21 Fun DIY Halloween Party Decor Ideas

Looking for creative ways to decorate your home this Halloween? Then you are in the right place! We have found 21 fun DIY Halloween party decor ideas. There is a craft idea for everyone. Whether you are looking for something scary or cute. All of these DIY ideas are simple to create and will look spooktacular.

1. Skeleton Hand Soap Dish

Give your guests a fright when they wash their hands with a skeleton hand soap dish. This is a fun way to decorate in the bathroom. Not only will it look awesome but it is cheap to make. All you will need is a skeleton hand which can be purchased in stores around Halloween or online and a bar of soap. It is a quick and simple craft that your guests will love.

Skeleton Hand Soap Dish for Fun DIY Halloween Party Decor

Source: @99centsonly

2. DIY Halloween Bug Lamp

Our next pick will give the lamps in your home a Halloween makeover. This craft idea involves creating black bugs and sticking them to the inside of the lampshade. When you turn the lamp on it looks like there are bugs on the lamp. This is a simple, fun and low-cost craft. All you will need is black card/paper, a bug outline, scissors and tape.

Bug Lamp for Fun DIY Halloween Party Decor

Source: @cupcakekristycakes

3. Spider Web Pumpkins

Give your pumpkins a unique look this Halloween. You don’t have to go down the traditional carving you can create spider web pumpkins like these! Just wrap your pumpkin in some white wool or string and finish off with a spider. It is a creative way to decorate your pumpkins.

4. Halloween Party Sign

Throwing a Halloween party? Then our next pick is for you. This one is a handmade sign that points to the different locations. You could recreate your sign with any location names and designs. It is just a fun DIY Halloween craft idea that party guests will love.

Halloween Party Sign for Fun DIY Halloween Party Decor

Source: @rustyrosepetal

5. DIY Pumpkin Light

If you have any old jars around the house, recycle them and turn them into Halloween lanterns. This one has a traditional pumpkin design. Just create your design and add in an artificial tealight. It is a fun craft idea that all ages will enjoy. You could recreate this with any Halloween character.

6. Zombie Head Vase

Next, we have a very creative and spooky craft idea. This vase was created with zombie heads and lights. You could easily recreate something like this. It does not have to be zombies you could create a ghost vase or pumpkin vase to. We love this unique decor idea.

7. DIY Halloween Bottles

Our next pick shows how you can jazz up simple bottles to create awesome Halloween decorations. These bottles have been decorated with lace, skeletons, jewels and more. Labels like the ones used are an awesome way to give any bottle a Halloween vibe. The image featured is a great source of inspiration so you can make your own bottles.

DIY Halloween Bottles for Fun DIY Halloween Party Decor

Source: @craft_it_chick

8. Scary Garage Decoration

If you really want to go all out on your DIY Halloween decor, then our next pick is for you. This house has given their garage a makeover so it looks like a monster. It is such a fun idea that everyone will love. You could choose any design for your garage.

9. Bleeding Candles

Candles are great for Halloween as they give the room a spooky atmosphere. Our next pick shows how you can make your candles extra scary. These candles are bleeding candles. There are different ways to create bleeding candles yourself. You could simple drip red wax over white candles or press tacks into the candles and then drip over the red wax. The tack technique makes it look like the “blood” is coming out of the candle.

Bleeding Candles for Fun DIY Halloween Party Decor

Source: @vytech

10. Spooky DIY Book Decoration

Looking to add some magic your Halloween decor? Then this DIY spell book idea could be for you. This spooky spell book was created with a hard-back book, hot glue, glue, toilet paper, skulls and dark paint. You could recreate your books in any color and with any design. It is a fun craft for Halloween.


Spooky DIY Book Decoration Fun DIY Halloween Party Decor

Source: @dragonkitty1980

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