43 Beautiful Flower Tattoos for Women

Flowers are popular tattoo designs for women. There are so many different kinds of flowers to choose from with an endless choice of colors. Not only that, but flowers can have special meanings and floral designs look stylish and feminine. Flower tattoos also never go out of fashion either which makes them great for body art. We love flower tattoos and have found 43 beautiful and unique designs. Take a look to get inspired!

1. Poppy Flower Tattoo

The first flower tattoo we would like to show you is this black ink poppy tattoo. The design uses line work, dots and shading to create a stylish finished look. We love the style of this tattoo and it would look amazing on anyone. You could have a similar poppy created or use the techniques in the design for a different flower.

2. Pretty Flower Tattoo

Next, we have a beautiful floral wrist tattoo. The design features pretty blue flowers that wrap all the way around the wrist. This is a very creative idea and it almost looks like a piece of jewelry. You can recreate something like this with roses or other flowers.

Pretty Wrist Flower Tattoo

Source: @botykanna

3. Flower Shoulder Tattoo

Looking for statement making flower tattoos? Then this next idea could be for you. Here we have two floral designs that have been tattooed onto each shoulder. We love how unique and artistic this tattoo is. You could have a shoulder tattoo like this with different flowers and you can consider adding colors too.

4. Flower Sleeve Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are very popular and we can see why! This forearm tattoo looks like half a sleeve and features different types of flowers. A tattoo like this gives pretty floral designs a trendy and edgy vibe. You can create a forearm tattoo with any flowers.

Flower Sleeve Tattoo 


5. Flower Back Tattoo

Orchid tattoos are symbols of beauty, harmony, friendship and fertility. So, it is no surprise that these beautiful flowers often inspire tattoo designs. Here is a stunning example of an orchid back tattoo, it has gorgeous pink petals. You can have a tattoo like this placed almost anywhere. There are different colors to choose from too. Blue is a symbol of eternity and red is for passion.

Pretty Orchid Back Tattoo Idea

Source: @laystattoo

6. Flower Sternum Tattoo

Next, we have a floral sternum tattoo. The ink features a pink lotus with a jewelry design hanging from it. This is perfect for anyone who wants a pretty but stylish tattoo. You can choose any flower for your own design. Sternum tattoos are a great choice for someone who wants a tattoo but cannot have it on show all the time.

7. Floral Thigh Tattoo Idea

Our next idea is a floral thigh tattoo. This design has different types of flowers and a butterfly. It is a feminine and trendy tattoo idea. For your own thigh tattoo, you can choose any selection of flowers, maybe even add some color. You could even add some more butterflies.

 Floral Thigh Tattoo Idea

Source: @sabootattoos

8. Watercolor Flower Tattoo Idea

The watercolor technique creates stunning tattoos. We especially love floral designs that use watercolor. This ankle tattoo features a poppy that uses the technique. As you can see, the finished result is pretty, delicate and it looks like a work of art. Any flower can be tattooed this way and you can have your design placed anywhere on the body.

9. Floral Ear Tattoo

Looking for a unique design idea? Then this next pick is for you. Here we have a creative floral ear tattoo. The flowers have been tattooed on the edge of the ear in vibrant colors. We love this idea as it is artistic and eye catching. Any flowers in any colors would look awesome tattooed on the ear.

10. Tiny Rose Tattoo Idea

Next, we have a tiny tattoo idea. The ink features a very small rose that has been tattooed on the arm. This is a cute and subtle design idea. Something like this would be great as a first tattoo as it isn’t too big. You can choose any flower for a similar tattoo. Also consider adding color if you want to make more of a statement.

 Tiny Rose Tattoo Idea

Source: @cagridurmaz

11. Beautiful Back Tattoo Idea

Flowers create stunning back tattoos. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this next pick. Here we have beautiful pink flower tattoo. It is stunning design that would suit anyone. You can choose any flower for a back tattoo. Something like this will look great in the summer when you can show it off!

Beautiful Flower Back Tattoo Idea

Source: @limanya_art

12. Floral Hip Tattoo

If you want a cute floral tattoo, then this next idea could be for you. These two flowers have been tattooed on the hip. We love these flowers because they have a tropical look. The hip is a great choice for a tattoo if you want something small that can be hidden or shown off.

13. Peony Shoulder Tattoo Idea

The peony is a stunning flower that is a symbol of good fortune and wealth. Here we have a gorgeous example of a peony tattoo. As you can see, the finished result is beautiful, dainty and feminine. The design fits perfectly just on the shoulder but you could have the flower placed anywhere.

Peony Shoulder Tattoo Idea

Source: @alinatu

14. Floral Bracelet Tattoo

Next, we have a creative wrist tattoo. The ink features flowers that create a jewelry style cuff. We love this design idea because it is unique and clever. With a tattoo like this you get a cool tattoo and a piece of jewelry too. Any flower would work for a design like this.

15. Flower Tattoo with Geometric Pattern

You can add patterns to your flower tattoos. By adding patterns, you can give classic florals a trendy update. This next design idea features beautiful pink flowers with a black geometric pattern over the top. As you can see, the shapes give the pretty flowers an edgy vibe. You can use this technique with any flowers.

16. Floral Shoulder Tattoo Idea

Our next idea is a beautiful shoulder tattoo. The design features different flowers including: Clematis, Iris and Lilly of the Valley. You can recreate a similar tattoo with your favorite flowers. We love how artistic and colorful this floral design is.

17. Delicate Behind the Ear Tattoo

If you are looking for small and subtle flower tattoos, then this next idea could be for you. Here we have pretty pink floral design that has been tattooed behind the ear. Tattoos behind the ear can be shown off, covered up and would be great as a first tattoo. Any flower in any color would look beautiful.

18. Upper Arm Flower Tattoo Idea

Next, we have a gorgeous upper arm idea. The black ink tattoo features a variety of flowers including a rose. You could add more flowers to the design to create more of half sleeve look. Then in the future you could even add more to create a full sleeve. Any flowers would look cool and you can consider adding color too.

Upper Arm Flower Tattoo Idea


19. Pretty Sternum Tattoo

Looking for sternum flower tattoos? Then check out this next idea. Earlier we featured a lower sternum design whereas this one is further up. It is a very pretty and delicate tattoo that would suit anyone. Add color to soften the finished look or if you want a trendy statement making design, choose just black ink.

Pretty Sternum Floral Tattoo

Source: @zihee_tattoo

20. Artistic Flower and Fruit Tattoo Design

You can add other designs to flowers. We have seen butterflies and geometric patterns but this one features fruit. It is an artistic and creative flower and fruit design. We love how this tattoo has been inspired by nature and love the colors that have been used. You can choose any flower and fruit combination, maybe something tropical.

21. Cute Rose Back Tattoo

Rose tattoos are very popular. These flowers symbolize hope, love and new beginnings. Here we have a beautiful watercolor orange rose that has been tattooed on the back. A tattoo like this would look gorgeous on anyone. Consider color for roses though as each color means something different. Red is for love and passion, yellow is for joy, pink is for first love and black is for memorials.

22. Floral Wrist Tattoo Idea

Our next idea is unique and stylish. The tattoo is on the upper wrist and features cute black ink flowers. We love the placement of this tattoo because it is different to the classic wrist tattoos. You can have any flower tattooed here however the flowers in the photo will suit everyone.

Floral, Upper Wrist Tattoo Idea

Source: @abrahaoana

23. Yellow Iris Collarbone Tattoo

The last of our flower tattoos is this beautiful yellow iris design on the collarbone. This is a delicate design that was tattooed as a birth flower. You can take inspiration from this and have your own birth flower designed. Whichever flower you choose, the collarbone is a cool place to put it.

24. Delicate Wrist Design Idea

This next tattoo is a stunning wrist design. The tattoo features beautiful blue flowers that delicately wrap around the wrist. It is such a unique, creative and gorgeous idea. Try a similar tattoo to this or try the wrist design with different flowers.

25. Beautiful Single Rose Tattoo

Next, we have a pretty single rose tattoo. It is a simple and beautiful design that will suit everyone. You can choose a black ink design like featured or try adding color. Maybe look at the language of flowers and see what rose color has the most meaning to you. An example could be red for love or yellow for friendship.

26. Floral Star Sign Tattoo

Flowers are versatile and can be added to any design. Here we have a gorgeous example. This tattoo features a star sign design with pretty flowers. You can have any star sign created, with any flower of your choice. It is a beautiful idea that is unique and personal to you.

Unique Floral Star Sign Tattoo 

Source: @aeri_tattoo

27. Pretty Floral Shoulder Tattoo

Our next idea is a pretty shoulder design. This tattoo is stunning cherry blossoms and it has been tattooed onto the shoulder and across the collar bone. Not only do cherry blossom flowers look amazing, but they have many meanings to from a love of spring to beauty. We love this idea!

28. Elegant, Floral Circle Tattoo

You can put flowers into any shape you like. We have seen circles, heart shapes and more. When you use floral shapes, the design looks like a stunning wreath. Here is a great example of a floral circle tattoo. Soft yellow and purple flowers have been delicately tattooed in a circle. You can recreate this look or use your own flowers and colors.

Elegant, Floral Circle Tattoo

Source: @aeri_tattoo

29. Cute Flowers in a Vase

Next, we have this cute flowers in a vase design. We love this tattoo because it looks like a beautiful illustration. A tattoo like this is perfect for someone who wants a unique design. You can have any vase shape created and choose any flowers you like.

Cute Flowers in a Vase Tattoo Design

Source: @tattooist_flower

30. Stunning Floral Back Tattoo

Looking for a tattoo that will wow? Then this is for you. Here we have a stunning floral back tattoo. There are many pink flowers with a green leafy design. Back tattoos are a great choice for someone who wants to choose whether they want to show off or cover up their tattoo. Try a similar design to this or choose a subtler tattoo with less flowers.

31. Unique Rose Tattoo Design

Our next idea is another rose design. This one is a little more unique. For this design there are three separate flowers. The first one is very small, the next one is bigger and the last flower is fully grown. This is a beautiful tattoo that could be a representation of how much you have grown and changed throughout your life.

32. Vibrant Rib Flower Tattoo Idea

Rib tattoos are known to be painful but the end result is worth it. Here we have a gorgeous rib design idea. Large, blue flowers have been beautifully tattooed on the ribs. A design like this is perfect for someone who wants a vibrant tattoo. You can take inspiration and use a similar design with different colors that you love.

Vibrant, Rib Flower Tattoo Idea

Source: @pissaro_tattoo

33. Floral Hip Tattoo

Another cool place to get tattooed is the hip. It is another area where the tattoo can be shown off and covered up. If a hip tattoo sounds like something you like, then check out this idea. It is a gorgeous floral design with green leaves. This piece of body art will look amazing on anyone.

34. Floral Dream Catcher Tattoo

Dream catcher tattoos are very popular. Our next idea shows you how you can have this must-have tattoo with a different design from the rest. This dream catcher features a ring of flowers instead of the classic hoop. There are also some beautiful feathers dangling from it. This is a stunning tattoo. Recreate this look or add some color, you could even add a delicate web to the middle, too.

Floral Dream Catcher Tattoo Idea

Source: @aeri_tattoo

35. Pretty Flower Shoulder Tattoo

Next, we have two pretty floral tattoos. There is one purple flower just under the collar bone with another purple flower and petals on the shoulder. This a beautiful floral design! You can try both tattoos like featured or choose one of the two that you like.

36. Statement-Making Hip Flower Tattoo

Looking for a bold tattoo that makes a statement? Then this is for you. Here we have a large floral piece that starts on the thigh and ends just above the hip. A tattoo like this will take a lot of time and may be quite painful but as you can see, the end result is worth it!

37. Elegant Lotus Tattoo

Lotus flowers are another popular tattoo. These flowers have many meanings which include beauty and growth. Not only do they have special meaning to many, but the designs look amazing too. This is a beautiful example of a lotus tattoo and it would look fabulous on anyone.

38. Unique Flower and Moon Design

Our next idea is another unique design. Here we have beautiful floral design with a moon in the background. A tattoo like this can show your love of nature or just that you like flowers and space. It is a pretty and creative idea and you can recreate with any flowers.

Unique Flower and Moon Tattoo Design

Source: @aeri_tattoo

39. Floral Shoulder Tattoo Idea

Next, we have another shoulder tattoo. This one is on the back of the shoulder and has been tattooed from the shoulder up to the back of the neck. It is a stunning statement piece and can be recreated with any flowers, you could even add some color too.

40. Blue Rose Wrist Tattoo

We love a floral wrist tattoo and we have another one to show you. The tattoo featured here has beautiful blue roses and a leafy design. A tattoo like this will look amazing on anyone. You can choose any color for the rose and just black ink would look super cool too.

41. Rose and Mandala

Flowers and mandalas are both popular designs. So, when you combine the two you get one awesome tattoo. Here we have a great example. A black ink rose has been tattooed with a stylish pattern and mandala. This is a beautiful tattoo and it can be tattooed anywhere. The leg, arm or sternum would look stunning!

42. Under Boob Tattoo with Flower Design

Under boob tattoos are stylish and sexy. These designs are great for the women who like to make a statement and be unique. This next design features a gorgeous floral tattoo. We love this tattoo because the flowers are so delicate. Recreate flowers like this for a chic tattoo or add color for a vibrant piece of body art.

43. Delicate Floral Ankle Tattoo

Looking for a subtle and stylish tattoo? Then this is for you. Here we have a delicate floral ankle tattoo. It is a stunning design that will suit everyone. A design like is perfect as a first tattoo or if you want to have the choice to cover up your ink or show it off. Any flower design would look amazing on the ankle.

We hope you have found the perfect flower tattoo design!

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