41 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is on the way so you may be thinking about your decorations for the season. Instead of buying Christmas ornaments why not try and make some? It may sound difficult but it is not! You can create some cute festive pieces that can be hung on the tree or in your home. To get you inspired, we have put together the best 41 DIY Christmas ornaments. Any of these can be made at home and you can get the whole family involved too!

1. Paper Snowflake Ballerina

First up we have this beautiful paper snowflake ballerina. We love this idea because it uses the classic Christmas snowflake craft but it has a twist. There are so many ballerinas that you can create. You could hang these in the tree or anywhere around the house. There are templates and tutorials to help you with the shape online.

2. Cute Robot Tree Decoration

Some people use a theme when decorating for Christmas. A few popular ones are traditional, vintage or Santa’s workshop. Our next pick features a cute DIY robot that would be perfect for a workshop theme. The robot is made of little nuts, bolts and more. Something like this would look awesome on any tree.

Cute Robot Tree Decoration

Source: @acehardwarehi

3. DIY Star Decoration

Our next ornament idea is great for anyone who loves crafts. This festive star was made with popsicle sticks, sequins, stars and glitter. Five sticks were glued together to make the shape and then decorated. This a fun and low-cost craft that you could do with the whole family. Any design could be used just be creative and experiment.

4. Hand Print Ornament

Next, we have an ornament that will keep memories alive. This ornament features a child’s hand print. This is such a cute idea as you can keep this ornament for years to come. So, when your child is older, you can still remember Christmas time when they were small. You could also give these out as gifts to family members too. There are tutorials online to help you with a craft project like this.

Hand Print Ornament

Source: @kaipaphs

5. DIY Scented Christmas Decoration

While many love the look and smell of a real Christmas tree, it isn’t always practical to have one in your home. A lot of people choose artificial trees instead. Just because your tree is artificial it doesn’t mean you can’t have the smell of a natural tree. Our next pick features corks that have been scented with a tree smell and then hung in the tree. You could have one cork or make it in cute snowman design like this one.

6. Pinecone Hedgehogs

Pinecones are everywhere at this time of year. Make use of them by turning them into Christmas decorations. These pinecones have been turned into hedgehogs. You could recreate these with some felt and some very small beads. Just glue them on in the design you would like. You could put these in a tree or put them around your home.

Pinecone Hedgehogs

Source: @liagriffith

7. Orange Decorations

Our next ornament is a classic Christmas craft. These ornaments were made with oranges and cloves. There are tutorials to help you make these online. The whole family can make these and the oranges will look beautiful in a tree. These last a long time and are a natural air freshener.

Orange Tree Decorations

Source: @deirdre.robertson

8. Wooden Christmas Ornaments

If you like crafts and are creative, this next idea is for you. These are wooden ornaments with a design painted on the top. There are deer designs as well as mama and papa bear. Decorations like these would beautiful and festive in your home. You could use designs like this or make up your own.

9. DIY Baubles

Make your tree decorations unique by painting your own. These baubles were created with a marbled look. There are plain baubles you can buy that are ready to decorate. You could create a marble design like this one or come up with your own festive style.

10. DIY Felt Tree Decorations

Next, we have super cute tree decorations made from felt. There are three ornaments of a robin, Christmas pudding and a snowman. This is a great craft for all ages. You could sew your decorations together or use glue. Maybe make a few and give them out as gifts to family and friends.

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