21 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

So, you have found the perfect Christmas gift but how are you going to wrap it? Gift wrapping is very important. When someone receives something that is beautifully wrapped, they will love it before they open it. Not only that but is shows that they are special, and you made a lot of effort.  To help your gifts stand out under the tree we have found 21 gift wrapping ideas for Christmas. We have something for everyone from vibrant and festive to simple and traditional.

1. Rudolph Gift Wrappings

First up we have this Rudolph gift wrap. Rudolph paper is found almost everywhere but this idea shows how you can jazz yours up and make it unique. This gift has been finished off with red ribbon, thin black string, a red and white ribbon and a wooden reindeer. You could create this look with just the ribbon and attach a bow or try and recreate all of it.

Rudolph Gift Wrap

Source: @wrapco

2. Festive Orange Gift Wrap Idea

Oranges are very festive, these are used in food, drink and as decorations. You can also add the fruit to your gift wrappings. This gift was wrapped in paper and was finished off with a burlap ribbon, brown string, a dried orange slice and a Christmassy star. You can see how the dried orange just gives the gift an extra special finishing touch. You can buy dried oranges online and you can put them with any wrapping paper and ribbon.

Festive Orange Gift Wrap Idea

Source: @happy_day_grodno

3. Tartan Gift Wrap Ribbons

Next, we have a simple but special gift idea. The gifts have been wrapped in a white paper with a tartan ribbon. The tartan looks very Christmassy and it will jazz up simple paper. You could put this ribbon with any paper, but we would recommend white, red or green.

4. DIY Christmas Tree Paper

Like crafts? Then this next idea could be for you. This paper has painted Christmas trees all over it. You could recreate something like this at home. All you will need is a roll of brown paper, paint in a color of your choice and a stamp. There are so many ways to make stamps, from potato stamps to cookie cutters to crafting stamps. The design possibilities are endless so be creative!

DIY Christmas Tree Paper

Source: @ginnysgiftwrap

5. Bold Red and Green

If you love festive colors then this gift wrap is for you. These gifts have been wrapped in a bold red paper and have been finished off with a green ribbon. We love this idea because it Christmassy, easy to recreate and your presents will stand out from all the rest.

Bold Red and Green Christmas Wrapping

Source: @trangkieuho

6. Cute Christmassy Wrappings

There are so many fun and creative ways to wrap your gifts. Our next pick features five festive and unique ideas. Each one is quite simple to make, you could make just one or have a go at all of them! The candy cane sleigh is super cute and the person can eat the candy canes to. There are lots of tutorials to help you with the sleigh.

7. Trendy Christmas Wrapping Idea

Got a gift for a stylish someone? Then this next idea is for you. This gift has been wrapped in a navy and copper color paper and has been finished off with a variety of ribbons. The paper is super cool because it has the star design you would see on festive jumpers, but it looks trendy.

Trendy Christmas Wrapping Idea

Source: @wrapco

8. Festive Gift Wrap

Our next idea shows how you can make your gifts look extra Christmassy. The paper is very festive, and you can buy paper like this in many shops. To make it unique the gift has been finished off with ribbon, antlers, berries and more. Extras like these just make your gift look special and you could recreate this or add in your own pieces.

9. Multi Paper Wrapping Idea

When you have many presents to wrap you may be tempted to just wrap them all in one pattern with one roll. Instead of doing that why not wrap most of your gifts in different papers. The result will look festive and trendy. Not only that but when gifts are wrapped in different paper it looks like there is more of them! It’s a win-win.

10. Christmas Tree and Ribbon

Looking for unique ideas? Then this could be for you. This gift has been put in a black box and has been decorated with a ribbon and wooden tree. Black isn’t a traditional Christmas color, but it looks awesome with the red ribbon. You could use black paper instead of box and any ribbon.

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