23 Beautiful Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women

Floral tattoos are versatile. A flower design can be anything you want it to be. Whether you want something pretty, feminine, trendy, creative and more. Not only that but flowers have their own language and can be a symbol of many different things. We love floral tattoos hand have found 23 of the best flower tattoo ideas for women. There is something for everyone!

1. Floral Rib Tattoo

First up we have this beautiful floral rib tattoo. It features different plants and flowers in black ink. The use of just black and no bright colors creates a striking look. This is a pretty and trendy tattoo that would suit anyone. If you wanted you could add some color and create a similar design with your favourite flowers.

2. Black Ink Floral Thigh Tattoo

The thigh has become the must have place to get tattooed. It is favourite among celebrities and more. Combine this with a floral design and you have one trendy ink. This floral tattoo was created with black ink and features beautiful flowers. A design like this would look awesome for the summer.

Black Ink Floral Thigh Tattoo for Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women

Source: @auduryre

3. Colorful Flower Tattoo

If you do prefer something a little more colorful, then you’ll love our next pick. This one features a yellow sunflower and a red rose. The sunflower is a symbol of vitality and the rose can be a symbol of hope and new beginnings. So, not only do these look cute but also have a positive message to. You could recreate this ink with your favourite flowers.

4. Botanical Tattoo

Next, we have a beautiful arm tattoo that would suit everyone. It features a gorgeous floral design that was created with black ink. Even though this tattoo has no color, the shading gives it depth and elegance. You could add a splash of color to a design like this if you would prefer. A tattoo like this would also look great on the ribs or on the leg or foot.

Botanical Tattoo for Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women

Source: @candy_mint_tattoo

5. Delicate Behind the Ear Ink

Tattoos behind the ear are perfect for people who want a unique tattoo that can be hidden or shown off. Sometimes you may find that you need to cover your tattoo and all you have to do with this one is wear your hair down. Then you can show it off when you choose to. The floral design used here is feminine, pretty and elegant. We love this!

6.  Floral Ankle Tattoo

Next on our list is the cute ankle design. It features a bunch of different flowers. Something like this is cute and won’t go out of style. It would be a great design for a first tattoo. It would also look gorgeous with all your summer shoes. You could recreate ink like this with your favorite flowers.

7. Vibrant Flower Tattoo

With floral designs, your artist can create something artsy or natural looking. This tattoo is a great example of how awesome a natural colored tattoo can look. The flowers and leaves have vibrant colors that capture the beauty of nature. You could have something like this created with your favourite flowers.

Vibrant Flower Tattoo for Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women

Source: @sophiabaughan

8. Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Next up we have a stunning leg piece that features a bold bunch of flowers. The design has a mix of plants, berries and flowers. This is perfect for a nature lover and would suit everyone. You could recreate a this smaller or bigger and have it placed anywhere on the body.

9. Floral Foot Tattoo

Floral tattoos always look gorgeous on the foot. This tattoo is no different. It is a black ink design that covers the foot and ankle. Something like this is perfect for the ladies who want an elegant tattoo. You could recreate this with any flower and even add some color.

10. Floral Heart Design

Want something unique? Then this could be the design for you. It features cute flowers inked into a heart shape. You could have any flowers created into a heart or any other shape. It is a creative way to make your floral tattoo a little different from everyone else’s.

Floral Heart Design for Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women

Source: @nessaaa_

11. Rose Thigh Tattoo

Here is another thigh tattoo that will make a statement. It features two roses in black ink. It is a bold piece that will catch the eye. A design like this is timeless and will never go out of style. It would also look great with a pair of shorts to!

12. Bold Pink Flower Tattoo

Are you looking for a bold tattoo? If so you will love our next pick. It features vibrant pink flowers that have been inked on the arm. You could have a design like this tattooed on your foot, leg, ribs and more. It is a beautiful piece that you can take inspiration from.

13. Simple Floral Design

If you’re looking for something simple, then this tattoo could be for you. It features two floral designs that have been placed on the back of the leg. As it has a minimal design it will never go out of style. You could recreate something like this with your favourite flowers.

14. Funky Floral Shoulder Tattoo

Looking for a tattoo that will catch the eye? Then you might like this design. The tattoo features multiple flowers on the shoulder. It is a cute and pretty design that can be shown or covered up if you wish. Something like this would look gorgeous with a summer top.

15. Floral Half Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeves and half sleeves have become very popular tattoo choices for women. With this floral half sleeve tattoo, we can see why! This piece is stunning and will make a trendy statement. You could go for a simple black ink design or add a splash of color.

16. Pretty Floral Back Tattoo

Next, we have this dainty back tattoo. It features two flowers in two different shades. Even though the flowers are different the colors match, making it one stylish tattoo. When choosing a floral design think about flowers and colors that will work together.

17. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

If you like tattoos on the arm, this could be for you. Here we have a cherry blossom arm tattoo. It is bold, bright and eye catching. We love the shade of pink used as it is stylish and pretty. Something like this would suit any girl. Cherry blossoms would look great on other parts of the body to like the foot.

18. Black Ink Floral Shoulder Tattoo

Like a shoulder tattoo? Then you’ll love this next design. This black ink floral tattoo is very pretty and feminine. A shoulder design is great if you don’t want your ink on show all of the time. You could recreate something like this using your favourite flowers and colors.

Black Ink Floral Shoulder Tattoo for Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women

Source: @lewahtattoo

19. Watercolor Floral Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos have become a big hit and with this tattoo you can see why! This stunning tattoo features red flowers and a leafy design. The colors work beautifully together to create a vibrant piece. You could choose any flower in any color for a tattoo like this.

Watercolor Floral Tattoo for Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women

Source: @sasha_rdrvn

20. Black Ink Botanical Tattoo

A floral tattoo doesn’t just have to include flowers. It can also include the plants and fruits that grow to. This tattoo features flowers and berries, it is a stunning black ink botanical piece. To recreate something like this you could add your own flowers and maybe a bit of color to make it unique.

Black Ink Botanical Tattoo for Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women

Source: @swamplost

21. Pink and Orange Flower Tattoo

Next, we have a vibrant piece that is perfect for summer. This tattoo features pink and orange flowers on the leg. It is a cute piece with a gorgeous color combination. You could recreate something like this and have it placed anywhere on the body, you could also add your favourite colors.

Pink and Orange Flower Tattoo for Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women

Source: @king_artza

22. Dainty Flower Tattoo

If you want something daintier, this could be the tattoo for you. It is a small piece with simple colors and a simple design. As it is on the ankle it can be shown off or covered up. It would look gorgeous with your summer shoes! You could have any flowers designed into a tattoo like this one.

23. Vibrant Floral Thigh Tattoo

Last on the list is this vibrant thigh piece! It features many colors from purple to green. You could take inspiration from this piece to create something bright and unique. You could have a thigh tattoo like this with your favourite flowers and colors.

Vibrant Floral Thigh Tattoo for Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women

Source: @peptolepew

We hope you have found inspiration from our flower tattoo ideas.

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