21 Trendy Poppy Tattoo Ideas for Women

Looking for a floral tattoo design? Then you are in the right place! We have found 21 poppy tattoo ideas. Poppies are are bold and beautiful flowers that come in a variety of colors, most commonly red. These can be symbols of peace, sleep and are also used to remember those who have been lost in war. Whether the poppy has deep meaning to you or you just love the flower, we have a design for you.

1. California Poppy Tattoo

The first tattoo idea we would like to show you is this California poppy design. California poppies flower in the summer and have vibrant orange petals. We love this artistic version of the poppies and a tattoo like this will suit anyone. You can have one poppy tattooed or a few like the image featured.

2. Poppy Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos have become very popular. These designs look stylish when shown off but can be covered up too. Here we have an awesome shoulder tattoo with a poppy design. You can have a similar tattoo created or choose a smaller poppy or even add some color. Either way, you will have a bold tattoo.

Poppy Shoulder Tattoo Idea

Source: @anna_bravo_

3. Delicate Poppy Tattoo

Floral tattoos can be very delicate and pretty and this next poppy design is just that. The lines used to create the poppy are dainty and the colors used are very soft. A tattoo like this is perfect for the women who want a feminine and beautiful design. You can have a tattoo like this placed anywhere.

4. Poppy and Peony Flower Tattoo

You don’t just have to choose one type of flower for your tattoo. Here we have a poppy that has been tattooed with a peony. Both these flowers are different but compliment each other perfectly. You can choose any flowers of your choice but these two are a beautiful combination.

Poppy and Peony Flower Tattoo Idea

Source: @donghwa_tattoo

5. Unique Blue Poppy Flower Tattoo

When most of us think about poppies we may think about the flowers with red petals but there are poppies in other colors too. Here we have a tattoo of a blue poppy. This design was inspired by the Himalayan blue poppy. It is a stunning and unique design that would suit anyone.

6. Floral Rib Tattoo Idea

Next, we have tattoo idea that features a pink tropical flower with two poppies and diamond patterns. We love this idea because it is creative. It shows that poppies look stylish with other flowers and patterns. You can recreate something similar or choose your own flowers and shapes.

7. Clean & Simple Poppy Tattoo

Arm tattoos look super stylish. Here we have a great example of an arm tattoo with a poppy design. The black ink poppies are simple but look trendy. A tattoo like this will suit everyone, but if you wanted more of a statement piece, you can add some color.

Simple Poppy Flower Tattoo Idea

Source: @biffbiff_29

8. Creative Stripe Pattern Poppy

Looking for a unique poppy design idea? Then this next tattoo is perfect for you. This poppy has a striped pattern on the petals in different shades. The use of stripes gives the tattoo an artistic look. You can recreate a stripe poppy or have another pattern. Maybe something quirky like polka dots.

9. Bold Poppy Back Tattoo Idea

If you want the classic vibrant red poppy look, then you need to check out our next pick. This tattoo has bold red petals that are shaded beautifully with a black center. You can have a design like this placed on your back like the image featured or have a smaller poppy tattooed elsewhere.

10. Artistic Black Ink Poppy

Next, we have an artistic black ink poppy tattoo idea. The shading and detail on this poppy is amazing. We love this design and it would suit anyone. You can have a poppy like this tattooed anywhere. You could even add another black ink flower to create a statement piece.

11. Rib Design Idea

Rib tattoos are so popular and we can see why! Here we have a poppy rib design that features a variety of other plants and flowers. This is an amazing design but you can recreate with less flowers and plants. You could also even add some color. A tattoo on the ribs is said to be painful but as you can see the end result is worth it!

Poppy Flower Rib Tattoo Idea

Source: @fatniss_ink

12. Dainty Poppies and Purple Flowers

Earlier in the post we featured a delicate poppy tattoo. Here we have another dainty poppy tattoo but this one has more poppies with different flowers. This is a very beautiful tattoo and it is perfect for someone who wants a feminine and pretty design. You could have the poppies with different colored flowers too.

13. Watercolor Poppy Tattoo Idea

Watercolor tattoos are very artistic and look like painted works of art. Next, we have a poppy tattoo that has been created with the watercolor technique. The detailing on the petals is just beautiful. You can have a similar design or have a more classic red poppy that uses watercolor.

Watercolor Poppy Tattoo Idea

Source: @graffittoo

14. Poppy and Quote Tattoo Idea

Our next tattoo idea features a poppy shoulder design with a quote. The quote reads “always and forever”. Red poppies can also be a symbol of remembrance for those lost in war so, a design like this would be beautiful for anyone who wants to remember someone. You can also have a different quote tattooed with your poppy.

15. Cute Ankle Poppy Tattoo

Looking for a cute tattoo idea? Then this next pick is for you. Here we have ankle tattoo that features two poppies. This is great for someone who wants a subtle tattoo that can be covered up. Something like this would be great as a first tattoo too.

16. Patterned Poppy Design Idea

Next, we have a creative and unique design idea. This poppy has been tattooed on the arm and has a geometric pattern for the stem. A tattoo like this is very trendy. You can recreate a similar tattoo with any pattern of your choice. A blue tattoo would look awesome too.

17. Pretty Poppy Back Tattoo

Our next poppy design uses the watercolor technique too. This shows how the technique can be used to create different looks. This red poppy looks vibrant, pretty and stylish. Something like this would suit anyone. You can have a tattoo like this placed anywhere.

18. Forearm Tattoo Idea

Forearm tattoos look amazing. We love these tattoos because they look like a sleeve. With forearm tattoos you also have the option to add to it to maybe create a full sleeve in the future. Here we have a design idea that features poppies. It is statement making and will look awesome on any arm.

Forearm Tattoo Idea for Women

Source: @mothmilk

19. Small Poppy Ear Tattoo

Looking for a unique tattoo that will wow anyone who sees it? Then this next tattoo is for you. This idea features a small poppy that has been tattooed onto the ear. The poppy ear tattoo is stunning and stylish. You can have a similar poppy or have one designed with color.

Small Poppy Ear Tattoo Idea

Source: @tatto_ham

20. Colorful Floral Rib Tattoo Idea

Poppies look super cute when tattooed with other flowers. Here we have tattoo with a variety of different flowers in different colors. You can have a tattoo designed like this but with your favorite flowers. A design like this can be placed anywhere too.

21. Simple Poppy Tattoo Design

Last on our tattoo picks is this simple poppy tattoo. The tattoo is in black ink and looks like a sketch. A tattoo like this will suit anyone and it would be great for someone who wants a subtle design. You could even consider adding more poppies to for a larger statement piece.

Simple Poppy Tattoo Design

Source: @__md_tattoo

We hope you have found the perfect poppy tattoo!

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