21 Christmas Cocktails to Make in 2017

A big part of Christmas is food and drink. Whether you are going to a loved one’s house or are hosting a Christmas party chances are you will be having little treats all through the festive season. If you are having a party or gathering, consider serving Christmas cocktails. Cocktails are perfect for special occasions, so we have found 21 Christmas Cocktails to Make in 2017. All these drinks are festive, taste delicious and look great.

1. ‘Naughty-List’ Cocktail

First on our list is this festive red and white cocktail. The drink is called the “naughty list” and is made of gin, sparkling ICE black cherry flavor, simple syrup, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice and one egg. You can also garnish the drink with a candy cane to give it a cute Christmassy look.

2. Christmas Cranberry Cocktails

Cranberry’s are a popular Christmas ingredient so why not include these tasty berries in your cocktails to? Not only will these add flavor but will also make a cute garnish. This next cocktail idea shows how to use cranberries to finish off your drink, it looks perfect for Christmas. You can garnish almost any drink with cranberries.

Christmas Cranberry Cocktail

Source: @aandblondon

3. Snowball Cocktail

Next, we have a very festive cocktail. It is the classic drink called the snowball. To make a cocktail like this you will need Warninks Advocaat, lime juice and lemonade. Maybe even add a splash of gin to give it a kick. Serve in glasses or cute Christmassy jars like these!

Snowball Chritmas Cocktail

Source: @worsleygin

4. Raspberry Infused Vodka

Our next idea is perfect for a Christmas party. This jar is full of raspberry infused vodka. It is a tasty low-cost cocktail idea with a festive red color. You could serve in a jar or punch bowl, so guests can get drinks themselves. If serving in a jar you could decorate it like the snowball jars.

Raspberry Infused Vodka

Source: @kirstijoanderson

5. Orange and Cinnamon Christmas Punch

We love this next cocktail idea as it looks very festive and the ingredients are very Christmassy! To make this Christmas punch you will need cranberries, apple, blueberries, water, ginger, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, brown sugar, orange and pomegranate. You can find the instructions on the page featured. This drink would look awesome at any Christmas event.

6. Winter Apple Cider Cocktail

Warm up this winter with an apple cider cocktail like this one. There are so many different cocktails you can make with apple cider from a Martini to Bellini. So, experiment to find a flavor you like. You can add other festive ingredients to such as cinnamon. If you want your cocktail to have a kick then add a dash of bourbon.

7. Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa

If you want Christmas cocktails that are easy to make and that don’t have a long list of ingredients, then this recipe is for you. This festive red cocktail is a vanilla cranberry mimosa. You can make this with vanilla vodka, cranberry juice and sparkling wine. Just add the vodka then cranberry juice then top with the wine. You will have a tasty cranberry mimosa that friends and family will love.

Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa

Source: @eventfullydor

8. Festive Green Matcha Milkshake

Next, we have a very festive green matcha milshake cocktail. You can make this cocktail with vodka, peach matcha syrup, aloe vera dink and an egg white. We love this drink because it features three Christmassy colors, red green and white. The red is a cute raspberry garnish. If you served this at a party or on Christmas day, everyone will love it.

Festive Green Matcha Milkshake

Source: @nickassaur

9. Cranberry Mojito

Give your Mojito a Christmas twist. This mojito features cranberries in the recipe and looks red and festive. To make a cranberry mojito like this one you will need light rum, cranberry juice, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and fresh mint. This drink in particular also includes cranberry syrup.

10. White Christmas Cocktails

Our next idea features a white colored cocktail in a stylish glass with a festive garnish. We love this because it shows how you can make your cocktails look amazing by choosing a cool glass and by using a simple garnish like cranberries. A cocktail like this would look awesome at any party. You could maybe use the snowball recipe that we featured earlier in the post to recreate this drink.

White Christmas Cocktails

Source: @bro.tenders

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