21 Fun and Easy DIY Christmas Crafts

At this time of year many of you will be thinking about Christmas decorations, gifts and more. This year why not make some! We have found 21 DIY Christmas crafts that you can create at home. There is a wide range of ideas from tree decorations to cards you can give out to family and friends. Whether you’re new to creative crafts or are a bit of a pro there is something for you to make.

1. Christmas Tree Garland

First up we have this cute Christmas tree garland. The trees have been made from felt in a cool color palette. All you need to do is cut out tree shapes in different colored felts and put them onto a string. You could glue or sew the trees. We love the colors used because they are wintry, but you could go for something more festive like red.

2. Wooden Christmas Tree Decoration

Next, we have a creative tree decoration idea. Sticks varying in length and string have been used to create a wooden hanging tree. The tree has been finished off with cute baubles. This is a unique idea and it would look festive on any wall. You could make this in any size.

Wooden Christmas Tree Decoration

Source: @tia_keko

3. Sparkly Peg Decoration

Pegs are not just for hanging clothes. This next idea shows you how to make a sparkly decoration for your tree with pegs. All you will need is a pack of wooden pegs, glitter, string and glue. When the pegs are glued together like this they make a star or snowflake design. Recreate this design or choose your own.

Sparkly Peg Decoration

Source: @cleverpatch

4. Winter Wonderland Frame

Our next idea looks very difficult to create but it is not! For this Christmassy craft, you will need a box frame which can be bought online, a glitter background, fake snow and a sticker or paint of your choice. Put the glitter background inside the frame then add the snow. Close it up and put on the sticker or paint your words or design. You could give something like this a gift.

Winter Wonderland Frame

Source: @sue_b_creations

5. Bauble Wreath

Wreaths are a must-have Christmas decoration. This wreath isn’t the classic traditional green you would usually get, it is gold, glittery and glam! The wreath features gold baubles, hearts and reindeer. It would look stunning and festive on any door. There are tutorials online to help you make something similar.

Gold Christmas Bauble Wreath

Source: @maxxi_a

6. Christmas String Art

String art is trendy and unique. You can give your art a festive look by creating a Christmas tree like this one. DIY Christmas crafts like this will take time, practice and patience but the result will be worth it. You could also give this to someone as a gift. There are tutorials available to help you get your string art started.

Christmas String Art

Source: @_babycraft

7. Cute Pine Cone Decorations

If you are looking for cute Christmas crafts, then our next pick is for you! This crafter has turned pinecones into adorable little figures. The pine cones have had a wooden bead glued on the top to make it look like a head. The head has then been painted. To finish off little accessories like hats, gloves and scarves have been added. We love these, they will make any house look Christmassy.

Cute Pine Cone Christmas Decorations

Source: @liagriffith

8. Sparkly Snowflake

Next, we have a sparkling snowflake craft. To make this you will need felt and sequins. Cut out a snowflake design on felt. You could use a template and then sew on your sequins. You could hang these on the wall or put them in a tree. If blue isn’t your color you could try a different color like white, silver or gold.

 Sparkly Snowflake

Source: @afc_andie

9. DIY Advent Calendar

An advent calendars is must-have for the countdown to Christmas. Instead of buying one why not make one?! By making it you get a unique calendar that can be filled with whatever you like. This one was made cardboard tubes, sticks and string. Assemble your calendar and then decorate with the day. You could decorate in any way you like.

10. Orange Pomander Balls

Orange pomander balls are traditional and easy to make DIY Christmas crafts. All you will need is an orange, something small and sharp like a toothpick, cloves and ribbon. Make holes in the orange with the toothpick and then push in the cloves. You can then finish off with a ribbon. These will look Christmassy and smell great to!

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