentials and a baby balloon. With this, the parent will get important items for the baby as well as a super cute gift. Something like this could be also be used for decoration.

4. Guess the Baby Food Game

Ever wondered what baby food tastes like? With this game idea you and the guests can find out! This baby shower game is called name the baby food. For this, you will need jars of baby food with a guessing card. Each person tastes the food and writes down what flavor they think it is. Whoever gets the most correct answers wins. This is a simple, creative and fun game that everyone will love.

Guess the Baby Food Baby Shower Game

Source: @sevensix_eventsndesign

5. Gender Prediction Photo Booth

If you like the gender prediction game ideas, then you may like our next pick too. This gender prediction is a photo booth, one side of the frame is pink and the other blue. Each person makes a prediction by having their photo taken in blue or pink. This is a fun game, and everyone will be able to look back at the pictures. The photos can be kept as a reminder the special day.

Gender Prediction Photo Booth

Source: @pop.ops

6. Baby Block Centerpiece

The decorations are an important part of the baby shower as you want the room to look party ready. This next idea features baby block centerpieces with flowers on top. These would look so cute on the tables. You could recreate the blocks in any color and these would be a great DIY project.

7. Cute Pink Diaper Cake Idea

When choosing a gift for a baby shower it is a good idea to pick something cute but practical. By buying something that the parents need, you will be helping them for the future. A diaper cake is perfect as it looks – adorable but has a purpose. Diaper cakes feature many diapers arranged into a cake shape. You can get these in pink, blue, yellow with different tiers and in different styles.

Cute Pink Diaper Cake Idea

Source: @theposhtoosh

8. Mom-Osa Cocktail Idea

Next, we have a non-alcoholic cocktail that is perfect for a baby shower. This cocktail is a twist on the Mimosa and is called a Mom-Osa. The Mom-Osa is a fruity drink that contains no alcohol. You could create a few mocktails and give them baby shower names.

Mom-Osa Cocktail Table Idea

Source: @tinyballoon

9. Gender Reveal Bath Bomb

While searching for cool baby shower ideas, we came across these amazing gender reveal bath bombs. You put the bath bomb in water and it will fizz either blue or pink to say whether the baby is a boy or a girl. These are so unique and creative! Bath Bombs could be given at a baby shower as party favors so everyone gets an extra surprise after the shower is over!

10. Baby Bottle Balloons

Balloons are a must-have for any celebration. You can get creative with how you display balloons as you can see with these balloon baby bottles! There is a blue bottle and a pink one, you could have one color if you know the gender or have them both if you don’t. These would look amazing at any baby shower.

11. Creative Baby Sock Tree

Decorative trees have become very popular for almost every occasion. We have seen trees for Easter, Valentine’s Day and more. You can have a tree for a baby shower too. This next idea features a white tree that has been covered in baby socks. We love this idea because it is very unique and creative. It would look very cute at any baby shower.

12. Who’s That Baby Game Idea

Our next idea is a game that everyone will love, it is a game called who’s that baby? For this, you will need a board and pictures of all the guests when they were babies. Stick the pictures to the board and get the guests to try and guess who is each baby. This is a fun game that will get everyone laughing and having fun.

Who's That Baby Baby Shower Game Idea

Source: @baileyl86

13. Blue and Pink Baby Shower Cake

Next, we have a beautiful cake idea. The cake has a baby theme in pink and blue colors. A cake like this would be perfect for any baby shower. You could also use a cake like this for a gender reveal, the sponge on the inside could be colored blue or pink.

14. Fun Scratch Card Idea

Games and prizes are popular at any celebration. If you want a game that is simple and quick to play, then consider fun scratch cards. These scratch cards have a baby theme as you need to find the baby doll to win. There are so many cute cards available to buy for baby showers.

Fun Scratch Card Idea

Source: @3eggsdesign

15. Baby Shower Dessert Table Idea

Earlier in the post we shown a dessert cart for a baby shower. Our next pick shows how you can create a beautiful dessert table. This one is very glam and features lots of flowers, gold vases and more. Something like this would be perfect for any baby shower, you could also change the color scheme to blue if you know the baby is a boy.

16. Baby Prediction Game

Everyone likes to make predictions about a new baby and think who the new arrival will look like. Prediction cards like these give guests the chance to guess things like time of birth, eye color and more. This is a fun game that everyone can get involved with. The parents-to-be can look back on these cards and find out who was right.

17. Adventure Diaper Cake Idea

If you liked the diaper cake from earlier in the post, then you may like this one too. This diaper cake is blue so is more for boys. If you are thinking of buying a gift for a new baby boy, then something like this would be perfect. It is creative, unique and will be used when the baby is born.

18. Baby Block Gift Boxes

Next, we have these awesome baby block gift boxes. These could be used as gift boxes to give to the parents-to-be and can also be used as party favor boxes. Boxes like these are super cute. You could have boxes like these in any color.

19. Funny Ready to Pop Cake Idea

Bring some humor to the baby shower with a funny cake like this one. The beautiful cake has a topper which says ready to pop. This is perfect for women who are almost at their due date. A topper like this would look awesome on any cake.

Funny Ready to Pop Baby Shower Cake Idea

Source: @kyrstens_kitchen

20. Candle Party Favor Idea

Next, we have this candle idea. The candles are personalized and say thank you for attending the baby shower. These would be beautiful gifts for your guests and it will also be a reminder of the special day. You could also give candles out as prizes too.

21. Floral Baby Shower Decor Idea

If you are having a summer baby shower, consider making it vibrant and floral like this one. The bright colors and flowers would suit the summer season. You could also have decor like this outside too. If the baby shower is for a boy, you could have a different color scheme.

22. Baby Shower Cookie Idea

Cookies are very popular dessert choices at parties and celebrations. These cookies would be perfect for a baby shower as they are shaped like a baby suit. You could have cookies like these made with your own icing design. Maybe have pink or blue.

23. Diaper Baby Shower Game

Next on our list is this fun diaper game. Every guest writes a message on a diaper for the parents to read later. This is a great way for family and friends to give advice and to share funny stories. Everyone will enjoy this game. You could also have a poem like this one.

24. Cute Messages Book

Next, we have a cute message book idea. You can have a book like this at the baby shower and each guest can write a small note to the baby and parents can also sign their name. A book like this will be a great memory to look back on and you can remember who shared your special day. You can also reread the messages and read them to the child once they are grown up.

25. Unique Flower Crown Creation Station

This next idea is unique and it is one of our favorites. Here we have a flower crown creation station or bar. It allows guests to choose beautiful flowers and then they can use them to create a stunning flower crown. They can then wear the flower crowns for the baby shower. It is a cool and creative idea that will get guests talking, having fun and it lets out their artistic skills too.

26. Creative Prosecco Party Favor

If you are looking for cute and creative party favors, then this idea could be perfect for you. These party favors feature a small bottle of Prosecco with a personalized gift tag. The tag is so adorable because it instructs guests to open the bottle once they have heard the news that the baby has been born. So, not only is a unique party favor, but it will be fun for the guests after the shower too. You can use any drink for a favor like this.

27. Winner’s Certificate for Baby Shower Games

Playing games at the baby shower? If so, you need prizes and certificates like these could be a great idea. Here we have winner’s certificates that displays who won the game and it is personalized too. These are easy prizes and everyone will love them. If you like crafting, then you could create the certificates yourself.

28. Pacifier Hunt

Next, we have a cute game that is perfect for a baby shower. This is a pacifier hunt and a certain amount of pacifiers are hidden around the room. Whoever finds the most wins. 24 have been used here but you could use any amount. You could even have one pacifier that is a different color so whoever finds that receives a bonus prize.

29. Personalized Board

This next idea is so cute and it would be great to put on display at a baby shower. Here we have a personalized board. It features who’s baby shower it is and the date. There is also a scan photo and information about the mom-to-be and her baby such as the size of the baby and what cravings mom is having. It is a cute idea and guests will love this. You could even keep the board as a memory of the special day.

Personalized Board

Source: @mamabeargraphicdesign

30. Fingerprint Tree

The next idea is another unique and beautiful one. For this baby shower, a fingerprint tree was put on display. At this event guests used pink or blue ink and placed their fingerprint on the tree. They also signed their name. This is so cute because not only does it create a memory of who attended the baby shower, but it is also a great gender reveal game too. You can, of course, not use the gender reveal colors and have fingerprint tree just as a fun way to remember who celebrated the special day.

31. Beautiful Welcome Idea

Welcome your guests to the baby shower in style by recreating something like this. At this baby shower a welcome sign that was made out of a beautiful mirror was put up. At the side of the sign, there were also shelves that were full of drinks. So, as each guests comes through the entrance, they can grab a drink on their way in. It is a fun and creative welcoming area. You can use any drinks for this.

32. Unique Plant Favors

Next, we have another party favor idea. This time we have small succulent plants that are decorated with a cute tag. Plants are great to give out to guests because they can be enjoyed long after the baby shower is over. It is a unique idea. You can use any plants and you can personalize the tag to read anything you want too.

Unique Plant Favors

Source: @cami_alfajores

33. Decoration Ideas for a Bee Themed Baby Shower

There are so many different baby shower themes and a popular one is bees. Bee themed baby showers are great for the summer, are unique and are perfect for those who want to use different colors other than the classic pink and blue. To get you inspired, we have cute decor ideas for a bee themed baby shower. All of these are a honeycomb shape and read things like “mommy to bee”. We love these and they are so cute. You can buy something similar or if you are crafty, then try to recreate the decorations yourself.

34. Guess When the Baby Will be Born Game

Next, we have another cute game to show you. Here we have a calendar and above it reads “Place your bets! When do you think baby will be born?”. For this, guests can write their name on the day that they think the baby will arrive. Whoever wins will get a prize once the baby is born. It is a cute and fun idea that guests will love.

35. Wish Tree

This next idea is another one of our favorites! At this baby shower, a wish tree was displayed. For this, a bare tree was used and tags and pens were placed next to it. Guests then had to write messages on the tags. It could be a wish for the baby, an advice or a cute quote and then they had to tie it to the tree. It is such a unique and beautiful idea. You will be able to keep this as a special memory. Wish trees can be bought online or you can by tree decorations like this from craft stores.

Wish Tree

Source: @myarbelle

36. Stunning Baby Shower Decoration Idea

If you want to wow with your decor, then this idea could be perfect for you. Here we have a stunning white stroller that has been filled with beautiful flowers. It is a very unique idea but as you can see, it does make a statement. You can recreate decor like this with any stroller and with any flowers.

37. Ready to Pop Party Favors

Next, we have another party favor idea and it is probably one of the cutest that we have seen. Small cups have been filled with popcorn and the tag reads “ready to pop”. It is a fun and adorable idea. You can recreate something similar to this or you could even have blue or pink popcorn or a mix of colors.

38. Bib Decorating Station

Love the creative game ideas? If so, this could be perfect for you. This time we have a bib decoration station. So, each guest is given a plain white bib and they have to decorate it. They could draw a cute picture or write a nice message or just decorate it with pretty patterns. It is a fun game that everyone will love. You could even give a prize to the guest who designed the best bib.

Bib Decorating Station

Source: @ohmyconfetti_

39. Jungle Themed Baby Shower

Next, we have another cool baby shower theme idea. This baby shower had an awesome jungle theme! The venue was decorated with wild animals, jungle plants and more. It is a unique and fun idea. This is perfect for those who want something different for their baby shower. You could even have jungle themed games too.

40. Adorable Baby Bottles

Looking for more prize ideas? If so, you need to check this out! Here we have small plastic baby bottles that have been filled up with candy. They are also personalized with gift tags too. You could gives these out as prizes or as party favors. You can buy baby bottles like these online.

41. Cute Baby Shower Gift Bag Idea

You could even put your party favors in little gift bags like these! Here we have small paper bags that have been personalized with a tag. It is a very cute idea and you could fill these up with whatever you want. An example could be a candy baby bottle and a thank you message. Bags like these can decorated however you like.

Cute Baby Shower Gift Bag Idea

Source: @santry_co

42. Guess How Many Game

Next, we have another cute game. This time the game is called “Guess How Many?”. A jar has been filled up with peanuts and all guests have to do is guess how many are in the jar. The closest answer wins a prize. You can recreate this adorable elephant version or fill up the jar with anything you like. Candy is a popular choice.

Guess How Many Game

Source: @itsmeriss91

43. Sweet Party Favors

If you are thinking about having a bee theme for your baby shower, then you should have party favors like these! For this baby shower, small jars of honey were created with a personalized mommy to bee label. It is a unique idea and guests will love to receive a sweet treat like this.

We hope you have been inspired by our cool baby shower ideas!

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