23 Creative Outdoor Wedding Ideas to Try

Planning an outdoor wedding? Then this is the blog post for you! We know that organizing a wedding can be overwhelming but we are here to help and have found 23 creative ideas for your special day. We have decor ideas, fun activities and little ways to make the day the best it can be. So, take a look and get inspired!

1. Outdoor Wedding Sign Idea

The first idea we have for an outdoor wedding is a beautiful sign. You need to welcome everyone to the best wedding of the year and a sign like this is a way to do it. It features all the important information with a rose flower arrangement. You can have a sign like this created to suit the theme of your wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Sign Idea with Fresh Flowers

Source: @dbhemingway

2. Flip Flops and Blanket Idea

Next, we have a practical idea to share with you. A wedding is a long day and heels may start to hurt by the time of the reception. So, provide guests with flip flops, that way they can dance the night away pain free. Not only that, but flip flops will stop heels sinking in grass and will suit a beach wedding. Blankets have also been provided in case it gets chilly later on in the evening.

Flip Flops and Blanket Idea for an Outdoor Wedding

Source: @dbhemingway

3. Beautiful Bride and Groom Chairs

Outdoor weddings usually have a rustic theme but you can have a very glamorous reception outside. As you can see in the image featured, the reception is green and full of sparkle. One thing we really love about this idea is the chairs, these would look amazing at any wedding. You could even turn these into a DIY project and jazz up ordinary chairs yourself.

Beautiful Bride and Groom Chairs

Source: @studioagfa

4. Bride Tribe Sunglasses

Anyone who is having an outdoor wedding or attending one is hoping for sunny weather. However, the last thing anyone needs is the sun shining in their eyes throughout the reception or ceremony. One way you could avoid this problem is with sunglasses. You can have a basket of sunglasses available for everyone to take, maybe even have personalized glasses like the ones featured. Guests can also keep these as a memory of the day.

Bride Tribe Sunglasses - Cool Wedding Idea

Source: @lukinforlove

5. Unique Vintage Bar

For an outdoor reception you could have a cute and quirky bar like this one! Here we have a caravan that has been turned into a bar. It is vintage and looks amazing. Your guests will love something like this and it can be decorated to suit your theme. There are other creative bar ideas for outdoor weddings too.

6. Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Idea

The design ideas for the ceremony are endless. There are so many seating arrangements, decorations and more to choose from. Here is a beautiful example of an outdoor seating arrangement. The chairs match, are light in color and there are gorgeous flower bouquets on the end chairs. Something like this would suit any wedding and will look amazing.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Idea

Source: @club_ananda

7. Unplugged Wedding

One couple created this unique outdoor sign for their wedding. It is an unplugged sign that politely asks guests to turn of cellphones and cameras. Having a ceremony like this keeps it private for friends and family and makes the official wedding photos more exciting. You can use this idea for any wedding, indoor or out.

Unplugged Wedding Sign Idea

Source: @sh_experience

8. Outdoor Seating Plan Idea

A seating plan is very practical. It makes it much easier for guests if they know where they are sitting. Just because it is practical, it doesn’t mean it can’t be decorative. Here is a stunning example of an outdoor seating plan. It uses clear panels with elegant white writing with a beautiful floral backdrop. Something like this would look amazing at any outdoor wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Seating Plan Idea

Source: @shindigchic

9. Heel Protectors

Planning to wear heels to an outdoor wedding? Then you need to check out our next idea. As many will know, there is nothing worse than your amazing new heels sinking in the grass. Well here is a solution! There are little heel protectors you can buy that fit onto the ends of heels to stop them sinking. Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid or guest, these are a must-have!

10. Vintage Cars for Outdoor Photos

There are many ways you can take beautiful photos outside. This couple used an amazing vintage car. You can choose any car for your wedding, but a light car like the one featured would be perfect. All your guests can have their photo taken in the car too. It is a fun idea for everyone.

Wedding Photo Idea in a Vintage Car

Source: @mallorima

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