17 Super Cute Nursery and Playroom Ideas

If you’re sick of picking up your kids toys from all over the place all the time, you’ll ned a house with a nursery / playroom. At least then you can keep all the kids toys and stuff to the safe confines of one room … most of the time.

If you’re on the hunt for super cute nursery and playroom ideas, we’ve got 17 that we think you might just find handy. We hope you’re sitting comfortably.

1. Grey & White Nursery for a Boy

If you want blue for a boy, but not something too blue, how about these grey and blue beautiful room? There are various items for the various stages of his life, and if you opt for a cot that develops into a crib, and some can even go beyond that, you’ll have bought an investment piece that will last the distance. You have no idea of fast kids go through stuff!

Grey Nursery Idea for a Boy

Source: @analisaxcx

2. Modern Pink and Gold Nursery for a Girl

And, of course, we can’t forget about pink for a girl. But what about a different kind of pink … What about rose gold pink? It’s a bit more modern than the tradition pastel pink pops of colour you’re normally used to seeing, but it still has an elegant and somewhat traditional / old-fashion touch about it. We love it.

3. Black & White Playroom Idea

And for when you want to be gender-neutral, how about black and white? It’s not usually a combination of colours you would normally think of with super cute nursery and playroom ideas, but as you can see from the picture, it definitely works very well!

4. Gender Neutral Colorful Playroom

We love the storage designs in this amazing nursery, and one thing you’ll definitely need when you have kids is plenty of storage. Having boxes in shelving units up the wall like that eliminates the need for furniture pieces such as cupboards, chest of drawers, etc.

5. Grey, Pink & White

What a beautiful design for a nursery or playroom! Grey and pink are two shades that go very well together, and this adorable room shows you just that. You can have different shades of pink if that pastel hue isn’t quite to your taste, and you could even switch the pink up for a different colour entirely. Yellow, for example, to make it gender-neutral.

6. Nursery Idea for Twins

Twins? Congratulations! That sure sounds like a lot of work, but a boy and a girl at the same time does sound like a true dream. We love the way the small nursery has been designed here, the shelving units above the bed so everyone knows who sleeps where. That centre console will also double up as a changing unit. Multitasking with your furniture when you have kids is a really great idea.

7. Princess Nursery

If you’re having a girl, of course she’s going to be a little princess. That’s one reason why we loved these princess themed room so much, but we also want to bring to your attention the most adorable clothes rail. It’s perfect for showing off your little girl’s closet which you know is going to end up being better than your own.

8. Cute Small Playroom for Toddlers

A small box room makes the perfect playroom for a toddler when the space is utilised properly. You have enough space for your little one to lie down and nap, and there’s toys around and plenty of things to get his or her little mind going. It’s a great idea right? You could even use that baby gate to stop the little critter breaking free, giving you a few hours to do what you need to do around the house.

Small and Creative Playroom Idea for a Baby

Source: @elenaaaehe

9. Animal Nursery for a Boy

How does an animal nursery strike your fancy? We couldn’t not mention it in the list of super cute nursery and playroom ideas. All kids love animals, and they’re great for teaching kids new things too. That’s why all kids movies have lots of animals in them. This is another of the super cute nursery and playroom ideas that could easily be gender neutral. It also makes for great shared / unisex bedrooms.

10. Blue and White Playroom Idea for Boys

Did you know that you could easily transform an old TV unit into a DIY kitchen for your kids? There are hundreds of tutorials on places such as Pinterest, and we’ve often thought about giving it a shot for ourselves. It doesn’t look like overly hard work, if we’re being honest, but it does look time-consuming. Maybe a project to leave for your husband for when he wants to look useful around the home?

Modern Blue Playroom Idea for Boys

Source: @madelen88

11. Small & Simple Nursery for a Baby Girl

This is a great way of utilising small spaces for your super cute nursery and playroom ideas, and this could easily be a small, segmented area of your own bedroom if you were lacking of a spare room for the baby entirely. Little girls are totally made of sugar and spice and all things nice.

Small Nursery Idea for a Baby Girl

Source: @madelen88

12. Modern & Gender Neutral

Another beautiful gender-neutral and quite modern nursery or playroom idea, everything is fresh and clean. Keeping the shades light and airy and incorporating lots of light into the room is a great way of making a small space seem much bigger.

13. Grey & White Nursery for a Girl

This grey and white nursery is so pretty, and it could really be for a girl or a boy when you think about it. We’re one hundred percent obsessed with that rounded crib idea, and it’s definitely one we’ll be thinking of adding to your nurseries … one day.

14. Pink, White & Grey

This is another fresh, clean and modern way to do up the kids room, and you could even make those beautiful art prints on the wall. In fact, we think you should definitely do this. If you have found a beautiful wallpaper you like, for example, but you don’t want it all over the walls, or it’s too expensive for you to do the entire room, you could easily cover smaller canvasses and use those as art instead. Or remove the pictures from frames and have small bursts of your wallpaper colour.

Pink and White Nursery Idea for a Baby Girl

Source: @my_home_14

15. Girly Playroom

You should think about having a close-to-the-floor bed when you’re looking at super cute nursery and playroom ideas. It’s not their regular bed for a start, and for those times when you leave your child unattended to make a drink or use the look, you’ll feel at ease knowing they can’t roll off something that’s a little way off the ground. Making the bed look fun, just like you can see here, is a great way to encourage kids to get into it more. Don’t you take the same approach be dressing up dinner?

Girly Playroom Idea for Toddlers

Source: @ebbamysaga

16. Modern Safari Playroom Idea

Every kid wants to go on a safari adventure, or at least we did when we were younger. That’s why we loved this safari themed room, perfect for super cute nursery and playroom ideas. The knitted textures are awesome in this one, and we can’t help to think that the perfect touch would be to have Grandma (or someone who can knit) make those beautiful throws, cushions, stuffed animals, and bean bag. Don’t you think that’s a totally great idea?

Modern Safari Playroom Idea for Toddlers

Source: @mamma_malla

17. Colorful Floral Wall

Floral patterns are pretty and they spice the place up, and we love the way that these beautiful florals have been hand-painted on the wall. Those letters are easily repainted to match whatever decor you’d like, and you could also use modge-podge to cover them with characters from magazines or newspapers, or even with wallpaper. There are so many ways you could customise them, and we definitely think it’s about time you tried.

These 17 super cute nursery and playroom ideas are all ones that we’d love to have in our house one day, but we’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you love them? Which one was your favourite? We’d love to know, so make sure you get in touch. Give our social media pages a like to be kept in the loop.

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