21 DIY Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Thinking about what to give your guy this Valentine’s day? Then need to check out our 21 DIY Valentine’s gifts for him. DIY gifts are super special as the person knows a lot of effort went into the present and that it is just for them. With Valentine’s being an occasion to show how much you care about a special someone it is the perfect time for a DIY gift. We have something for every guy from beer to sweet treats.

1. 52 Reasons Why I Love You

First up we have this super cute 52 ways to say I love you gift. For this DIY idea you will need a pack of cards and a ribbon. On each card you write a special reason why the recipient is special and why you love them, then put them together with the ribbon to make a small book. There are 52 reasons so there is one for each week in the year. This gift will keep on giving and there are tutorials online to help you create it.

2. Valentine’s Beer Idea

If your guy loves beer, then give him some Valentine’s beer on the special day. All you will need is a pack of beer and some Valentine’s labels. You can buy the labels, or you could make some yourself on the computer. You can create labels that say any message you like. We love the label that says Beer Mine!

Valentine's DIY Beer Gift Idea

Source: @acidratcollective

3. DIY Gift Set for Men

When a special occasion like Valentine’s day comes along there are plenty of gifts sets that you can buy in store. While these gifts are great they are sometimes not very unique to the recipient. Instead of buying a gift basket you could make one yourself. All you will need to do is fill a basket or box with your guy’s favourite things. Maybe put some drinks, chocolate or pamper items inside. A basket like the one featured would be perfect.

4. Cute Photo Gift

You don’t have to give an over the top gift this Valentine’s day, you could go for something simple and romantic like a photo of the two of you. You could choose a super sweet photo like the one featured or his favourite picture of the two of you. All you will have to do is print out your image and present it. Try putting it in a frame or keyring.

Cute Couples Photo Gift

Source: @raychow

5. Valentine’s Gift Basket

Our next pick features another gift basket idea. This one is filled with treats for Valentine’s day and bits that will make him feel special. A box has been filled with a red candle, a cute Valentine’s quote heart, chocolates and pamper items. You could take inspiration from this and use similar items that he likes.

6. Valentine’s Cookies

Do you like to bake? Then why not bake your man some Valentine’s treats. This next DIY idea features love heart shape cookies that have been iced to look like sweethearts or conversation hearts. You could create your cookies with any messages you like. He will love this unique and delicious treat.

7. DIY Coupons

A simple DIY gift you could give this Valentine’s day are coupons. These are not coupons to get money off food these are special. The coupons can be redeemed for breakfast in bed, candlelit dinners and other romantic things. You can print off coupons with ideas already printed or make your own with your own offers.

DIY Coupons for Valentine's Day

Source: @dangerouscutie

8. Pamper Set for Men

If your guy likes to pamper himself then you could put together a gift basket like this one. You could fill a box or small crate with shaving and shower items. You can buy these but when you put one together yourself, you can make sure all his favourite brands and items are included.

9. Love You To Pieces

Next, we have a simple but sweet idea. It is a jar full of small chocolates with a label that reads “love you to pieces”. You could recreate this with a jar and his favourite sweets, you could also create your own label. It is a low-cost DIY gift that anyone would love to receive.

DIY Love You To Pieces Gift Idea

Source: @hoozinc

10. Beer Gift Basket

Here is another gift idea for the guys who love beer. You could put together a beer gift basket like this one. All you will need to do is get a box and fill it with his favourite beer. You could add some other pieces to like some chocolate and a funky bottle opener like the one featured to give him even more of a treat.

11. Valentine’s Lunch

You could organize a special lunch with your other half on Valentine’s day. Our next idea features small love heart shaped pizzas, sandwiches and strawberries. This is a romantic DIY idea that will be a cute gift and it will create a fun day for the two of you.

DIY Valentine's Lunch Idea

Source: @loyatsap

12. Shots and Chocolate Gift Set

If your guy likes chocolate and alcohol, then you should check out this next gift idea. This small selection of gifts includes: chocolate, bottles of alcohol and shot glasses. You could recreate yours with any chocolate and alcohol. This is a fun and delicious gift that he will love.

13. DIY Golf Ball Gift

Our next Valentine’s gift idea is perfect for the men who love golf. Someone very creative bought a pack of golf balls, put them into Valentine’s cupcake cases and then put them all into a love heart tin. This is a simple but special gift idea. It shows you that simple items can be jazzed up to create a great DIY gift.

14. Fun DIY Valentine’s Gifts

We love these next DIY ideas! One of the gifts created was a selection of small whiskeys with the label “every minute that is spent without you, is a minute that is wasted” and the other features scratch cards, 100 Grand Bars with a label “I won the lottery when I met you”. These gifts are creative, fun and super sweet. You could have a go at recreating one or both!

15. Date Night Gift

Our next gift idea is one that will keep on giving long after Valentine’s day is over. This gift is a jar of dates. You fill up a jar with date ideas, you could do 52 dates so that would be one a week or 12 dates, so you can have one a month. Fill a jar like this with any dates we love this a fun and romantic idea.

DIY Date Night Gift

Source: @abenson1617

16. Photo Tree

If you have been together a long time, you will have created a lot of great memories and photos. This Valentine’s day you could put together a photo tree. You can fill your photo tree with his favourite photos or favourite events you have shared together. Just buy a tree and then print out your photos.

Romantic DIY Couple's Photo Tree

Source: @saira7795

17. Personalized Print

Our next idea features a personalized print. It can be personalized with your names and with dates of your first date, when you got engaged and when you got married. If you are creative and know how to use a computer, you could make one of these at home. By making one yourself you can add in your own memorable dates and choose your own design. You could even handwrite or paint something like this to.

Our Love Story Wall Print

Source: @hoozinc

18. Chocolate Hamper

Does your guy love chocolate? Then you could create a chocolate gift set like this! You could create a fancy basket like the one featured or buy a basket or box and just fill it with all his favourite treats. Any chocolate can be used for this, you could even add in a balloon like that one for an extra special gift.

DIY Candy Valentine's Gift Idea

Source: @thesugary_

19. Cocktail Gift

Next, we have a cocktail DIY gift idea. It is a basket filled with a cocktail recipe and all the things you need to make the it. There is also a nice cup to drink it in. You could recreate this with any cocktail that he likes. It is a simple but fun gift that he will love.

DIY Cocktail Gift

Source: @ciarrasherree

20. Valentine’s Gift Set

If you like the DIY hampers, then you may like this idea to. This basket has been filled with Valentine’s treats including coupons and other gifts. You could print off the coupons and create little pictures for this. Use it as inspiration to create your own awesome gift basket.

DIY Valentine's Gift Set for Him

Source: @hoozinc

21. Personalized Map Gift

Last on our list is this map gift. Personalized maps have become very popular and romantic gift ideas. You can create one of these at home. You will need paper or a board and then add the titles where we met, where we kissed, where I said yes or something similar. Then add the map location underneath. You can print out any map location. This is an awesome gift idea for any guy.

We hope you have found the perfect DIY gift idea for your Valentine.

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