41 Cute and Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

There are lots of memorable milestones when you’re expecting a baby. From seeing your baby for the first time on a scan to feeling your first kick. One of the many special moments is announcing the baby’s gender. It is an exciting time where you share with your family and friends whether you’re having a boy or girl. If you’re looking for a cute way to share your big news then check out our 41 creative gender reveal ideas.

1. Baby Scan Photo

If you’re looking for something unique then try a baby scan photo like this one. This is a beautiful photo that features cute socks and flowers which are perfect for a little girl. It is an announcement personal to you because no scan picture is the same. You could recreate by using any letters and items and you could add some blue items if your baby is a boy.

Baby Girl Scan Photo Gender Reveal

Source: @onanafails

2.  Gender Reveal Cake

Gender reveal cakes are very popular. Looking at this amazing cake, we can see why. So, a reveal cake features a what will it be design. There are so many to choose from. Then when the cake is cut the gender will be revealed. This can be done with colored sponge or with blue or pink sweets. It is a great idea for a party.

Gender Reveal Cake Idea

Source: @ghalygrams

3. It’s A Girl Cake

To get an idea on how your reveal cake could look like on the inside, take a look at this it’s a girl cake. It features different shades of pink from light to dark. This is cute idea that you could recreate for a party. You could choose just one color and even add some pink sweets.

4. Mystery Balloon

Mystery balloons are a fun way to reveal your baby’s gender. You’ll have a decorated black balloon and inside the balloon will be pink or blue confetti. All you have to do is pop the balloon to reveal the gender. This would be a big hit at a party.

Mystery Balloon for Gender Reveal Idea

Source: @lebigballoon

5. Funny Gender Reveal

If you want to bring some humor to your gender reveal, then consider having your pet in the picture. This funny picture shows the parents-to-be are expecting a girl and that their dog is getting a “sister”. The dogs grumpy face makes this a hilarious picture to share with friends and family.

6. Color Balloon

A colored balloon is a simple way to share your baby news. This beautiful picture featuring the parents-to-be has one blue balloon. It is a lovely way to share the moment and will make a great keepsake to remember the special event.

7. Paint Hand Prints

Here is a creative and unique way to share your special news. The black and white photo keeps you guessing. Then the color picture features pink painted hand prints on the baby bump. This makes a very fun picture and can be done in blue paint if you’re having a boy.

Painted Color Hand Print Gender Reveal Idea

Source: @zoemariexo

8. Cute Cakes

Our next pick shows how cakes can jazz up an it’s a girl sign. The sign features beautiful calligraphy with floral cakes around the edges. Together these make a gorgeous picture to share with family and friends. The cakes could be re-designed to suit a boy. Something like this is simple and can be shared with everyone.

Cute It's a Girl Cakes for Gender Reveal

Source: @claramryan

9. It’s A Boy

You’ve seen an it’s a girl scan picture now it’s time for the boys. This picture features a crown, bow tie and scan picture. These cute items are perfect for a little boy. It is an adorable picture to share with loved ones. You could add any little items to make it personal to you.

It's a Boy Scan Photo for Gender Reveal

Source: @wombbeats

10. Twin Reveal

Here is one for the parents-to-be expecting twins! Revealing the gender of twins might require some creativity as you might be having a boy and a girl. Take inspiration from this awesome photo. It features dads mug, mums mug and two baby bottles. One is pink and one is blue revealing that they are expecting both. You could re-create this with anything pink and blue.

11. Confetti Cannon

Confetti cannons are great for parties and will make a great photo opportunity. Using one of these is simple for a gender reveal. Pink confetti for girls and blue for boys. Something like is simple, fun and will be a hit with family and friends.

Confetti Cannon for Gender Reveal Idea

Source: @angieortiz_

12. Family Shoes

Next, we have a cute way to get the whole family involved in the gender reveal. Just place the family’s shoes in a line and attach a colored balloon so blue for dad and pink for mom etc. Then add some baby shoes with a pink or blue balloon. It’s a simple idea but has an amazing result.

13. Scan Photo Reveal

Many parents-to-be like to share the scan picture with loved ones. Here is another fun way to do it. This scan picture has had it’s a girl added to it as well as little message “Hi mom and dad”. You could take inspiration from this and add a personalized message to all your family and friends.

14. Scratch Card

Scratch cards a fun game that will surprise family and friends. These cute little cards are scratched to reveal the gender. You could have anything from it’s a …, to little symbols such as a pink bow or blue rattle. Everyone can keep the card as a reminder of the special day.

Scratch Card Idea for Gender Reveal

Source: @norfis.j

15. Brother and Sister Reveal

Here is a fun way to involve the big brother or sister to be. Have them get involved with the gender reveal by creating something like this. The numbered balloons show who was born first and the colors show boy or girl. Then the missing chair has a little sister baby grow and pink balloon. It’s a fun way to show the gender of the new arrival.

16. Adorable Reveal With Pet

Our four legged friends are a big part of the family. So, why not include your pets in your gender reveal. We have seen a funny pet photo but this one is super cute. The gorgeous dog is sat with an it’s a boy sign. It’s a great reveal that everyone will love.

Gender Reveal Photo with Pet

Source: @rachita245

17. Mommy and Me Shoes

The next reveal is both stylish and cute. This one features a mom-to-be with pink sneakers stood with a matching pair of baby shoes. The matching pink shoes are just adorable and show everyone that she is having a girl. If you’re expecting a boy you could do this with blue shoes to.

18. Fun Balloon Photo

Balloons are a popular choice when it comes to gender reveals. This one has a creative twist. Instead of just the one balloon this mom has taken some fun photos that eventually show the balloon blown up. Something like this would be great in a photo album.

19. Pink Smoke

Smoke fountains are fantastic ways to reveal the gender. Not only are these fun but also make a great photo opportunity. It is a bold and statement making way to say whether you’re having a boy or girl. It would be great at a party to.

Pink Smoke Photo for Gender Reveal Idea

Source: @puurkimfotografie

20. Party Poppers

If you’re having a gender reveal party then consider having awesome party poppers like these. You can have both pink and blue to keep your guests guessing. Then pop the right color when you’re ready to share your announcement. These will be a hit with all the guests.

21. Surprise Box

Last on our list is a secret reveal box. These are so cute! You can use one for a photo opportunity or on a table at a party. You can put whatever you like in a box like this, maybe consider the scan photo and something pink or blue.

Gender Reveal Box Idea

Source: @sewbabyjane

22. Gender Reveal Glitter Photo

Revealing the gender of your baby with a photograph to share with family and friends? Then this idea could be for you. Here we have gender reveal glitter. You choose either pink or blue glitter and you can create a fun picture like this one. It is a great way to reveal the gender and sparkles are perfect for the special occasion.

23. Beautiful Gender Announcement Idea

Next, we have another photo idea. This one features a peg letter board that reveals the baby’s gender and due date. There are also flowers and a scan photo. This is a beautiful way to reveal your baby’s gender and the photo can be kept as a memory too.

24. Gender Reveal Bath Bombs

If you are looking for a unique gender reveal idea, then this could be for you. Here we have gender reveal bath bombs. The bath bombs are white on the outside and once in water, the water will turn either pink or blue. This is a fun idea that everyone will love. Give these out as party favors from a baby shower or have guest at a gender reveal party put them in water at the same time. There are many ways that you can use these.

25. He or She Cookies

Having a gender reveal party? Then check out this idea. These are gender reveal cookies. So, when you break the cookie a pink or blue color will be revealed inside. This is a fun, unique and delicious way to reveal the gender of the baby. You can recreate cookies with any patterns and designs.

26. Gender Reveal Smoke

Our next idea is gender reveal smoke. For this reveal the pink smoke came from the wheels of a car. This is such a cool idea and creates an awesome photo too. You can buy blue smoke for a boy and you can use the smoke on cars, motorbikes and anything else with wheels.

27. Unique Parcel Idea

Next, we have cute and unique idea. This is a wrapped pumpkin and every time a layer is unwrapped a blue or pink item falls out of the paper. So, it is like a gender reveal pass the parcel! You can use these at gender reveal parties or send them to family and friends so they have an adorable gift to unwrap. A pumpkin would be perfect for a fall baby and you can buy these from Glitter Saturday

28. Cute, Harry Potter Gender Reveal

Fan of Harry Potter or all things magical? Then this idea is for you. Here we have a potion theme reveal. The couple created a “baby potion” that revealed a blue color. This is a cool and fun idea that everyone present will love and it will make a great photo too. You could maybe recreate the fizzing color with a bath bomb.

Cute, Harry Potter Gender Reveal

Source: @jokeiper

29. Gender Reveal Chocolate

Our next idea is another food reveal. This time we have chocolate and when it is snapped it reveals blue or pink filling inside. It is another delicious and fun idea that everyone will love. You can give these out at a gender reveal party or give them as party favors for a baby shower.

Gender Reveal Chocolate

Source: @chocolab_au

30. Fun Pinata Idea

If you are having a gender reveal party, then consider choosing something like this. This is a gender reveal pinata. For this, you will hit it with a stick like you would with other pinatas. The difference is, either pink or blue items will fall out, revealing the gender of your baby. You can fill a pinata with confetti, blue or pink sweets or anything else you can think of.

Fun Gender Reveal Pinata

Source: @pinataidea

31. Gender Reveal Cake Pops

Cake pops have become a must-have for any party. These ones are gender reveal theme. The pops are white with blue and pink question marks. This is a super cute design that is perfect for the occasion. You can create your cake pops so when they are bitten into they will reveal pink or blue sponge. We love these cakes!

32. Cute Photo Idea

Decorating the nursery? Then turn it into a gender reveal. These parents to be have wrote boy on the wall in blue paint. This is such a cute and unique photo idea. You can use pink paint for a girl and the photo can be sent to family, friends and can be kept as a special memory.

Cute Gender Reveal Photo Idea

Source: @chantefox

33. Gender Reveal Confetti

Confetti is often used at gender reveals. Many choose the pink or blue option but these parents chose something more unusual. At this gender reveal party, all the confetti was plain except for one piece. The one piece had either boy or girl wrote on it. Once the confetti was released, the task was to find the gender. This is a fun idea and it can be turned into a game.

34. Brother or Sister Balloon

Get the siblings involved with the gender reveal with a balloon like this one. This is a black balloon with brother or sister wrote on it.  Once the balloon is popped, pink or blue confetti will fall out of it. This is a cute idea that the brother or sister to be will love!

35. Gender Reveal Pumpkin

Next, we have another pumpkin theme idea. For this one, a pumpkin has been painted white and a there is a love heart carved into it that reveals a small blue pumpkin on the inside. This is a creative and cool idea that will look awesome on photos. It is perfect for a fall gender reveal and you can use any design on the large outer pumpkin.

36. Family Photo Idea

Our next idea is another photo. This family have decided to reveal their baby’s gender by having a photo taken together and the sister to be is holding a pink balloon that reads girl. It is a cute idea and a photo like this will be a beautiful memory to look back on in years to come.

37. Gender Reveal Chocolate Cookies

Earlier we featured gender reveal cookies. If you liked that idea, then you need to check out this next one. Here we have more gender reveal cookies but these ones are chocolate with a pink or blue filling on the inside. You can find the recipe for this amazing cookies on the page featured below.

38. Sibling Reveal Idea

Next, we have another idea for revealing the gender with siblings. Here we have two t-shirts one reads “big brother finally” and the other “big brother again”. A brother-to-be can wear one of these and hold a little onesie like this for a photo. You can also change the gender and t-shirt to sister, too.

Sibling Reveal Idea

Source: @designzbyjc

39. Unique Drink Reveal

Our next idea is very unique. These two revealed the baby’s gender with a color changing drink. There is one pink drink and two blue drinks. As two drinks are blue, it reveals that the baby will be a boy. This is a great idea for a party. If you cannot magically change the colors of your drinks then you can buy clear straws and once used in a drink, they will change to pink or blue.

40. Cute Candle Idea

Another way you can reveal your baby’s gender is with a cool candle like this. Once the candle is lit blue or pink, wax will be revealed. This is another idea that can be done with guests at a party or given as party favors. You can even send these out to family and friends as a special gift.

Cute Candle Idea

Source: @gingerlyzpz

41. Gender Reveal on a Beach

Revealing the baby’s gender is a very special time. So, why not reveal the news somewhere amazing like on a beach?! These two have created a beautiful photo with the word boy written in the sand. This not only makes the reveal super cool but it will be a lovely memory to look back on in the future.

We hope you have been inspired by these ideas and congratulations on your baby boy or girl!

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