21 Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Spring and Easter are all about family, friends and new beginnings. This positive time of year is the perfect occasion to reveal that you are expecting a baby. There are so many cute and creative ways you can tell all the people that mean the most. To give you some inspiration we have found 21 Easter pregnancy announcement ideas. We have something for everyone from photo shoots to Easter eggs!

1. We’re Egg-Specting Egg!

First up we have this super cute we’re egg-specting egg! This egg is ceramic and can be kept as keepsake. You could take a fun reveal photo with an egg like this or have it as a decoration during Easter celebrations. This little ornament is perfect for an Easter pregnancy reveal.

2. Easter Baby Bump Photo Shoot

Many couples choose to have a photo taken when revealing a pregnancy. For an Easter reveal you could take a photo like this one. The mom-to-be has her baby bump painted like an Easter egg. This is a super cute idea and you could have any Easter design created.

Easter Baby Bump Photo Shoot

Source: @indre_sarunas_photographers

3. Easter Chalkboard Announcement

Chalkboards are very popular for pregnancy reveals. You can have anything wrote on them and they are great for photos. This next idea is perfect for Easter. It features a quote about egg hunts and about how the family is growing. You could have a sign like this created and have it personalized with your own name and date.

4. Couple’s Photo Shoot with Pastel Balloons

Next, we have another cute couple’s photo shoot idea. Dad is holding scan pictures and mom is holding balloons. An idea like this would be perfect for Easter as the balloons are in pastel colors which is perfect for the season. You could recreate something like this easily and it will be a great memory to look back on.

Couple's Photo Shoot with Pastel Balloons

Source: @amandaleighbaran

5. Nest is Blessed Photo Idea

Easter is associated with eggs, birds and nests. Our next idea uses this theme in such an adorable way. The reveal photo features a personalized egg in a nest with a scan photo and the quote our nest is blessed. This is a creative and cute way to share your news and you can make the egg blue or pink to reveal the gender.

6. Floral Coming Soon Photo Idea

Spring is the season where bright flowers start to regrow after winter. You can use a spring floral theme for your Easter pregnancy reveal. You could create a photo like this with flowers and a board with the due date. As it is Easter you could use daffodils and add in some decorative eggs.

7. Easter Daffodil Photo Shoot

Daffodils are the flower of spring and Easter, so these flowers are perfect for an Easter pregnancy reveal. This mom-to-be has had her photo taken in a field full of daffodils and it is a simple but beautiful idea. Not only is it a way to share your news, it will also be a great memory to look back on.

Easter Daffodil Maternity Photo Shoot

Source: @peachphotographynj

8. Grandparents Easter Reveal

Telling your parents that they are soon to be grandparents is very exciting. This next idea shows how you can tell them over Easter. Here we have a decorative egg with “you’re going to be grandparents” with the due date. Any grandparents-to-be would love to receive something like this.

9. Easter Scan Photo Announcement Idea

Earlier in the post we featured an Easter reveal chalkboard. This next idea shows how you can use a chalkboard to create a super cute photo. The board has been placed with an Easter basket and a scan photo. This would be simple to recreate, and all your family and friends will love it.

10. Big Sister Easter Announcement

If this is your second child, you can get the siblings involved in the announcement. This next idea features a board that reads “happy Easter to me because I’m a big sister to be”. A photo like this is perfect for Easter and it will be a great memory to look back on.

11. Cute Easter Bunny Idea

Eggs are a big part of Easter but so is the Easter bunny. This creative couple decorated eggs to look a bunny with a note that says they are egg-specting. An idea like this is very unique and creative. If you like crafts and DIY projects, this is perfect for you.

12. Meadow Photo Shoot Idea

We mentioned earlier that spring is the season when nature comes back to life. This means it is a great time to take pregnancy reveal photos outside. Our next idea features mom holding pink balloons in a meadow. You could take a similar photo with pastel balloons and maybe in a location with daffodils.

13. Due Date Egg

Ceramic eggs are very popular for Easter reveals. This next egg idea is so cute!! The egg sits in a nest and has “hatching April 2018” wrote on it. This is perfect for reveal photos and can be kept as keepsake of the special time. You could even have an egg like this in pink or blue to reveal the gender.

14. Easter Egg Baby Bump

Earlier we featured a painted baby bump and chalkboard ideas. Our next pick combines the two! This mom has her bump painted like an Easter egg and is holding a pregnancy reveal chalkboard. She also has the brother and sister to be wearing rabbit ears. This is one of the cutest ideas and the whole family can get involved.

15. Spring Mom-to-Be Photo Shoot

You don’t have to go all out and have eggs and rabbits. You could go for something simple like this. The mom-to-be is wearing a floral crown and is wearing a blue dress with blue balloons in the background. This is a beautiful spring image that can be used for an Easter pregnancy reveal.

16. Egg-Specting Top

We have seen a few egg-specting ideas for an Easter reveal but this on is adorable. Here we have an egg-specting top. The mom-to-be can wear this cute top to for a photo reveal. If you are having a baby, you could also surprise family and friends by wearing it during the Easter celebrations.

17. Easter Family Nest

Throughout the post we have shown a variety of different reveal eggs. This next egg idea is a nest with three eggs, one with mom’s name, dad’s name and the due date of the new addition. You could share a photo like this or you could have it as a decoration to surprise everyone.

18. Cute Family Announcement

Next, we have a family photo reveal idea. All the family are riding bikes and there is an empty bike at the end with balloons tied to it. This is such a cute and creative way to say a little girl is on the way. A photo like this would be perfect for an Easter pregnancy reveal. You could even add in some decorative eggs.

19. Gender Reveal Egg

Our next egg idea will not only reveal you are expecting but can also reveal the gender to. This little egg is wrapped in blue tissue and has a blue ribbon tied around it. You could have a pink one created if you are expecting a girl. An egg like this will look great in photos.

Gender Reveal Easter Egg Idea

Source: @oviyah

20. Spring Announcement Photo Shoot

This mom-to-be has had her photo taken in a spring setting. You could recreate something similar for Easter. Choose a sunny location, add some flowers maybe daffodils and have some decorative eggs around. This way you can have a beautiful reveal photo and a nice memory to look back on.

21. Easter Basket Photo Idea

Last on our list is this cute Easter basket idea. A basket has been filled with eggs to spell out baby and the parents surname. A scan photo can also be seen in the basket. This is a simple but adorable idea. You could easily recreate this and it would make a great DIY project.

We hope you have found the perfect Easter pregnancy reveal idea!

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