21 DIY Gift Basket Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. We know that it can be stressful at this time of year especially when choosing the perfect present. A great idea you could try are gift baskets. You can create gift baskets with any budget and to suit any recipient. To give you some inspiration we put together 21 DIY gift basket ideas for Christmas. Take a look there is a basket for everyone!

1. Honey Gift Basket

If you know someone who loves honey, then consider a putting together a bee-utiful gift basket like this one. It is full of products including different honey flavors and soaps. Honey is a wonderful natural product. It can be used in drinks, in food and even on skin and hair. So, your gift basket can have many uses!

2. Festive Treats

Next, we have a gift idea that is a treat for all ages. The box is full of all delicious food from chocolates to biscuits and a Christmassy candy cane. You could recreate something like this with a specific person’s favourite treats. Anyone would love to receive one of these!

Festive Treats Gift Basket

Source: @tracyanndav

3. Game of Thrones Gift Basket

Know a Game of Thrones fan? Then this could be the perfect gift basket for them. The basket includes a photo, mug, box of chocolates and collectible sword. You could recreate one like this with other Game of Thrones merchandise. If you know someone who is a big fan of another TV show of film, you could create a similar basket to!

DIY Game of Thrones Gift Basket

Source: @patch_works

4. Christmas Candle Gift Basket

Candles are very popular gifts for Christmas. Our next basket idea features a selection of candles, wax melts and a melt warmer. You could create a basket full of festive smells, the recipient’s favourite smells or even a mixture of the two.

Christmas Candle Gift Basket

Source: @breezecountrycandles

5. Cute The Snowman Gift Basket

The Snowman is a classic Christmas movie. This next gift idea is perfect for all ages who are a fan of the film. The basket features two Snowman DVDs, a bauble and a Snowman toy. We love this idea because it has a bit of everything. Something to decorate with, something to watch on the special day and a toy to keep. You could recreate a gift like this with other movies to.

DIY The Snowman Gift Basket

Source: @patch_works

6. Glamorous Gift Idea

Need a gift for someone who is glamorous? Then this gift basket idea could be for you. The gift features a cute bag, earrings, a candle and sparkling wine. You could recreate this with the person’s favourite drink and with items in their style. We love this idea because the items can be use long after Christmas is over.

7. Christmas Treat Basket

Next, we have a basket idea that is full of festive treats. Some of the items include biscuits, chocolates and more. A basket like this would be great for a family or for a couple of people to share. If it was for multiple people you could add in their individual favourite treat.

DIY Christmas Treat Basket

Source: @boxsmithnz

8. Pamper Set with Chocolates

Know someone who needs pampering this Christmas? Then this basket idea could be for them. This gift features chocolates and all different beauty items including a nail file and hand cream. You could recreate this with any chocolates and any beauty items. Maybe nail polishes and pieces like that.

DIY Pamper Set with Chocolates

Source: @patch_works

9. Christmas Wine Gift Idea

Our next gift idea is fun and festive. It is a box that features wine, a Santa and other Christmassy treats. You could recreate this and put it into an actual basket. You could put in the recipient’s favourite wine and chocolates. We love this idea because there are many different gift combinations you could make.

10. Mince Pies and Christmas Cake Basket

It wouldn’t be Christmas without mince pies and Christmas cake! This basket features both the festive must-haves and a cute merry Christmas sign. Anyone who loves food will enjoy a basket like this. If you like to bake you could even have a go at making mince pies and a cake and including those. That way the gift is handmade and unique.

11. Festive Christmas Gift Set

A way to make your gift basket look extra festive is by using Christmassy wrappings. Try and include red tissue paper or even a merry Christmas design like the one featured. The items in this gift are perfect for anyone who loves gardening, but you could recreate something like this for any theme.

Festive Christmas Gift Set

Source: @patch_works

12. Pamper Gift Basket

If you liked the pamper gift idea from earlier in the post, then you may like our next pick to. This pamper basket features cozy slippers and lots of other beauty items. The items included have a purple lavender theme, but you could recreate this in another color.

13. Soap and Candles Gift Set

Looking for a gift for someone who likes scented things. Then this idea could be for you. This gift basket features a variety of candles and soaps. You could recreate this with the persons favourite smells and colors. Maybe even make a smaller basket to with just one soap and one candle.

14. Tea and Biscuits Gift Basket

Know someone who loves tea? Then a basket like this would be perfect for them. It features a variety of teas, mugs and tea bag pot. As well as a selection of biscuits and a biscuit cutter so they can bake treats themselves. You could recreate this with the persons favourite kind of tea and biscuits. Maybe you could even create a herbal tea basket.

Tea and Biscuits Gift Basket

Source: @lisal_c

15. Pretty Gift Basket for Her

Our next basket is perfect for a lady who wants to be pampered this Christmas. It features honey, chocolates, a candle and a cute cup. Any women would love to receive something like this. To recreate the basket, you could add any bits you like. For the guys you could make something similar by adding in their favourite treats.

16. Festive Treats and Wine

Next, we have a chic and classy gift basket idea. It features wine and some posh festive treats. Something like this would be perfect for someone who loves food and drink. To recreate this for someone just add in their favourite wine and some unique Christmassy treats. Put the items in a basket or box.

17. Winter Gift Basket Idea

Our next basket features all wintery items that are perfect for the festive season. The basket includes a candle, bath soak, hand warmers and some matches for the candle. This is a cute and festive gift that will keep the recipient cozy through the colder weather. You could recreate this with similar items just in the person’s favourite colors and scents.

18. Floral Pamper Gift Set

Next, we have gift basket decorating idea. The basket is full of beauty treats and includes beautiful flowers. Something like this would be perfect for a lady who needs a gorgeous gift this Christmas. You could fill the basket with anything you like. Add any flowers to the basket to. Maybe the person’s favourite flowers or flowers that are festive.

19. Festive Candle, Wine and Treat Basket

If you are looking for a small gift idea, then this could be for you. It is a box that features a candle, small bottle of wine and some festive treats. Something like this would be great for a friend or for anyone who you want to give a gift to without being too over the top.

Festive Candle Wine and Treat Basket

Source: @becandjr

20. Festive Gift Basket

Our next basket idea is perfect for anyone who is very festive. The wrappings are all Christmassy and the box is full of Christmas items including a small tree and Rudolph toy. You could recreate a box like this with any Christmassy treats from candy canes to Christmas scented candles.

21. Stylish Gift Basket Idea

Last on our list is this stylish gift basket idea. This is for the person who doesn’t like anything too Christmassy or too over the top. Just fill a nice basket or box with all their favourite things. You could add in some red gifts to make it look more festive.

Stylish Gift Basket Idea

Source: @cgknits

We hope you have found the perfect Christmas gift basket idea!

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