21 Beautiful Rose Tattoo Ideas for Women

Roses are not just a pretty flower, these beautiful blooms have also become a must have tattoo design. Tattoos featuring roses have been popular for many years. Inked roses are timeless making these a great tattoo choice. No matter what your style is there is a design for you. We love the rose style and think you will to. So, to get you inspired we have found 21 of the best rose tattoo ideas. There is something for everyone.

1. Delicate Rose

First on our list is this delicate rose tattoo. It is lightly shaded and is very detailed which makes it look like a beautiful work of art. This design has been placed on the arm but you could have this anywhere on the body. A design like this is realistic and will wow anyone that sees it.

Delicate Single Rose Arm Tattoo Idea

Source: @crizsuconic

2. Pretty Pink Rose Tattoo

Foot tattoos have become very popular and with a tattoo like this we can see why! This stunning rose art features beautiful light pinks and rich green shades. Pink roses are said to symbolize healing, grace and elegance. Making it a great choice if you want something pretty and feminine. Ink like this will also look great with your summer shoes.

Pretty Pink Rose Foot Tattoo Idea

Source: @alexandros_neanidis_etf

3. Artistic Rose

Next on our list is this gorgeous water color ink. It features a beautiful rose with splashes of pink and green. This tattoo is like the stained glass rose from Beauty and the Beast giving it a magical look. The water color style makes the design artistic and unique.

Watercolor Artistic Rose Arm Tattoo Idea

Source: @orizon1

4. Thigh Ink

Thigh tattoos have become a must have. One of the great things about thigh ink is that you can show it off or cover it up. The choice is yours. This design features a rose with dark shading which creates a trendy and edgy vibe. You could even add to a tattoo design like this in the future.

Shaded Rose Thigh Tattoo Idea

Source: @kimd_v

5. Single Rose Tattoo

Our next pick is a design that will give everyone tattoo envy! This single rose rib tattoo features beautiful pink petals and a rich green stem. The colors and shading on this design are just stunning. Rib tattoos although painful are a stylish choice that can be shown off or covered up.

6. Triangle Rose Design

Looking for something unique? Then check out this trendy tattoo. This one features simple roses in black ink with a creative triangle design in the center. When you look inside the triangle you can see the roses are different and are more detailed. We love this design as it gives the tattoo more depth. Something like is stylish and will suit everyone.

7. Watercolor Rose Tattoo

Here is another gorgeous example of watercolor tattooing. This one looks like it is straight off an artist’s canvas. The pink and purple shades blend together beautifully and the drips of “paint” are an awesome touch that make it look realistic. A design like this is pretty and creative.

Pink and Purple Watercolor Rose Tattoo Idea


8. Traditional Ink

Tattoo techniques have changed over the years. If you like the more traditional styles then this could be the tattoo for you. This rose design captures the old-school look, it features bold black lines and vibrant shades. A design like this is great on its own or as part of a sleeve.

9. Black Ink Rose

Next on our list is this gorgeous black ink rose. This tattoo doesn’t have the bold rose colors but it does have stunning detail. You could have a smaller design created or go bold and have something bigger. It is a trendy piece that will look super stylish tattooed on the arm.

10. Blue Ink

If red roses aren’t your thing, then check out this unique piece. This tattoo features a beautiful blue rose. Blue roses are said to symbolize balance, mystery and more. Ink like this is perfect for the trendsetters that want to stand out from the crowd.

11. Creative Single Rose Tattoo

This cute leg tattoo features a single watercolor rose. This is a trendy example of how flashes of color make a tattoo design look unique. You still get the traditional rose colors with a fresh and modern twist. You could have a design like this tattooed anywhere.

Single Watercolor Rose Creative Tattoo Idea

Source: @anamaturana

12. Cute Roses

Hip tattoos are super cute. This double rose design features very detailed pink roses. Tattoos like this are stylish and feminine. You could have any color rose in ink like this. If you want something arty have the watercolor and if you’re more of a minimalist try just black ink.

13. Rose and Compass

Next on our rose tattoo list is this trendy compass ink. It features a beautiful single rose, compass and feathers. Designs like this can mean different things to different people. But tattoos like these are said to provide protection. This belief comes from sailors who had compass tattoos for protection over the rough seas. It is a unique tattoo that will look stylish on everyone.

Black Ink Rose and Compass Tattoo Design

Source: @nora_ink

14. Bold Red Rose Ink

Here is another tattoo with an old-school vibe. This one is bold and covers most of the arm. The leaves have beautiful dark shading and detail which suits the rich red color of the petals. It is a stunning ink that will make a statement. You could even have smaller roses to create a sleeve design.

15. Pretty Double Rose Design

If you liked the double rose design then you need to check out this collar bone tattoo. This one features two black ink roses with a stem and a smaller rose. This is feminine and very trendy. You could even be bold and have a splash of color added to the roses.

16. Bunch of Roses

Thinking of getting a bold rose design? Then have a look at this bunch of roses. It features three vibrant roses covering the lower arm. Something like this is statement making. A design like this could be made into a stylish sleeve and you could even just use black ink. This tat is a great source of inspiration.

Bunch of Red Roses Tattoo Idea


17. Illustrated Ink

Black ink roses are chic and stylish. The design features two roses with no shading just clean and crisp lines. This technique creates a trendy and timeless piece that will never out-date. You could mix it up and have one rose or multiple roses to create a more dramatic finish.

18. Pink Petal Rose

This next tattoo shows how an artist can use multiple techniques to create a stunning design. The ink features a soft shaded pink rose with water colored edges and the rose is finished off with black stem. These three elements combined make a statement ink that will wow. There are many ways you and your artist could re-create a tattoo like this.

Pink Petal Rose with Dark Stem Tattoo Design Idea

Source: @malubiana

19. Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos are a very popular choice. You can show it off or cover it up when you need to. This rose design is funky and stylish. You could have a black ink design like this or add a splash of color. A shoulder tattoo would be great for the summer.

Black Ink Single Rose Shoulder Tattoo Idea

Source: @ozan_soylerkaya

20. Rose Sleeve

Our next pick shows how stunning rose sleeve designs can be. This sleeve features a mixture of bold red roses and shaded black ink roses. This color combination looks amazing. If you are thinking about getting a sleeve then use this as inspiration to create the perfect ink with style.

Red and Black Ink Rose Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Source: @aaronneiman

21. Back of the Arm Tattoo

Last on our list is this single shaded rose arm tattoo. This one has the traditional style without the bold colors. Something like this is great if you prefer your tats without color. A tattoo like this will jazz up your t-shirts and will never go out of style.

Black Ink Single Rose Back of Arm Tattoo Idea

Source: @yee_tattoo

We hope you have found inspiration for your next tattoo design!

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